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it's just if you're in a server that gets zuccd


@Fevs its not too uncommon to ban all accounts in a server

they did that when PF discord went down

same for AWD

nah, I had 2 friends get banned who werent admins

email or phone #

just email each other

add contacts

be a boomer


@Tony H that too

if you guys could make the steam group something other than KKK headquarters that'd be nice

I've got normies on my steam profile

y not

public server of 11 people

well whatever ive got fevs contact info he'll keep in contact with other people

can we make groups on gab too?

way I see it gab only is a matter of time too tbh

no real reason not to

don't think it is

phones are of the joo

pc is masterrace

shaved sleeping pic

niggers smell

reason enough to segregate


is that accurate fevs

did heimbach write that

no promises


deleted all accounts in the server

happened with PF and AWD too

back when theirs was taken down

bombings too big brained for most nonwhites

asians don't really do terrorism so unlikely

probably a joo or white

I'd guess white

military perhaps

don't see former police's MO being bombing

bomb making requires a kind of IQ I just don't see most officers having tbh

plus if it was police you'd probably see vigilante style shit

probably huwhite

bombings are almost entirely white or jewish

outside of obvious mass casualty sandnigger shit

yea, same

when we find out more about the white victims we'll know

if they were race mixers its probably awd

@Fevs I know a graphic designer I can put you in touch with if you still need.

Not a unabomber copycat

he targetted specific people, if he was a luddite he wouldn't target nogs

doubt he's reed seej too tbh

long hair = less likely one of our guys

there are long haired guys among us but most sport some variation of fashy cuts

I think we'll see a fair amount of guys rejoin in time or once leadership announces

I agree that we ought to release something soon before people get TOO blackpilled about this

I trust the leadership though. I'm not going anywhere in the foreseeable future unless this whole thing goes tits up

Tradworker was about the only group I saw that stood for something who weren't bourgeois college guys, not sure there would be any place else for me anyways

It's too bad we didn't get everyone on Minds or Gab or some shit prior to the discord shoah. Now we can't even find most of our guys

@PunishedHadrian And yeah, for better or worse. Seems like if we had higher standards this whole shitshow with heimbach wouldn't have happened

But it's good someplace took in former addicts and troubled people, tried to make them better. For all the talk of self improvement and helping the community or race in the alt-right I haven't seen that much of it outside of this group

Yeah, me too

Yeah, I know. I was just meaning if only we had some way of knowing that about heimbach ahead of time, maybe dethroned him prior to such a stink being made of it

we'd probably be where we are now if that happened though

seriously fuck that guy

Made us all look bad, including the broader pro-white movement

That fucking asshole is the real bad optics


literally confirmed the biggest stereotype about WN's to normies

mother in law is close enough

might not be blood related but may as well be

it really doesn't matter that she's step or not lmao

its still basically incest

"heh you guys hear about that white supremist leader who got caught fucking his mom in law in a trailer"

"you guys call us cucks? you're literally cucking each other!"

at least some good memes came out of that clusterfuck

Also mods need to get on adding the reacts again

we need a nazbol react among others




yeah he was in the server till it went down

I've learned its always good to get people's phone numbers or a secure email

depending upon level of trust and all that


Perhaps get a mailing list going

I'm on tutanota, what's even the difference between that and protonmail?

difference is gmail is gay

everything probably spies on you

probably the scare post cville with lists

I don't, lost my sock after cville when it had 0 temporary bans prior

never made a new one cause fb is big gay


You should probably write down your login info for things if you have a hard time remembering lmao

I do that for my fashy shit because the passwords are unique and a random string of numbers and letters

I don't think we should move to Gab. I think it'd just be good for us all to have eachother on there so it's easier to regroup if something like this happens again

probably a lot

I'd assume most voted just because he's a R

probably low information voters who hate the media

or could just be a fuck you vote not expecting him to be elected idk

hard to really say, its nice propaganda though


really starting to dislike nehlen

dudes a fucking autist lmao

he should've just shut his mouth and won the easy seat, get Ryan out of speaker of the house

but he had to be self indulgent and talk about reading siege and culture of critique

it kinda is

if he could've put legislation ruling social media as a public square so they can't censor us that'd be fucking great

just getting paul ryan out of congress would be good

We can't put all of our eggs in one basket in waiting for the collapse imo

not saying we don't do outreach and all that

but we ought to do everything

be prepared if shit goes bad but also try to get in positions of power

do you want to implement actual change on a city level?

or is it a meme run

could come out after you win

if you're not doxxed yet though I'd say stay in the shadows

yeah I'd say stay incognito then

if you're edgy the monuments go down, and for what?

self indulgence? arguably waking people up?

most college students probably wouldn't vote on a local level

**unless** some literal nahtzee is running

then they'd vote against you to virtue signal

until we have an actual base that would reliably vote and offset those put off by it I'd say crypto is always the way to go

the left didn't win by being out and out communists

they had the radicals - those in universities

as with our anons

but the ones getting in power were crypto and presentable

even though they were secretly in the same groups

people who say you can't trick people into becoming nazis are full of shit

most probably don't vote

I would assume the minority in an overwhelmingly conservative area would vote more often than usual

TWP had always talked about running in locals to my knowledge

we can't go all ancap

saying it legitimizes the system is gay

what matters is power

not legitimization

Pitting yourself into passivity because of abstract ideas isn't how you gain power

look at it this way

if you're a city official you would be the one by default (or one of them) if such a secession happens

you'd already be in power in these peoples lives

I think a lot of that was predicated upon some shtf scenario where the system collapses

probably will happen sometime but I wouldn't necessarily plan around that being the case

I don't see secession happening outside of a scenario like that

It matters in the minds of a lot of normies

they look up to those in power

We need normies to follow us

we can larp about doing that just by being alpha and shit but even hitler had popular support, more or less

don't just ignore the normie

sets yourself on more of a watchlist tho

thats about it

probably but adding fuel to the fire isn't for the best

Getting our people in seats of power still wouldn't hurt

would be more overall in seats

I think people worry too much about amnat tbh

If we convey the same ideas and get people on our side, I don't think the packaging matters

Tfw murica is at a million

Didn't know it was that much

China not so numba one

Even with 8m we could probably kick NK's ass in a ground war

Better question is why wouldn't you want to go to war with gooks

I think it's 3m counting LEO's too

You could be right on that though

And fuck peace with NK lmao they're commie gooks threatening us with nukes

Isolationism is for fags and wouldn't be how things would work if an ethnostate actually formed

It's a different kind of commie, yeah

>fight wars with countries directly threatening you with weapons that could kill millions of our own

I understand, but in an ethnostate you likely would have to fight wars to protect your interests and with most of the world that'd be threatening you

Thinking the world wouldn't try ending such a state is foolish

Samson option might be invoked too cause literal nahtzees

Waiting for them to punch first is bitch shit lmao

It's the same idea. Waiting for them to make the first move is dumb

I'm speaking generally

Why should we allow them to obtain nukes though?

Yeah, I'm aware of the sanctions etc, I'm not saying we should do that. We shouldn't just accept threats to our people though.

No, not really. I just disagree that we should allow them to threaten to kill millions of Americans

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding it million of our people dying is unacceptable

Perhaps they are lying, I don't have the same information those in the defense dept do.

Quit being a faggot dude we can have a polite conversation about this

Okay. That incident never really mattered to me tbh

Wouldn't really surprise me

That's not lost on me I just don't really give a shit. From an outside perspective, sure, they're justified. I view our people's lives as worth more than theirs though.

It'd be nice if our government would stop, but that's not really in the deck of cards

Sucks for them

Obtaining a weapon that could kill millions of our own is still unacceptable though

Not every country is posturing to use them against us, regardless of surrounding circumstances

I'm not gonna say it's okay for potentially millions of our people to die for abstract bullshit


Yea, Russia is doing gay shit too.

Except ours, yeah

You fuck with whitey you die

Yeah, it's a pipe dream tbh

If only hitler killed all the kikes earlier we wouldn't have to worry about this

Why are we assuming they're being entirely honest?

They could be, I don't know. But it is in their interest to claim it's merely defensive.

Who even knows if china would support them militarily, it seems as though they're moving away from NK a bit

Oy vey

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