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gosh thats virture signal over 9k

lol g'damn


man i gotta get food too but this is quality.

MGTOW its a defensive move and we have got to be agressive. Reactionary shit.

I kind of feel bad for the white MGTOW dudes only because i know they're not proud of being white.

yep, no doubt. radically passive manuvre

Dont dispare brother, we be gaining steam and sheeait my man.

how'd you get fucked into that situation?

eh well i hope it ends sooner rather then later

thanks orwell!


holy shit, she?

i thought that was facial hair

lol, ooph

I guess we'll see, replacement picks for outed people have been underwhelming but I really doubt penis is going to be replaced with someone I like less. did anyone like that goblin?

It's Dr. Murdoch

ouch, damn

Ha! nice tactical red pill

Making your marriage a recruiting event is savage, love it.

"actress" *blerg*

yea, im substituting total for real in my mind here.

We are in a total war of sorts, that's damn true. I feel bad about not yet being in a postion where I can go hard in public. SA is such a tragedy.

That sentiment makes a lot of sense to me. Some of those comments strike me as men trying to "take back" their masculinity. Im not a woman so I can't relate. However, I think we need the mentality of 'all hands on deck its F*&^ing go time' so if women step up in an agressive way, I say whatever works for now - thats not the ideal tho obviously.

@Archer maybe im just a silly mofo but you seen that Murdoch episode where he's smoking weed with puudiepie or w/e that dude's name is?

let me drop it in here there's this one really good take away from it...

@Archer ah there it is... whole epp is redic/awesome but the part you made me think of is ~ 7:00

oven worthy



fuck lol

@Belligerent Ship interesting or silly convos?

book club -> convo re. alt right. thats pretty cool

yea, I had some of that going on ideologically if i go back maybe 4 or so years.

not antifa or anything but libitarianism kinda seems to have that draw

I was just thinking today that i might want to sit down and plot it all out.

last 5 years of political shift

It was collusion yesterday for my liberal friend. Today was "what's most likely is that Trump is going to start a war!"

Evidence, cosiderations of other presidents' moves relative to war making, and plausible narratives be damned

It's grasping at straws. I agree about the Sessions recusal, a little confusing to me given the information the public has.

Just another "??? really ?" staff choice if you ask me.

lol what?

let me guess, "look at trumps new anti-immigration strategy"

god damn it the frapachino is the shittiest faux coffee drink ever made

triggered by fraps

even if it was "natural" for the n% it would still be really destructive to promote it in the way that it is

but that goes for all the degenerate sexual shit. after the ariana grande attack I watched one of her videos for a few secconds. its appaling

Hey guys. I agree with that "best of all possible worlds" @☇Unlimited Power☇ what happened to that dude who choked an altright guy while he had an Ar on him?

been watching anime my dude?

@UPGRAYEDD im only human after all but why did Origen have to set such a hard core example?!

Smart. I thought you might be uberxtian and it was a wierd joke. Origen was the most rediclious and awesome Church Father.

dude again?

I cannot make it to Charlottesville - I really wish all y'all going good luck and safety

Is there any possible legal recompense for them just canceling the permit like that?

omg that shit swift posted still has me laughing a min later.

NICE @SwiFT ! that's good news

what factions were fighting? @Gray

nvrmnd, i see now it was totally compromised

there probably not thinking about that at all. I don't think anyone on their side realizes that calling people Nazis and shit is totally in our favor. So many people come over that way.

@☇Unlimited Power☇ you are right - we are watching and participating in such a huge political re-alignment. They've kicked out all the libertarians, ancaps, w/e that used to stand with them on the basis of their race. This is amazing

Im not a lawyer but it looks to me like the city is in serious legal trouble

@Archer you might be right but i hope you'r not. im a bit more optimistic because this is being coverd in a really novel way

right on, i think this is going to cause a HUGE boost in alt-right numbers

Right on, I have no idea what should have happened or whatever but i think this is going to be a really big boost for the alt-right.

wouldn't you advise reseting pw's, maybe switching credit #'s if that's your payment method?

Thanks for that weev, all us behind the paywall appreciate you!

whew, looked like a crazy day yall. Looks like you goys did a fantastic job all thing considered!

Also, wild smile did a pretty good video re. the dodge of peace.

Well, you know - I always like to play as the Japanese in Civ. Those Samurai as so cool guys.

A katana can cut through anything though

Yea. There society is really sexist and they could use some more diversity but.... really cool fashion.

Transnigger? is that a new type of music i should check out?

yea, thats true.

There are way to many people on the earth so no one should really have kids.

I wont tell you not to punch Nazi's but i dont believe in violence man.

man, i'll have to think about that man.

you might be right there

yea, that was pretty good

he came off as non-violent and reasonable - im pleased about that.

yup, she didn't die at the event. So sad.

Republican establishment - what would they do? "Use" the left's violence to argue for tax breaks? what if anything are they fighting for...

Well, this might be a good thing but I don't know anyone under the age of 45 now who takes the establishment republicans seriously at any level.

@NuckFigures Yea well when speech is suficiently mean then it all of a sudden becomes illegal. How mean does it have to get? No one knows because it doesn't make any sense. These peeps seriously dont care about the 1st ammendment.

just a backedup copy or something but hey

trump press conf. was tight

this is the best trump move yet imo

he asks the reporter to define the altright for him its quality

thats a white pill re. the power of the ideas!

@WhiteTrash we should call in with support

@WhiteTrash they got excited and lashed out because they have no discepline and they are gasslit AF

sweet, this is an excellent show of bounchback tho! huzah

This is the opertunity to show all the normie friends that the MSM is 100% bs

hah, is it bantz and trolling when its self directed


incoming melt down. We've gotta push the msg that Trump got it right

Itsn't the Carlson vid doc'ed? im no hackerman but check out this vid @ 6:24

das rite.

that's sven and weev polymorphed right?

😃 couldn't remember what the dbz term was, just not autistic enough i guess

I'm just trying to create the ultimate RWDS , hypothetically of course.

holy shit, thats where they get their busted looks, her pic is even worse ATM

omg cerno is so dumb

god damn, your right @☇Unlimited Power☇ we is full accelerationism now.... just scrolling through the stuff i missed.



AureiPueri 2017-08-20 02:46:14 [Vibrant Diversity #music]

y'all who's interested prob. already seen it but incase not -

I'm trying to imagine you shouting Shaun

damn man you fashin

and shieet

right on Diff, thats why i love the "iron/glorious" pill

sup? ordo?

I like the cantwell interviews but calling people "animals" all the time and pulling out multiple guns etc etc - im laughing my ass off but some people I know simply can't look past that kind of stuff. Now, im not telling him to stop at all but were going to have to have other people in the future who give interviews of a very different flavor as well

def. agree there@mooples

he looks like a punk

trs is still down right yall?

oh really, im getting a 503 error

thanks, apparently im partially stupid af

that's interesting, maybe an extension of gender disphoria?

Yacht week sounds like the most degenerate buji trash I've ever heard of. I would have loved that 5 year ago when my life had no purpose @Vanguard

I think i understand the flavor of what your saying tho. I don't have money to throw around but the thing is that i literally can not enjoy the same things, even if i did have the cash.

Kinda lame but I dig sailing - n10's, lazers, sunfish etc.

i could enjoy that, hypothetically of course

slicing dingies in half and shit

w/ a cigarette boat.

vroom vroom motherfucker

Thats true Wraff but do you subscribe to the "peak nigga" thing where its like a certian number is tollerable or whatever but some number and there is a real qualitative switch - I think you really see that with muslim populations.

word, your just makin' me think

those casings are huge btw


I want to hang on to the idea that some number is tolerable or that some individuals are etc. but w/e im probably wrong. The point about tv is definitely true in my mind.

or certianly that whites should have to live with them, even though that's a pretty soft position

I give that 5/10 woke - no refrence to kangs, egypt, or cosmic conciousness

yea and they could use that power to burst a blood vessle in your brain and kill you instantly. luckly for you, that level of woke makes them so morally superior that they dont stoop to killing anymore. peace!

i see a meme term becoming literal, and ouch.

just about to say. best place to hit?

i vote north west coast, annihilates portland

lol is that an old colt black pwrd revolver

i like that guy a lot

and they make fun of me for my single action fetish...

I think we'll have cultural exchange soon and then im sure you can come to some good goy's place in texas or w/e and shoot everything your heart desires. sorry to hear about the situation decimus.

someone told me to do that and my hesitation was that it might reduce my rights somehow and that i'd have to learn how to jew the system but that's no excuse

yea that shit is so damn cheap.

The mosin is fun to shoot, only shot one tho

thats some nice historical taist, do you like more modern rifles too tho? im thinking about getting a mini14

havn't shot an sks yet looks like a great cheapie rifle but a buddy is still trying to sell me on the ar15 build

why the ak prefrence wraff?

super $$$ tho

but guys c'mon no one really needs a FULLY AUTOMATIC weapon... except me and my buddies ofc

and hurt more people i guess

then you've got the whole slug reality...

no doubt

just adds to the consideration of shotguns i thought

that channel is awesome

the ball bearing slug FTW

somehow missed taofledermaus sweet

lol isn't 308 enough

but sounds awesome honestly

okay, so the 223 is better in some situations because so much faster?

fuck i just need to research more obviously

ah, no kidding, you gotta lug that shit

definitly merciful

makes sense to me, and the horns for art projects

yea, i've never seen that one either

then again someone used "G.o.t." in convo recently and i responded whats got?

totally degenerate, i know

out and about y'all catch you goys later tonight.

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