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id go back to vasilisthegreek but i feel like id get shoahed again

well tommrow i want to say after we get all the people in here ima leave this server weev has said its likely we would get banned from this faster


its exactly like discord

heres two alternatives things

just throwing them out there also ill email you

that bomber must have read 🅱eige

PLOT TWIST Sam hyde is actully the bomber but because hes been memed so much no one buys into it

not even going to lie AWD presnece in texas is so massive if it was them it wouldnt be surpising considering when they got doxxed their discord records showed them talking about things like that

@JohanC you nagger accept my fr

@Commander Johnson IM just vasilisthegreek

also i dmed you

alot of guys have moved to the app Slack

i know VA has


Also if you guys didnt know kessler got his purgery charge dropped thats one step closer to winning our cville cases

20 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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