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He’s a good Orthodox resource

Who let *you* join?


@B0rGs1o54 Bible Illustrated is awesome

Even the harsh and uncomfortable topics he somehow makes them comforting

>Paganism will ascend

Why was he kicked out

I remember seeing this really funny video of a dude pulling a hanging EU flag from a street pole and starts walking on it when this dude dressed up in blue and yellow runs up and starts asking him what he’s doing

Roman Catholicism or Eastern Orthodoxy?

I can’t decide. 😠

You just stole that from me

Please give me 25% of all profits and we won’t have any issues. 😉

Thank you, kind sir!

*Blessings of Akatosh upon ye.*

What made you be Catholic

I feel both the RCC and EOC are saved but I just want to stop offending God

I feel Protestants are also saved (except the really wacko ones like JWs and Mormons).

Removing the books was a huge mistake

I believe my grandparents were saved

They were virtuous

Very close to God

I do from time to time

There were some supernatural things which happened

Things beyond being a coincidence

Oh, quite a few things.

For starters when my paternal grandfather died I believe four doves gathered on a tree directly outside his hospital room.

He also died after my father convinced him to let go. My grandfather was dying of complications from cirrhosis.

He took one more breath after my father told him to go be with the Lord. My grandfather was in a comatose state.

My maternal grandmother had some interesting things happen

She loved to sing “This Little Light of Mine,” especially to me when I was a little boy. She came down with cancer, cirrhosis, and many other things. She went septic, and we went to see her for the last time in the hospital. On the way to the room, a nurse was singing it.

Just little things.

My uncle claims to have seen her in her sleep mumbling “Mercy,” as though an angel or the Lord had come to visit her in her sleep.

My maternal grandfather was tortured by his dementia for about ten years and was the man who brought my grandmother to God. After dementia, he didn’t talk a lot about God. The night before he died he talked to my mother and I about the return of Jesus Christ for the first time in years and how we should be ready at any time to go. He died in his sleep that night.

My mother also saw him one time having a similar experience as my uncle did with my grandmother.

He was almost seeming to have a conversation.

My great-grandfather died in the hospital from pneumonia very quickly after breaking his hip at 83, and my great-grandmother said he once looked out the window and raised a hand with a huge smile on his face. He did it for about a minute straight until he put his hand down.

I pray I do, truly.

He wasn’t ever incoherent or anything.

“Did you have the filet-o-fish, sir?”
“Is this some sort of joke to you people?”

Me in 20 years

“The traditional family is an archaic practice.”

>single fathers at all time high in black community

Yeah basically

The SJW Inquisition disgusts me

I can play Nocturne

It’s fun to leadn

You need discipline

Goodnight, and God be with you all.

dip dip let er rip

What was so special about Thomas Aquinas? I know he made the proofs for God and that's about it.

And he was a Saint.

Didn't he renounce Mary's eternal virginity on his deathbed?


Something I heard

I have no evidence.

I mean it doesn't necessarily mean they are right or wrong just because they're Protestant.

Is there any evidence of it?

Well then





Switching to this server makes my phone lag.

I have no idea what that is

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