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There's a longer video about Spiritually that Charls has, hes one of the MDE crew, the channel I posted is like a compilation pile of MDE, I'll share his personal stuff on Youtubers to Follow

Drinking water helps a lot, not a quick fix but a good start, cleanses the pallet and skin over time

Should I make amends with my mother or keep my distance

She has a bi-polar like personality, one minute she's nice the next she'll make you feel like shit, I haven't talked to her in years because she thought I ran up a phone bill (even though the plan was shared with her, her husband and my step brothers)

She keeps trying to buy my affection. I feel like she plays mind games so its like your at fault and not her over reacting.

I would like to make amends but I have a feeling it just wouldn't make a difference, idk..

I've talk to her sporadically. Fuck it, I'll give it a collage try ๐Ÿ‘ thanks for the input

Well, we communicated, good start!

I have a theory that big boi retail corps are trying to deconstruct peoples brains by becoming ultra violent sociopaths and extremely beta non questioning, unfeeling, corporate husks, idk

Imagine those two titans meeting up

*cringe* Don't you hate it when you stand up only for that to happen, making you look spatic

Quitting porn teaches self control and keeps your peepee functioning longer

What happen to your boulder *GOY?*

Protect Antarctica's borders, Actung Humans

I need this app

Thanks ๐Ÿ‘Œ

That music is beautiful,what was it?

Classic Circus music lol

I was asked this question "Tits or Ass" I was just as confused as this man at "why the ass?" and such, Boobs all the way, I can see the ass appeal say in an average relationship but going to Anal, nah, Anal is completely fucked, biologically and physically

I prefer a lady's upper body, face, eyes, cheek bones, boobs, voice.

Chinese Spongebob > Spinge Bill > Spongbong Hempants

Pie-Pivot 0 was a pretty skilled YTPer for a 15 year old, on his twitter he talked about how YouTube demonetized his videos, he died from a suicide attempt, damn shame

Steve Irwins Birthday today ๐ŸŠ

Steve-*Roight now, deep in the bowels of Hell, I'm wrestling Satan, pinning him on his back!*

War. War never changes.

*Hitler turned a war torn Germany into an economic power house*

^ That line was in the second Fallout game I think

*Gonna Cry? Piss your pants? maybe Shit and Cum?*

How are things Borg?

Pretty good, how's the server? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

That's great, I'm very glad I have this server, changes things up you know?

remember, Yoda attacked R2 for a wiener


<:Mutt:548807451500085248> *Whats Is It Like To Be [REDACTED]*

Pretty soon we will all have websites again lol

I want this played at my funeral

๐Ÿ‘ป ๐Ÿ’€ ๐Ÿฆ

Drinkin Water?! As might as well be drinkin Cum!-Sam "Gutta Man" Hyde

Its good stuff, very catchy

*Compared to Idi Amin, your corrosive live a Vitamin*

*Why do you need food? How many Ramadan's are you planning to have?* Black comedy at its peak


@willber no need to be nervous, just logical thinking by Borg.

The film takes place in 2029, we'er close to big milky hours

๐Ÿ’ช *even the strongest men need help in troubled times*

Because if there's one thing the Jews master better than the worlds banking system, its comedy

Silverman but she's a woman, WTF?!?!

She can make tasteless jokes, but not goyim

Sarah Silverman is a comedy vacuum, at least Amy Schumer is funny looking

What branch of Christianity do you feel connected with and what's your honest opinion on other kinds, especially Muslims and Jews? Sorry if I sound ignorant lol

I may not identify with Catholicism, I'v meet plenty of wonderful people(yourself included) that have shown me that its not inherently bad to believe in what you prescribe too, I watch Varg(I don't call myself Pagan due to its usage being cringe inducing now) and he makes some decent common sense points, however I feel he quickly denounces other people who believe in Christianity, I find it minorly counter predictive. I understand its turbulent history, but we are in a different age in a new era of collaboration, at least that's how I feel

105 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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