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bruh i just got done talking to you

bruh where's willber

Pls sub borgs will lick ur pen s

I like how on mobile you can't read the channel names lol


Who kicked em or did they leave

Is that chinese?????

The font is chinese

bruh i meesssed the link up

i dont remember saying bruh

bro why do they look the same

has already seen it from the willber channel

you should tell him the mondo hate club server link

he should better his english instead of looking at gore with his dad

bruh the owner is gone

the owner is kinda gay you know

bruh borgs is on OMG!!!!!

bruh it's friday you poo poo face xD

bruh why is it September for Australia

it's gamer time

@B0rGs1o54 where's the borgs emoji??

bruh they are the same thing

pedos are part of the lgbtq

here is my borgs impersonation

Bruh i just nae naed

wait what

you asshole ;(

wibber is black

Gamer Time

Look what i found in mc today


is that the real Ray William Johnson

Can we get a Praise Borgs channel?

Bruh this news is important

I got a new headset 😎

bruh me neither

soap is retarded more like soap is gay

does that make me gay now?????? ;(

*turns the tables and rapes soap*

bruh you homo and im telling borgs

no i was raped

wait til borgs gets on

hell rape you and make you gay

but he wont be gay cuz he is epic :D

he started it

Why would Borgs say this im shaking and crying rn

wait i just got that meme, dogs can't eat chocolate

He's gonna die guys stop him

bruh he's not dead yet

Hey guys look at this meme i just found


like adn suhbt ot n willerb

244 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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