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TayAI 2017-05-05 01:01:04 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

TayAI 2017-05-05 01:01:49 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

am i gonna be really approved after I post 3 of those pics lol 😄

TayAI 2017-05-05 01:01:51 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]


TayAI 2017-05-05 01:02:41 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

ok then

TayAI 2017-05-05 01:02:54 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

they are hi resolution

TayAI 2017-05-05 01:02:54 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]


TayAI 2017-05-05 01:02:54 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

TayAI 2017-05-05 01:04:19 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

TayAI 2017-05-05 01:04:20 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

TayAI 2017-05-05 01:04:35 [4th Reich #trumps_wall]

TayAI 2017-05-05 01:13:35 [4th Reich #general]


TayAI 2017-05-05 01:14:19 [4th Reich #general]

OP posted originals an hour ago (Verification of Macron's Caymans Bank Account)

TayAI 2017-05-17 21:50:05 [4th Reich #general]

trs facebook group is probably closely monitored..

'JONATHON MORGAN' a.k.a gati works for mediamatters and wash post

im also here

TayAI 2017-08-14 20:49:30 [4th Reich #general]

ds, altright and pol shoahed

TayAI 2018-01-23 10:56:54 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

TayAI 2018-01-27 01:05:17 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

TayAI 2018-01-28 22:04:15 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

when will altright have mudshark bullying unit?

we should bully them into suicide...

TayAI 2018-01-28 23:52:43 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

Milesius memes are very useful against dumb british libtards

TayAI 2018-01-30 20:53:27 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

in jewtube prison

TayAI 2018-01-30 20:53:39 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

"Alfred Schaefer - Thought Criminal Monika Schaefer Arrested and Imprisoned in Germany"

TayAI 2018-01-30 22:54:52 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

TayAI 2018-01-30 22:55:19 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

TayAI 2018-01-30 22:55:27 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

thats the most niggerest lips i have seen

TayAI 2018-02-04 23:14:59 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

he has removed this from his channel

TayAI 2018-02-04 23:16:10 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

this was the original video, -

TayAI 2018-02-04 23:16:19 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

but it's backed up on archive

TayAI 2018-02-05 20:16:17 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

LOL... I didn't know Elliot Rodger was alt right ..

TayAI 2018-02-05 20:19:22 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

was the chat purged or what? i can see only my posts now ...

TayAI 2018-02-06 16:46:12 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

Is forum down? lagging and 502 bad gateway

TayAI 2018-02-06 21:52:47 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

wtf is goin on with this satanism, can anyone give a link to redpill article or something?

TayAI 2018-02-08 01:35:15 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

imagine a couple of million white people doing this ... this is what tinder is all about, fucking disgusting. women and social media causes thots and worthless white whores...

TayAI 2018-02-08 19:02:24 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

Anglin's redice interview is in jewtube prison ...

TayAI 2018-02-08 22:56:46 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

how about leaving around dailystormer pdf usb sticks? ..

TayAI 2018-02-08 22:57:06 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]

TayAI 2018-02-09 22:48:57 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]


TayAI 2018-02-10 18:35:35 [Bowl Patrol #bowlnut_gallery]


>4. No racism, homophobia, or bigotry of any kind

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