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@B0rGs1o54 is the link you sent me permanent or will it expire?

i dm'ed a bunch of guys with the link

trying to advertise the borg

@B0rGs1o54 mate you need to make it so when people join they see the rules page first

@B0rGs1o54 also you need to make the invite link available to everyone

@B0rGs1o54 bro you need to make it so like i can create an invite link to this server

i can do it hoshis server for example

its all in the settings

@Deleted User can you do it from the top left corner?

there should be a button that says "invite people"

okay ive solved it nvm

@-Hoshi#0486 can i advertise on your server?

just occupy yourself with other things

like just play video games or something

@B0rGs1o54 delete the link cus he keeps deleting yours in his server

lets make this a fair fight

youre a nazi if youre upset by the sri lanka bombings

he did it after your charade

its gay retarded sasquatch

@B0rGs1o54 i think you should replace the text posts channel with a clown world channel

where we post clown world, degeneracy type stuff

@B0rGs1o54 you made a grammatical error in your announcement

"i just text posts"

or was that reddit speech

@B0rGs1o54 are you comparing yourself to christ?

"nigga fried chicken nigga"


@B0rGs1o54 whats wrong with americans being interested in orthodoxy?

a papercut would kill him

@Deleted User its still low quality in the browser

179 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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