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2017-08-20 13:03:20 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #food-posting]

2017-08-20 13:22:46 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #food-posting]

2017-08-20 13:48:01 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

@Hand Banana Shoahed from Spreaker from the looks of it.

2017-09-03 10:54:05 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Tbh, that is kind of my take too. More of an "idea guy".

2017-09-03 11:13:32 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Sorry, that wasn't what I meant. I meant that he is the quintessential "I'm an ideas guy" or "I'm more of a big picture person" type. He comes in with grand ideas and generalities but little idea of how to go about achieving them.

2017-09-03 11:15:17 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

He's photogenic and is good for soundbites, but part of the reason he gets the media coverage that he does is because he runs in the same circles as the media people.

2017-09-03 11:19:36 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

I agree. I think a lot of the time people just kind of misunderstand that and try to paint him as that political leader.

2017-09-03 11:20:44 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

As a cultural critic/influencer, he's very effective. As a political leader, he is fairly ineffective.

2017-09-03 13:28:28 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #food-posting]

12 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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