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I'm sharing to the ones I have contact with

@Fevs as soon as I get home I'll work on that thing we talked about

Mike or Colton maybe

I mean you're already doxxed Fevs

GabChat is a thing too

Lmao Sammy wrote it

I hope Bowl Patrol didn't get shut down too

Too many great memes


Finally, thank you Joey

512 followers for me and I'm a nobody

Fuggen baste


They go hard after anything

Based nibbas

I wouldn't say a friend

But an aquaintence that lives somewhere else and helps fight, sure

All the victims are minorities

I know the first 3 were 2 nogs and a Hispanic

Actually just saw the latest. Two white men in their 20s

So maybe not

But there's a lot of professionalism involved

My guess would be former military

Or police


I heard some shitlib journalists mentioning that Patriot Front is active in the area

Discord shut the server down and banned us all;


can't watch, at work. Let us know the results please

Welcome back, brother

we don't know for sure

My guess would be that faggot that recorded that voice chat

could be Colton too, but I kinda doubt he would

its a strong possibility. I didn't know about Colton sharing messages


not since that initial statement


Could just be gang violence. That would be good


these bombings aren't IEDs

tilt switches and tripwires are pretty sophisticated for a goatfucker

could be, but my guess would be ex-military

I'm just hoping it isn't AWD

which there's a real chance it is them

or if they're "white"

LOL they showed a Blitz screenshot

full exto is good optics now?


this guy really shouldn't have guns tbh

The man told officers he "was being targeted and burglarized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a neighbor who lives in (his) building," the judge wrote in his order. "(He) could not describe the neighbor but stated that the neighbor 'shape shift, he can change heights and I'm not sure where he comes from' and 'to be honest, he looks like Osama Bin Laden.'"

He also told officers that he had to turn off the electrical breakers because "they are electrocuting me through my legs."

not as far as I know

presumably you're part of leadership, no?

logo suggestion


friendship windmills?

The red/black/white is a great color scheme, but I think it probably doesn't fit in with the new direction we're going

just pls no red/white/blue

we basically always were, just implicitly

It was in the original 25 points

its so tough to top the pitchfork

I love that symbol

no black/green

that's anprim colors

there's always variations on a celtic cross or other OG symbols

phoenix is a little too detailed

yeah true


but with the dumbass ears added

stick a swazi inside the loop in his earlobes

If we're going with an animal, the Reichsadler is always classic

so make it a bald eagle reichsadler

(not entirely serious, that would be shitty)


should be simple and striking

some ancient symbol

no horizontal tricolor

horizontal tricolor is every flag in Africa

diagonal stripes would be better


eeh maybe not this one

the one Joey posted looks better

Something very simple, an old symbol we can appropriate

no Lard?

I like mine


breaking out of the circle

what isn't a gender these days?

⎋ its a Unicode symbol too


or take the pitchfork logo and swap it out for a dinner fork

actually pretty sure the average weight of the group has dropped significantly in the last week

we lost Colton


He tried to schism a few months ago

last I heard he might be joining another group

right, we need an identity again


there's potential there

breaking out of the culture the kikes have surrounded us with


not just reforming the culture, we want to end it

sure, that was just a rough idea

pls no African country tier tricolor

red could be brighter

how about bright red/black bicolor

I thought we didn't want gold


symbols don't have to be easily understood. In the 20s nobody knew what a Swastika meant. But it was visually striking

it was given a meaning

yeah possibly


IE, Identitarian, Golden Dawn etc symbols aren't immediately understood

Personally I do like it

@Tony H What did the swastika mean in 1900?

What did Golden Dawn's symbol mean before they picked it up? Not what it does now

we also want something that's easy to spray paint on a rock or a banner

are we going for a monogram or for a symbol?

I agree

it can be inside a shield shape instead of a circle, that's a great idea


diamond also has natural symmetry with the swastika. Whatever symbol we pick might be better suited to another shape

but I like where you're going

I thought about an alchemy symbol for iron, but it turns out its just the normal male symbol. So not great.

I think the flat top shield looks better

sunrise, dawn, hope etc. Sun symbols have been used by our kind since the beginning

That's a possibility

please tell me his hair wasn't a bowlcut

@Commander Johnson is dead, this is the FBI using his account


Could have been one of those True Crime fanatics

still could be AWD

a hispanic died too

and 2 whites got blown up by a tripwire

she was elderly I think

unless they were coalburners?

or (((white)))





he created the fucking Passion of the Christ

jews hated that

and it wouldn't have happened without him


He's one of us

just not brave enough to go public about it, unless he has a couple drinks

I guarantee he's in a Discord somewhere

or /pol/

its good\

hmmm... The Passion should be on TV at some point soon. Its the right time of year for it.

it'll be on TV this week or next week

I'm considering my options, but at this point plan on sticking around

though it would help if my region even had any leadership

I appreciate that

Supposedly there was one, but I tried for months to find out who it was unsuccessfully. Heimbach and Parrot said they had assigned someone but didn't know who


I kept hearing that any day now, an email is going to go out telling us who our leadership is. But it never happened


Kevin C used to be the leader and he was a great guy, but he had to leave for personal reasons

and I didn't find out until I texted him after a couple months of not seeing him online

When the Party Chairman doesn't know who his to top leaders are, there's an issue. There's only 12 of them

Even the other colonels didn't know

Though now that I think about it, it's possible Heimcock never actually appointed anyone


I had some cool ideas for group camping trips, survival skills training etc but nobody to suggest it to

Like so many other things

If we put half the effort in to internal development as we did to rallies where we accomplished nothing, we'd be in a much better position now

rallies can be good, but we need training on how to do rallies properly

proper tactics, communication, even how to march looks sloppy when we don't do it right

Cmdr. Rockwell knew how to do it the right way

they pulled off the militant look well



not me, I'm white

I like rallies, but we make the mistake of letting antifa choose the battleground

nigga we didn't even have 200 members

we'd be better off doing that good rally Azzmador did and show up where the antifa are gathering and not expecting us

or doing flash rallies to hinder the ability of the system to stop us

ticket system is gone

he said that he wasn't taking any pay for himself

I wonder if he embezzled or if he just spent the money on stupid shit like pointless rallies and plastic stalhelms

btw, who has contact with THTYOUNGTRADBOI? He was cool, he should be in here

he wanted to stick around

but the server got nuked

Slav is joining Vanguard

not anymore

Vanguard is getting a bunch of new guys that were ours

Spiritchef too

and Colton was considering joining

I think a bunch of the members will come back once we get going again

IF we get going again


the longer we go without a direction and identity, the more people will leave

and the less likely it is we'll get off the ground at all

That will be easy enough

@Justin Burger (Major-GA) he'll fit right in

of course, but timing is also important

There are a lot of people looking to see what we do next right now

In a month, they won't be

We need to strike while the iron is hot

but we need to have somehting important to say

not that long

8 days

yes it does


TWP always took in the misfits that didn't fit into the other groups

I actually liked that we did that

we did help a lot of people that had checkered pasts

and the Heimbach shitshow would have happened anyway

None of the former drug addicts or skinheads did that

oh he would have been metaphorically long knifed if everyone knew, I'm sure of it

not the biggest stereotype

if there had been some blood relation it would have hit that one




on the WaPo story about it, all the comments were trying to figure out exactly who was related to who

in a single-wide

on the same property as the one they were cucking


stop trying to make faggotry happen. Its not going to happen.

we don't even have the lame Ohio reacc

@Fevs do you have contact with THTYOUNGTRADBOI? he was cool, and trying to figure out who recruited him

🍆 🐔

damn, he was promising

we need some more young blood

pretty sure he was still in the server until it got banned


I just don't know how to make contact with him or most other people I knew

we were working on doing that

everyone should be on protonmail

protonmail has a much much better interface

I used to use tutanota

google spies on you

I use it for normie shit only

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