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Wait what is this server?

Hey what is this server? I saw it posted in @Dopamine Drips server and joined.

is this too much edgy?


@group voltage what time is it where you are?

Its 1:40 am here


Where in NJ you from?

All my roomates in college were from either the shore like Toms River area or from Camden near Philly.

Did u wrestle? Or play any other sports?

And yo one of my friends was actually on the Jersey Shore. The 1st season. Lol. I remember he called me and told me when they filmed it. Like 6months before the show came out. He told me it what the show was about and how he got into a fight with the dudes on the show with him and all of his friends yelling at them they "they weren't true jersey shore!" So MTV made him sign a waiver and followed him around with a camera the rest of the night. The only scenes he is in the show is a cut scene where hes talking to Snookie at the bar and they show the Jersey Shore peoples side of the argument they had with him and his friends but don't show any of them. Lol

Sorry for the long story. Just thought it was funny.

And @group voltage congrats on the find. I love finding old shit from my past again.

Oh u said u did. Lol

Yo my friend claimed he fucked J-Wow but we used to say "dude u were talking to snookie so idk wtf ur talkn abt"

Very disarming they are.

And yeah my friend was full of shit he was a massive compulsive liar. But he was on the show so that part is true. Idk abt the rest.

Yeah i think he said that it wa

@B0rGs1o54 i never saw the video with the jew throwing something at Pat Little. What was it? And how'd that go?

@B0rGs1o54 I think I'm no longer internet cool. because I didn't it..

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