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2017-11-06 16:35:32 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Deleted User got a link to the chink gpu, seems interesting

2017-11-06 16:37:13 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

that's fine. What GPU is it comparable to?

2017-11-06 16:38:53 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-11-06 16:39:33 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

if you want a cheap russian qt, get tinder plus and then start swiping in Ukraine/smaller russian cities

2017-11-06 16:40:48 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

do the same in west china

2017-11-06 16:41:19 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

maybe you can get the chinese gvt to sell you an uyghur qt

2017-11-06 16:45:03 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

some dumbass i know is bragging about how he bought chink estrogen shots or something like that

2017-11-06 17:29:22 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Hot_Pants yep, doing it in the most retarded way for some reason

2017-11-06 17:30:07 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

fell for the trap meme i guess

2017-11-06 17:42:01 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

to be fair, the same security risk existed with touchid as well, just to a lesser extent

2017-11-06 17:42:31 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

there's been cases of little kids buying microtransactions and getting the touchid verified by sleeping parents

2017-11-06 18:04:31 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

is it confirmed that that iphone x faceid while sleeping thing is legit?

2017-11-06 18:05:17 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  
2017-11-06 18:06:21 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

i asked someone who works as an apple genius and she told me that this video is faked somehow because faceid needs the eyes open and focused for it to work

2017-11-06 18:12:21 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

reading over the FaceID security whitepaper and rewatching the video, i think that it was staged

2017-11-06 18:12:36 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

funny but not good anti apple material

2017-11-06 18:14:38 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

actually rereading the white paper

" When a face is detected, Face ID confirms
attention and intent to unlock by detecting that your eyes are open and directed
at your device; for accessibility, this is disabled when VoiceOver is activated or
can be disabled separately, if required. "

2017-11-06 18:15:01 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

so it's either that he disabled the attention requiring bit or it's fake

2017-11-06 18:16:11 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

yeah, much more likely to be faked

2017-11-06 18:26:07 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

i built a retropi system for some super religious people since they think anything more violent than mario is unacceptable. Cost me like 30 to set up and I sold it to them for 50

2017-11-06 19:41:51 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

was it like a tranny that actually looks like a girl

2017-11-06 19:42:18 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

if you look on /r/traps like 90 percent of them are barely even trying

2017-11-06 19:44:05 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  


2017-11-06 19:44:19 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

probably my worst hookup was with a palestinian chick

2017-11-06 19:45:40 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

i served in the IDF for a bit, i met her while running a checkpoint, we talked

2017-11-06 19:46:22 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

does it matter?

2017-11-06 19:47:49 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

so she lived near a place i was staying at, like maybe half an hour away by walking not including checkpoints and such

2017-11-06 19:49:18 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

She couldn't go into West Jerusalem easily because she was palestinian and she was too stubborn to accept the israeli citizenship that was offered to her

2017-11-06 19:50:14 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

long story short, I go to her house, walked through a sketchy arab village, pretty much violated all of the safety rules set out to us in basic training

2017-11-06 19:50:34 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

i knock, she's there, we talk and smoke hookah together

2017-11-06 19:51:37 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

she tries to initiate, im like fuck it

2017-11-06 19:52:39 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

sex was amazing because of the whole political tension but after I'm done, I notice that my rifle isn't where I put it

2017-11-06 19:53:16 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

one of the worst things you can do in the IDF is lose your rifle, court martial, possibly prison

2017-11-06 19:54:11 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

If I lost my service rifle while in a palestinian village that I'm not supposed to be in and it was stolen by the palestinian thot, i would be in prison

2017-11-06 19:55:04 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

I ask her where the gun is, she says I don't know, I get angry and start looking around for it

2017-11-06 19:57:33 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

At this point, I've looked through about half of her apartment and I start threatening her with a blacklist from Israeli checkpoints which would strand her in the West Bank for a long time. I couldn't actually do it but she thought I could so she started crying.

2017-11-06 19:58:30 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

I checked in the bathroom and my rifle is leaned against the wall, turns out i put it there for some reason

2017-11-06 19:58:46 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

she didn't want to steal anything from she, she literally had just wanted to fuck me

2017-11-06 19:59:25 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

@porco did you smash?

2017-11-06 19:59:30 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

i did fuck up

2017-11-06 19:59:49 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

I had to, Israeli soldiers have to keep their rifles with them at all times p much

2017-11-06 20:00:24 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

no, i used condom

2017-11-06 20:01:32 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

Oh, I apologized but I went too far with the threat

2017-11-06 20:02:03 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

you can't really threaten to strand someone in a bad place and then expect to walk that back

2017-11-06 20:02:59 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  


2017-11-06 20:03:08 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

tavor is on slow deployment

2017-11-06 20:03:56 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

i have no idea how i lost it

2017-11-06 20:04:49 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

i was really tense so i guess i set it aside and then forgot about it, after the sex i was too busy panicking to think

2017-11-06 20:05:35 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

@porco was the jew you fucked religious or nah

2017-11-06 20:05:42 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

religious girls are insane

2017-11-06 20:06:17 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

yeah, its like a spring

2017-11-06 20:06:33 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

if you push down on a spring really hard, the recoil is very strong

2017-11-06 20:07:00 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

if you press on someone's sexuality throughout puberty, the recoil will be insane

2017-11-06 20:07:39 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

she got them khazar milkies?

2017-11-06 20:08:29 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

also, no one is really convinced to chop off a bit of dick, it happens when you're 8 days old

2017-11-06 20:08:35 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

@porco big tits or nah?

2017-11-06 20:09:13 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

nice, what size do you think

2017-11-06 20:09:32 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

Biggest I've had was like 36G

2017-11-06 20:10:26 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  


2017-11-06 20:11:06 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

oh nice

2017-11-06 20:13:44 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

i like all sizes

2017-11-06 20:14:36 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

ass tho

2017-11-06 20:15:20 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

i ran into a girl once with like amazingly large tits

2017-11-06 20:15:54 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

like hitomi tanaka size tits

2017-11-06 20:17:19 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

she was assigned to be a secretary for a general, p much being living eyecandy because her tits were too large for her to actually do anything

2017-11-06 20:18:02 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

hitomi tanka's face though

2017-11-06 20:18:52 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

i cant really get off to her because her face looks so fucked up

2017-11-06 21:02:42 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2017-11-07 01:06:57 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  


2017-11-07 01:07:00 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

penis sounding?

2017-11-07 22:50:52 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  


2017-11-07 22:50:59 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

guy behind templeos is in prison for how long?

2017-11-07 22:51:58 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

17F17112X OPEN/GROSS LEWDNESS, (1ST) Active $2,000.00 $2,000.00

2017-11-07 22:52:01 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

oh damn

2017-11-07 23:50:43 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

boipucci as in dick?

2017-11-07 23:51:38 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

sound dangerously commie

2017-11-07 23:52:25 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

isnt that just ass

2017-11-08 02:14:23 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

@Michi why is that pose so popular among people who post boi pucci

2017-11-08 03:26:26 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

im of mixed mind about it tbh

2017-11-08 20:37:32 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

is this gay πŸ€”

2017-11-09 13:39:24 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

who that?

2017-11-09 22:50:45 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Anyone here buy the disposable power packs for phones?

2017-11-09 22:56:16 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I saw some one time use power packs on alibaba

2017-11-09 22:56:20 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I think

2017-11-09 23:00:20 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I got fucked over hard today bc I didn't have a power pack and I was thinking about if I had one

2017-11-09 23:01:01 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Yanderedev needs mental help

2017-11-09 23:01:46 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

I bought a 30 dollar USB c power pack from an electronics store

2017-11-09 23:01:56 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

10k mah

2017-11-09 23:02:31 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

But it didn't come precharged like the saleswoman told me

2017-11-09 23:03:12 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@spaqin it was an emergency and I'm getting a refund from Amazon since my old power pack broke

2017-11-09 23:03:42 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Also I didn't have time to wait for a Chinese powerbank

2017-11-09 23:04:03 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

And my phone needs a USB c port on the powerbank

2017-11-09 23:04:27 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

For quick charge it does

2017-11-09 23:04:43 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

At least with all the power banks I've tried

2017-11-09 23:04:51 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Nexus 5x

2017-11-09 23:05:43 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Nah it outputs at 5v

2017-11-09 23:06:04 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

My dumbass ordered a Nexus 5x from Hong Kong

2017-11-09 23:07:08 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

And then when I visited israel, the phones sim didn't work + their consumer reports said I had a knockoff phone

2017-11-09 23:07:45 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

Dumb cunt was wrong, I had the international version of the phone instead of the us version

2017-11-09 23:07:59 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

And the phone company forgot to activate my sim

2017-11-09 23:11:57 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

@Michi why no phone

2017-11-09 23:34:05 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

Why were you disowned

2017-11-09 23:37:11 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  


2017-11-10 00:41:10 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  


2017-11-10 00:41:14 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

im straight and i would smash michi

2017-11-10 00:49:18 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  


2017-11-11 22:59:30 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2017-11-11 22:59:50 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2017-11-11 23:01:30 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2017-11-12 01:24:04 UTC [/csg/ #off-topic]  

anyone here done the A+ cert

2017-11-12 16:50:47 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

is that bump a penis πŸ€”

2017-11-12 17:05:51 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

any good chink laptops that have a gpu = 1050ti?

2017-11-12 17:23:46 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

didnt this guy use to post on /fit?

2017-11-12 17:28:02 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  


2017-11-12 17:28:41 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

@Tervy how so?

2017-11-12 17:34:28 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

idk man i just remember this because it turned me onto futas

2017-11-12 17:36:23 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

so pretty much like what he's saying is impossible

2017-11-12 19:03:16 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

@Nekros holy shit, shes the definition of roastie

2017-11-12 19:11:43 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

this is one of the weirdest doujinshis ive seen

2017-11-12 19:12:14 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

it gets better/worse

2017-11-12 19:12:27 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

/r/kappa is a hell of a drug

2017-11-13 20:23:22 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2017-11-14 02:59:13 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@Obolon Prime >falling for the gambling jew

2017-11-14 17:10:08 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2017-11-15 22:38:52 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

how small

2017-11-15 23:18:32 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  


2017-11-16 01:23:35 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  


2017-11-16 01:56:43 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2017-11-21 01:05:49 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  
2017-11-21 01:49:13 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  
2017-11-21 01:51:56 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

@KING LIAM what makes you think she can barely solder?

2017-11-21 01:52:29 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

you watched them?

2017-11-21 01:53:14 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

what drama

2017-11-21 01:57:39 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

i dont give a shit either way lol

2017-11-22 01:26:47 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

women are great

2017-11-22 01:27:44 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

just get into traps

2017-11-22 01:28:04 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

its super hard finding good ones

2017-11-22 01:28:26 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

/r/traps are trannies, only 1 good one

2017-11-22 01:29:30 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

its weird

2017-11-22 01:29:39 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

irl i would never fuck a guy even if trap

2017-11-22 01:29:54 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

ive come close to it and i went limp

2017-11-22 01:30:05 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

however I've sexted with a guy and im into traps

2017-11-22 01:30:09 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  


2017-11-22 01:30:12 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

sexuality is weird

2017-11-22 01:30:48 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

i have this ftm tranny on kik who pms me every time shes horny

2017-11-22 01:31:16 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

its nice but shes got the tits taken off and seeing a vag is boring after a while you feel me

2017-11-26 13:31:54 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2017-12-04 23:17:33 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

any good chink usb condoms?

2017-12-04 23:19:06 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  
2017-12-04 23:22:59 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

@spaqin not a choice if i have to use public data cables

2017-12-04 23:23:05 UTC [/csg/ #chink-shit-general]  

thats happened a few times

2017-12-05 23:00:00 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

is that an ass or tits

2017-12-05 23:01:18 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

wait, are those tattoed on bows in michi's pic?

2017-12-05 23:02:49 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

ive never seen that

2017-12-05 23:02:53 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

also, feminine ass?

2017-12-05 23:02:59 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

just a man's ass?

2017-12-05 23:04:02 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

your ex gf?

2017-12-05 23:05:50 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  
2017-12-05 23:06:06 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

honestly its only a matter of time before people start posting dick pics to this channel

2017-12-05 23:06:59 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

actually wait, we've already had dick pics with michi's showing us his

2017-12-05 23:09:06 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

eh, ive already cum to him before, why not again

2017-12-05 23:09:44 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

I need your approval?

2017-12-05 23:10:04 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

im not happy with being bisexual either lol

2017-12-05 23:10:39 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

holy shit

2017-12-05 23:10:40 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  


2017-12-05 23:11:34 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

@fireglow seen /r/traps?

2017-12-05 23:12:28 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

its a joke lol

2017-12-05 23:12:52 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

dude, michi is a guy, youve been fapping to a trap this whole time

2017-12-05 23:14:01 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

you asked for more

2017-12-05 23:17:58 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

off topic but its weird how there's a huge disparity between the dicks you see in porn and how big actual dicks are on averager

2017-12-05 23:18:19 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

like im about average but when I tell people my size, they think im riding just on average

2017-12-05 23:20:08 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

im like 6 inches and 5.7 inches girth

2017-12-05 23:20:17 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

not a dicklet according to the calcuators

2017-12-05 23:20:33 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

C+ length, A grade girth

2017-12-05 23:21:38 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

this might sound like sour grapes but honestly the average vagina can only hold like 5/6 inches of dick

2017-12-05 23:21:56 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

longer than that kinda makes it impossible to bottom out

2017-12-05 23:22:12 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

girl inches

2017-12-05 23:22:14 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  


2017-12-05 23:22:25 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

ive had a girl blow me who thought i was 8 inches

2017-12-05 23:23:47 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

i never fucked a girl

2017-12-05 23:24:07 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

religiousfag, im saving for marriage

2017-12-05 23:24:32 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

the girl had to be coaxed onto my dick though, she was super afraid she'd choke

2017-12-05 23:25:35 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

@MrChubbs yeah, religious girls dont get dick

2017-12-05 23:25:41 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  


2017-12-05 23:25:42 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

they do

2017-12-05 23:25:51 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

but not the super super religious girls

2017-12-05 23:26:14 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

lmao, why

2017-12-05 23:26:27 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

I've read The Game by Neil Strauss

2017-12-05 23:26:34 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

@MrChubbs kike girl?

2017-12-05 23:26:57 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

or catholic?

2017-12-05 23:27:04 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

bc catholic girls are thots

2017-12-05 23:27:47 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

yeah no, girls from my religion arent like that, at least not the super religious one

2017-12-05 23:28:37 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

like i know what you're talking about with the cock carousel thing

2017-12-05 23:28:55 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

i completely agree with secular + less religious girls that's the case

2017-12-05 23:29:10 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

but girls my age (20), still virgins

2017-12-05 23:31:48 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

ive had the chance to have sex

2017-12-05 23:31:52 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

all with thots though

2017-12-05 23:32:36 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

why is that?

2017-12-05 23:33:04 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  


2017-12-05 23:33:08 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

you get size queens?

2017-12-05 23:33:12 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

or just regular girls?

2017-12-05 23:33:53 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

girls who like bigger dicks

2017-12-05 23:36:40 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

id rather have sane girls

2017-12-05 23:37:48 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  


2017-12-05 23:37:53 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

id rather have a stable wife

2017-12-05 23:38:09 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  


2017-12-05 23:45:21 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

how old are you

2017-12-05 23:54:59 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

@Deleted User what matthew said or what chubbs said?

2017-12-05 23:55:55 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

they are kinda opposites though

2017-12-06 21:22:15 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

@Michi#0930 those are your bow tats?

2017-12-06 21:34:25 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

got mroe?

2017-12-06 21:40:03 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

fuck it

2017-12-06 21:40:05 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

post them

2017-12-06 21:44:31 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

do you still do lewds?

2017-12-07 22:48:11 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

@Shrimpf michi has posted himself before

2017-12-07 22:48:57 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

hes a guy

2017-12-07 22:51:18 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

look his name up

2017-12-07 22:51:24 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

he posted boypussy

2017-12-07 23:19:47 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

@Rusty no that good

2017-12-07 23:20:16 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

@Julian this is michi's pic

2017-12-07 23:22:27 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  


2017-12-15 00:05:22 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

noooo srs?

2018-01-12 00:34:30 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

posting dick pics is allowed?

2018-01-13 16:47:16 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2018-01-13 16:56:24 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

Is that a good thing @Rusty

2018-01-13 16:58:25 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

I have lewds from Palestinian Christian girl I'm texting

2018-01-13 16:58:45 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2018-01-13 16:59:01 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

Conservative Christian as well

2018-01-13 17:15:04 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

@Rusty how sorta?

2018-01-13 17:17:10 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

I've never had problems with that

2018-01-13 17:40:59 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

@Shrimpf that's my dick

2018-01-13 17:48:20 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2018-01-13 17:48:28 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

Here's a different angle

2018-01-13 17:48:56 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  


2018-01-13 17:48:57 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  


2018-01-13 17:49:39 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  


2018-01-13 17:51:06 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]

2018-01-13 17:51:20 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

And rounding it off

2018-01-13 17:52:56 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

Eh, girls don't have a problem with it

2018-01-13 17:54:48 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

@Shrimpf lmao dude this Palestinian girl has a strip search fetish after she was forced to have one by Israeli border police, I suggested a role-play with her and she's excited but thinking over it

2018-01-13 17:55:28 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  


2018-01-13 17:55:35 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

I disagree lol

2018-01-13 17:55:44 UTC [/csg/ #nsfw-lewds]  

I get plenty of precum

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