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I'm gonna say the n word

@B0rGs1o54 You use @everyone a lot and I respect that I like to do it to

I used to use it in Steve Harvey's Army a lot for random stuff

I don't why people get so offended by it just turn off notifications if it bothers you

It's Arthur and his pals as hipsters

I missed it 😩

That's a classic

I made that myself

Why is that Marty Robbins?

I'm gonna say the n word

Let's get this gem to a million views

Let's make this the most liked video on YouTube

Something I love about this server is that we can ping @everyone

Excuse me I'm actually autistic there's a difference

@everyone Looks like borg didn't figure it out

Do we just post pictures of weirdos like trannies here?

He's not anywhere near as funny as he thinks he is

He should drop the whole Jesus thing and do something else

My grandma has cancer please pray for her and us

The pride flag looks like a big fruit roll up

Fruit snacks are oppressed and need more rights

@B0rGs1o54 Can we have a poll to see what the white to black ratio is?

See if there are more whites or blacks

His mom exists but she's just really gay

83 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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