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2019-10-18 10:51:52 UTC [JFG.world #cuteness]  


2019-10-19 01:44:49 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-19 12:57:59 UTC [JFG.world #curiosities]  

Why was she mildly pleased with a 5-2 death hand?

2019-10-20 05:49:30 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Mei is the sole property of Activsion-Blizzard Inc.

2019-10-20 05:55:51 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

The ultimate sensation

2019-10-20 05:56:32 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Alas, it looks like he was almost to orgasm.

2019-10-20 06:01:49 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Please let it be a statue of him doing the OK hand symbol below his waist.

2019-10-20 06:02:39 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

How good is stonecutting CNC nowadays?

2019-10-20 06:05:35 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

extinction := Something dies out
genocide := A wipes out B

2019-10-20 06:05:44 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-20 11:33:50 UTC [JFG.world #cuteness]  

⬆ When your mom calls you a handsome boy

2019-10-20 12:53:25 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  

Gentlemen, we've got him.

2019-10-20 12:54:59 UTC [JFG.world #cuteness]  

Fake. Photos didn't exist back in 1734

2019-10-20 23:37:34 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I have been seeing so many conservative trannies on Twitter recently.

2019-10-20 23:38:02 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Too much Tranny

2019-10-20 23:39:50 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-20 23:40:29 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Literally being an oxymoron

2019-10-20 23:41:57 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Tranny shield deflects it

2019-10-20 23:43:30 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

the gayness spreads post mortem

2019-10-20 23:46:38 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I reckon that's Mike in his brogrammer days

2019-10-20 23:49:04 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Big loss for Uganda

2019-10-20 23:50:12 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-20 23:52:12 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

The Hebrew Hamma'

2019-10-22 04:31:53 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  

tbh i'd buy one

2019-10-22 13:59:36 UTC [JFG.world #curiosities]  


2019-10-22 21:10:11 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I got back into TF2 recently

2019-10-22 21:10:25 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I missed that jungle shit though

2019-10-22 21:14:29 UTC [JFG.world #cuteness]  


2019-10-22 21:20:01 UTC [JFG.world #peoples-lounge]  

Somebody should make a "<question> Yes." meme out of that

2019-10-23 01:03:48 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

The point of school is to force you to interact with all kinds of people, you autist.

2019-10-23 01:03:56 UTC [JFG.world #general]  
2019-10-23 01:12:03 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

@Weaboo Kempeitai
You don't necesserarily get social skills from it, it just puts you in a microcosmic situation that's a very mild emulation of adult wagie life. It's so that you don't get blasted by the full force of daily adult life β€” not as much, anyway.
I didn't like school, either.

2019-10-23 01:14:18 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

If anything, it'll let you rage against the machine a little more

2019-10-23 01:15:06 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Or just replace them with fewer and better teachers

2019-10-23 01:15:12 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Hint: not women

2019-10-23 01:16:15 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Not in my case

2019-10-23 01:20:48 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

tbh I used to think the same way about school, but then I realised that I would have been a submissive blowhard if not for school. I was not in an environment that would test my resolve to any extent.
Although, I think it left me with some temporary mental issues β€” gain some, lose some, I guess.
I try not to think about what I would have been without schooling, I just look at what I am now.

2019-10-23 01:23:20 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

He still joo

2019-10-23 01:27:49 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-23 01:30:05 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Jewish music is a good listen tbh

2019-10-23 01:30:44 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Have any of you heard some of the Sephardic rhythms?

2019-10-23 03:57:41 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Pretty decent imho

2019-10-23 04:01:40 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-23 04:03:21 UTC [JFG.world #nsfw]  

She's your daughter.

2019-10-23 04:05:48 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-23 04:07:33 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Take the roastpill

2019-10-23 04:08:53 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

>always-on-special 3 kg lamb leg
>literally just add salt, pepper, and oil
>chuck it in the oven at 200 Β°C
>do whatever for 1.5 hours
>insert veg after a bit
>do whatever for 1.5 hours
>tfw you did basically nothing to obtain meat this tasty

Have you guys taken the roastpill yet?

2019-10-23 04:10:47 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Just replace with Angus (preferably) beef

2019-10-23 04:12:35 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

When slow-cooking, plain meat with reasonably high grade can taste really sweet because of the fat

2019-10-23 04:23:17 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-23 04:32:28 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I know that word, it means speed

2019-10-23 04:37:43 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

good test

2019-10-23 04:38:03 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

He's testing you

2019-10-23 04:39:23 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-23 04:46:19 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

He's essening don't disturb him

2019-10-23 04:51:53 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

If it's a regular alarm, and you don't wake up before your alarm (after having it for a long time), you aren't used to waking up at that time

2019-10-23 04:51:58 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-23 04:53:56 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Alarm that plays a really hot female voice that tells you that your chicken nuggies are ready to be eaten

2019-10-23 04:55:56 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Cockatoos sound like harpies

2019-10-23 04:56:37 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-23 05:00:43 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-23 05:03:14 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-23 05:04:10 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Impossibilities only exist in God's realm

2019-10-23 05:09:14 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Is the Hadith a good thriller book or nah?

2019-10-23 05:11:12 UTC [JFG.world #curiosities]  


2019-10-23 05:12:15 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  


2019-10-23 05:52:27 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

If you fall down while trying to finish, you're Asian

2019-10-23 11:48:43 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Who actually watches YT trending?

2019-10-23 11:59:15 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Wait, this is just a central reserve bank.

2019-10-23 12:04:14 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

We have the same system in Australia too.
As a primary Commonwealth country, we have a reserve bank that is "owned" by the crown,
headed by the Governor, whom the Queen hand-picks (I think) --- He represents the Queen's authority in a foreign land.
Nobody is meant to make transactions with the reserve, they just have the final say about monetary policy and monetary injection through other banks.

2019-10-23 12:04:46 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Foreign Commonwealth

2019-10-23 12:04:52 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

i.e. not UK

2019-10-23 12:05:34 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-23 12:06:16 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

@Leaf I don't know

2019-10-23 12:06:21 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I think I'm just autistic

2019-10-23 12:15:49 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

You got your wish, didn't you?

2019-10-23 12:31:58 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  

@Slavic Infidel Would be good on a t-shirt

2019-10-23 12:33:11 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  

Looks like they already sell 'em:

2019-10-23 12:35:27 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  


2019-10-23 12:36:28 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  

I actually feel like I got that meme from this serber <:virgin:396572545610022914>

2019-10-23 12:59:16 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

this pommery cannot be endured any longer

2019-10-23 21:39:55 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Christian Bale Batman is best Batman

2019-10-23 22:35:02 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  

Why don't they sign this gay to WWE?

2019-10-23 22:35:43 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Wh*toids in the Indus region.

2019-10-23 22:37:11 UTC [JFG.world #nsfw]  


2019-10-23 22:47:20 UTC [JFG.world #peoples-lounge]  

He should have never revealed the game so early on.

2019-10-23 22:47:58 UTC [JFG.world #peoples-lounge]  

Nutrition, kang.

2019-10-23 22:50:09 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-23 22:50:46 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Isn't it just dermal tissue/fat?

2019-10-23 22:51:33 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-23 22:52:00 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

What school?

2019-10-23 22:52:38 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Culinary focus?

2019-10-23 22:55:52 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-24 01:21:56 UTC [JFG.world #nsfw]  

0.93 GiQ/s

2019-10-24 03:51:33 UTC [JFG.world #nsfw]  

That cosplay armour looks edible

2019-10-24 03:52:10 UTC [JFG.world #curiosities]  

<:AIDS:397209911567581185> Welcome to the future.

2019-10-24 06:05:54 UTC [JFG.world #creamofthecrop]  

Somebody who founded something but then losted it later

2019-10-24 08:01:31 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Oh don't worry, I'm never talking to you.

2019-10-24 08:01:57 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

(the shirt)

2019-10-24 08:03:30 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Americo First

2019-10-24 08:04:52 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

She would *become* Venti.

2019-10-24 08:05:39 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

That blonde looks like a tall tween

2019-10-24 08:09:30 UTC [JFG.world #curiosities]  

He would have been excellent at picking cotton!

2019-10-24 08:10:14 UTC [JFG.world #nsfw]  

She's got that "beach babe" body

2019-10-24 08:13:46 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Tanning + Melanin injection

2019-10-24 10:26:07 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Based and Leporidaepilled

2019-10-24 10:30:19 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  

@DeletedUser Have you seen that gag clip of Salads pissing in that YouTube creator conference urinal?
He's like a fucking horse.

2019-10-24 10:31:11 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  

His penile musculature must be exquisite.

2019-10-24 13:20:11 UTC [JFG.world #nsfw]  

Silicone or Saline?

2019-10-24 13:26:59 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-24 13:32:03 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-24 13:32:37 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-24 14:05:38 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  

(X) Doubt

2019-10-24 14:06:50 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  

Unscrambled packets maybe, but a lot of games compress their data to reduce overhead on networks

2019-10-24 14:11:24 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I'm looking for a Discord server or something where I can learn Sanskrit.
Any recommendations?

2019-10-24 21:05:18 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Anti-natalist pro-nihilistic self-hate

2019-10-24 21:08:26 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Flex appeal shirt

2019-10-24 21:08:38 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-24 21:23:17 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

You know MC is black, right?

2019-10-24 21:27:38 UTC [JFG.world #curiosities]  

Good lord, look at the face on that UFC lady

2019-10-24 21:56:25 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Nig Fuentes

2019-10-24 21:58:30 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

*cannot know

2019-10-25 01:35:38 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

The body can sometimes heal itself and cover up symptoms quicker than it takes to diagnose it.

2019-10-25 01:37:42 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-25 01:38:07 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

@Emperor of Atlantis
Unironically this

2019-10-25 01:38:28 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Australia has the hole in the ozone layer

2019-10-25 01:38:47 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

So skin cancer is a big factor

2019-10-25 04:09:57 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Krampus getting some Krampussy

2019-10-25 04:12:58 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Bruh, the Virgin Spencer getting railed by the Chad Krampus.

2019-10-25 04:17:26 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

>I don't make

2019-10-25 04:18:22 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Monster on the left looking pretty comfy

2019-10-25 04:19:24 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

That's a big radish

2019-10-25 04:21:55 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

They said "don't get"

2019-10-25 04:34:17 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Can we just go back to talking about Krampus?

2019-10-25 06:56:28 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

What is "Marketing"?

2019-10-25 06:56:37 UTC [JFG.world #general]  
2019-10-25 06:57:04 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-25 06:57:07 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-25 06:57:52 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-25 06:58:27 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Actually, why am I surprised?

2019-10-25 06:58:53 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Yeah, I just see a jungle

2019-10-25 08:11:23 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

>Dr mew
Holy shit, I forgot about this meme

2019-10-25 08:20:03 UTC [JFG.world #nsfw]  

Deepfake generation models need a bit more adaptive noise.
They would look pretty legitimate with it.

2019-10-25 08:21:02 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Found the ultimate neck machine:

2019-10-25 08:21:05 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-25 08:22:15 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

What's the name of the machine?

2019-10-25 08:23:00 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Holy shit, they're just called "neck machines"

2019-10-25 08:23:03 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-25 08:25:16 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I think the machines that focus on neck development are called "Cable machines" or "Neck harnesses"

2019-10-25 08:25:37 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-25 08:26:08 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Do you even get somebody to break your spine, bro?

2019-10-25 08:27:19 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Both the neck and shoulders were modified in that first one

2019-10-25 08:27:33 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

*Don't avoid the neck

2019-10-25 08:28:13 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Neck appearance implies something about the rest of the body

2019-10-25 08:29:20 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-25 08:31:30 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Grab a tape measure

2019-10-25 08:32:14 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Can you do the wrist thing with your index and thumb?

2019-10-25 08:33:58 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Ctrl-F for "wrist"

2019-10-25 08:36:41 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

@Deleted User Are you reading the article I posted?

2019-10-25 08:39:06 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

There's only one body, the human body.

2019-10-25 08:40:10 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

They're general tests. You probably fall towards Endomorph.

2019-10-25 08:54:05 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I'm hate-listening to debates that have the twitch-thot Destiny in them

2019-10-25 08:59:55 UTC [JFG.world #cuteness]  

Those armpit muscles look like they could just snap

2019-10-25 09:02:23 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

That is a blessed image

2019-10-25 09:05:21 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

The growing-up story of Krishna is extremely close to that of Jesus

2019-10-25 09:05:28 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-25 09:07:43 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

@johny1846 It was 36 degrees C in Sydney today

2019-10-25 09:08:08 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

So yeah, I think the glob is pretty warm

2019-10-25 09:08:47 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

^Huge fresh water reserve tbh

2019-10-25 09:09:23 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Definitely mewed in her childhood

2019-10-25 09:10:55 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I recommend sending this to #ideas-and-debates if it goes on for any longer.

2019-10-25 09:14:55 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  

This kind of statistical data is not even that hard to misrepresent.
It's quite shameful.

2019-10-25 09:15:51 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Do you know what the no. 1 contributor to the greenhouse effect is?

2019-10-25 09:17:17 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I wouldn't talk about a decrease in volcanic activity

2019-10-25 09:17:50 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Bad measurement + data

2019-10-25 09:18:13 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I don't even think that historical data looked that stable

2019-10-25 09:21:22 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

It was hot one day.
It was cold another.
The climate is changing.

2019-10-25 09:22:54 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Do you know what the no. 1 contributor to the greenhouse effect is?

2019-10-25 09:23:09 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-26 00:24:40 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  

I want a pet crow

2019-10-26 00:28:43 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  

I want a pet crow

2019-10-26 00:56:45 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Eat yoghourt

2019-10-26 01:16:38 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Lonely Jews 😒

2019-10-26 02:52:58 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Do you want Bitcoins or legal tender?

2019-10-26 02:55:20 UTC [JFG.world #ideas-and-debates]  

There are heretics who refer to burgers as sandwiches

2019-10-26 02:55:51 UTC [JFG.world #ideas-and-debates]  

Hardline Trad. definitely

2019-10-26 02:57:19 UTC [JFG.world #ideas-and-debates]  

An ice-cream sandwich is an ice-cream sandwich tho

2019-10-26 02:58:48 UTC [JFG.world #ideas-and-debates]  

But if you eat it like a normal sandwich, you're still a heretic.

2019-10-26 04:26:10 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Dude, we're going to literally like mine gold from asteroids

2019-10-26 07:21:22 UTC [JFG.world #ideas-and-debates]  

Why not?
Those things aren't mutually exclusive.

2019-10-26 07:22:57 UTC [JFG.world #ideas-and-debates]  

Just for kicks.

2019-10-26 07:34:14 UTC [JFG.world #ideas-and-debates]  

It's pretty rational for them to want to bone White men, too.

2019-10-26 07:36:43 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I was crying laughing when one of the daughters of the family said that they "could never fit in" because they were "outcasts".
She was obviously claiming some sort of opression status.

2019-10-26 07:37:38 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Isn't he actually?

2019-10-26 08:49:07 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Just read that caption as well <:tucker:587843675413807106>

2019-10-26 08:53:06 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Where's the gif of that girl giving Adolf her foot?

2019-10-26 09:52:44 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Was that from the Bogdanoff Brothers special?

2019-10-26 13:36:46 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

The fucking boomer goes to the fridge to retrieve his high-fructose syrup-laden drink.
It's such an allegory for how Zoomers are going to be the final nail in the coffin.

2019-10-26 13:40:21 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Join the Liftwaffe tbh

2019-10-26 13:42:58 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Yeah if everybody is sitting down and you're standing up

2019-10-26 13:51:48 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Do they really?

2019-10-26 13:56:47 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-27 03:25:04 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  

>America is a placeholder for ideas
>Israel is an exception
>there is a connection to the holy land

2019-10-27 10:22:33 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

@Fellow Comrade
I think that's the effect of DST

2019-10-27 10:24:27 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-27 11:59:34 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-27 14:32:11 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

>Buy nerf guns
>replace darts with bullets
>instant reliable killing machine
why are you guys so fucking stupid? Just do this

2019-10-28 00:49:38 UTC [JFG.world #memes]  

Prosciutto is a holy meat derivative tbh

2019-10-28 03:21:13 UTC [JFG.world #news]  

Judges do it all the time.

2019-10-28 09:11:41 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Tsolkovsky never got to work on rockets that made it into orbit.
He missed the beginnings of orbit-capable rocket tech by a bit.

2019-10-28 09:18:49 UTC [JFG.world #nsfw]  

Blessed posts

2019-10-28 09:20:16 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Sounding like Gaede

2019-10-28 09:27:56 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Nothing we can invent can explain the real model, because it would be made up of parts of the real model

2019-10-28 09:28:36 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

M for Mexican

2019-10-28 09:31:04 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

We don't really go smaller anymore. We get more abstract to account for different cases and observations.

2019-10-28 09:33:10 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

What is the result of a quantum calculation?

2019-10-28 09:33:33 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Like what kind of thing do you get?

2019-10-28 09:38:00 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Hol' up

2019-10-28 09:38:08 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

So you bee sayin

2019-10-28 09:38:29 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

That electrons ain't electrons and shiet?

2019-10-28 09:38:54 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-28 09:40:04 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

You lost me kang

2019-10-28 09:40:39 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

I know groups.
what's a PoincarΓ© group?

2019-10-28 09:47:40 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

So electrons fundamentally don't change their calculated behaviour if one of the associated dimensional transforms are applied?

2019-10-28 09:49:03 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

<:basedmama:396156349676781569> My mind has been expanded

2019-10-28 09:50:43 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

What of time-dependent phenomena?
Wouldn't those cause a future change?

2019-10-28 09:51:46 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

So, did it happen?

2019-10-28 10:48:02 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

ok this is epic

2019-10-28 23:12:54 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Holy shit, since when did we get the <:coomer:638511129718554646> emote?

2019-10-28 23:17:26 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Peter Garret the Coomer

2019-10-28 23:18:47 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

It's on lockdown afaik

2019-10-28 23:31:52 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

That fucking arab

2019-10-28 23:32:13 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-29 05:07:00 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-29 05:07:05 UTC [JFG.world #general]  


2019-10-29 22:49:39 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Just dive into the puss

2019-10-29 22:50:34 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

What sort of wingman tactics did he attempt?

2019-10-30 02:17:11 UTC [JFG.world #nsfw]  

What is she, like three feet tall?

2019-10-30 02:25:53 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Are we even sure that the current china pop. is similar to the ones during their feudal eras?

2019-10-30 07:00:28 UTC [JFG.world #general]  

Is it grammatically correct to say:
- "Er ist noch nicht fertig" or
- "Er ist nicht noch fertig" or
- "Er ist nicht fertig noch"

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