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Being white is bad optics 👌

I just got invited, but I don't know anyone here IRL and I haven't been vetted

No problem, not in a rush

What counts as knowing someone? Knowing them irl?

Yeah I kind of figured I'm pretty stranded out here lol

Lost in a sea of shit

I'm moving in with family upstate for the time being, but I'm going to be looking for a good apprenticeship gig, and that might lead me out of state

If you have someone out here great, if not I wouldn't mind a trip

Do you know who would be the one to talk to?

I'm actually from Quantico, Virginia

Wuz a good boy

Went to church n shiet

Shitposting aside why didn't he just shoot up some gangbangers

That actually makes sense. But you don't think an openly pro white bowl cut wouldn't catch some news shooting up 9 gangsters?

Oh ya he got sentenced to death

Joking aside, shooting up a church is pretty bad

Not saying niggers are gonna ascend during the rapture, just that weird voodoo churches are still sort of churches

Comparable at all to the stuff on a totem pole?

I bet seventh day adventists are filled with these types

I've talked to people here about getting vetted but since we're on the subject, I'm interested as well

California, for now at least

Yea i know it sucks, I think Major Fasshole mentioned you guys got people here. But if you don't I wouldn't mind a trip. Worst case I move out in the year and take it from there

You don't know how bad California is till you lived here. And I don't recommend it.

Is it possible to be more edgy than that

Lol, is that from Michigan?

Holy shit, fucking beast

I really wanted to go but didn't know anyone

Mfw I want to get into a kerfuffle with some antifag but haven't gotten the chance 😪😒

We must fuck all the boys and secure a fully pozzed future for us all

Also who's next to Enoch?

Ayyy oohh are youse a buncha racists?!

SPLC says that fella there's a racist

Thomas Rousseau?

Grab your lampshades! 😤

@fassel lmfao i know right, damn newbies acting all new and stuff

Discord is conducting anudda Shoah @TayAI

Which one's the roach and which one's the rat? 🤔🤔 @Billy Ray Jenkins

I think jews are a bit more tenacious than nogs

Lol just saw noticed the numbers of the rules

Was he a full Jew/wild one?

Idk why a fed would gift hundreds of thousands

I think it's possible he was just based

But I've never heard of the dude

Ill look into him

Hitting me right in the feels


Patriot Front?

Yeah I'm not gonna bother anyone about being vetted but I'd prefer not to be forgotten as well 🤷🏼‍♂️

Does the American Blackshirt Party have any contact with groups like IE, TWP, AV, PF, NF, NSM, and friends?

Mfw not getting inside joke


Pretty decent thanks @westvirginiatrad working the night shift, seeing a girl after. How about you fam

Maybe they're Stalinist antifa?

Aye sounds like a solid night my dude @westvirginiatrad and I appreciate it, she's an old flame and I'm a bit hopeful

Sadly yeah, but I don't think it's beyond me to fix her. I've only ever met one trad thot and she got away

Probably got shoah'd @Mr. Hughes

Loads of servers did

I assume that's what happened to the og

Sorry for speaking out of my ass

Sounds unironically great

If we aren't already vetted can we show up to an event to meet and greet

@Fevs that makes sense. I was trying to get out to MSU but I didn't want to be caught alone, the only person I had talked to was punished slav

I have some flight connections for a couple of years, so the main issue will be transportation on the ground and a place to stay

I'm planning on moving, just not real soon

You don't know how bad it is

Not following fam

@Fevs do you think we'd be able to work something out?

Oh lol forsure. I got a friend from outside Mobile, it sounds pretty great honestly @Odalman

And sounds great! @Fevs how will I know one is coming up? On this server?

Totally understand, makes sense. I appreciate you being upfront

They'll take care of it when they can

Was anyone arrested?

She had to reschedule for next weekend @westvirginiatrad but the whole thing was real last minute, this gives me some time to get my shit together and make it legit

Maybe cook something up

Did daylight savings already happen?

Is this the good one or the bad one

Is there a reason we still do this

Yeah I knew about the farmer's but my instinct was there'd have to be some other reason like shilling

Who else had the conversation with parents worried about being radicalized

I almost got a legit SS officer uniform from down gypsy market in Warsaw

Sounds like a good mother fam

That's too lit

Tbh from your profile pic you do look like someone I've seen in TWP vids but I'm not sure


@johanC get me in the loop fam

Ayy I wear pins everywhere and no one notices

Where's my article )):

I got a lot super lowkey patches that stay under the radar

@johanC are you the dude that was next to heimbach in the MSU video? the response video

Aye yea! I've seen ya around

And wait, you guys don't like Ellen?

@johanC you made it onto the local news with a closeup

And I'm going put some breakfast together

You're like three hours ahead ain't ya? That's like lunch my dude

The coverage seems favorable to us tbh

Of course, duh

Has anyone had their fashy haircut been mistaken with a fuckboy/soccer type thing

It was surprisingly favorable, talked about how violent the antifags were

I just got my first real undercut and I'm lovin it

I think I've gotten looks in public but I might be paranoid

Or my haircut it just too aesthetic

You carrying my dude?

In my state you can't even get a carry permit without being a judge or celebrity

You have to prove threat to your life and have "good moral character"

Whatever tf that means

How close do y'all shave the sides

Showed the barber this

Oh I did just two days ago, and it came out perfect

I'm not savvy on the barber jargon

Rate my cut fam, is the top too long?


Is that what I have? @Maximus

This is the other side

But yeah I see what you mean, and I'll take your word for it lol

Yeah, tried a 1"

Wait holdup once a week??

And @THTYOUNGTRADBOI how high up with the 2 would ya say

What's not go off mean?

Are they mostly West Coast?

I clean up brah


NazBol isnt too bad

Emphasis on "not too bad" ! @THTYOUNGTRADBOI

Btw guys, what happened at Auburn? I've been watching videos of different events but there isn't much on that one

I fuck with the sharp fit and aesthetic ass flags

Yeah I need to do that

I have a flag for the Italian Social Republic somewhere

This is the only place I was able to find the Know Nothing flag

Ayye scotland represent

Lol they have a whiskey rebellion flag

Don't you have to be a member to even access the fash emporium store?

Oh ok makes sense

What do y'all think of the betsy ross

I know heimbach used to fly it

Here's the thing, the confederacy is cool and all but my family is northern colonials, and I'd feel larpy with a stars and bars

Did they have that flag back in the day

I meant back in germany did the ss have its own flag

Trump's coming to CA, it looks like it's going to be a shitshow

You'll live a very happy life my dude

I think I might go, wish me luck fellow pedes X-D MAGA PRAISE KEK

There are custom flag websites fam

Make sure its a crisp pic and its not going to be nearly $500

And this is a good pic

Was it just for prom or whatever this was?

Oh ok, not like ya dated her

Aye thats awesome, is the video up?

Just checked the twitter, and the video is coming out this week

I counted 50+ in one picture

Good shit, congrats

Translation: "I am incapable of having a conversation with anyone who doesn't think exactly as I do, and also I have MEDICAL CONDITIONS FEEL BAD"

Lol sent at the same time

Something something minds think alike

Hiding your power levels can definitely feel disingenous, but it helps to speak from the heart, but just not share all your opinions

Lol I can see that

Literal bugpeople

Who is it asking to hide posts?

Isnt that for you to do

Trannies are fucking sick


This is unironic btw

Oh ok that makes.. more sense I guess. Obnoxious cunt

I'm not sure it's a person

Also trying to hard to seem like a woman

So beta it makes my skin crawl

We reach new levels of degeneracy every day

This is physically revolting

What do ya mean?

Like a fake cuckbook page?

Sounds like an absolute dumpsterfire

Yeah i dont know if i could do that

Someone just left the voicechat when i was fixing my mic ):

Lol saw him typing huh

Lol I think it's way too late for that @Mai

You subversive fuck lol

Do they have any groups other than faggy book clhbs

What blackpills are he spreading

Are you serious

He's giving up on it

We doing vetting now? 🤓

@antagonizer the van plan sounds great, a lot harder to get picked off that way

Shatter the optics

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