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An idea woman has the overwhelming sent of sweat, discharge, and pizza.

Has our cultural progress basically regressed to Weimar Germany?

What's that?

Shinji better be raped in Eva 4.0.

He's 28 so that's legal.

I mean, he killed millions. So yeah

He deserves it.

Where's dah cooch

Cooch bad but so is pp

Sex is disgusting

Actually is dosen't exist

I'm out of the shithole. Hello brothers.

Because nagatoro is black.

I frightened them with nagatoro

Is that to or from them?

What'd they do?

My tummy hurts

What a fool you are. I'm a god. How can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence. How could you be so naive? There is no escape. No Recall or Intervention can work in this place. Come. Lay down your weapons. It is not too late for my mercy.

It's a quote from Daddy Dagoth Ur.

I'm sad how not be sad

I'm not sad now

Shut up gaynet

@Eris Did you learn everything you lnow during a sleepless amphetamine binge?

@Eris Weed is bad tho

Amphetamines are God tier.

Not wearing shoes is good though.

My feet hurt.

From wearing shoes.

And laces are annoying

@Eris I don't see the relation. Amps and heroine are like totally different.

Wait, you go outside?

Fishing Eris.

@Bear I no know how to spoke the weed. I have baby lungs.

Adderall, tho

It's like a miracle drug, but is only regulated by retarded college students can't use it right, or don't need it.

I don't have the dexterity or fine motor skills to tie a knot.

How do you tie things?

https://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=264988 Oh shit it turns out literally every other autist can't tie knots.

it's tru tho

Yaoi is mostly consumed by hetero women. And Yuri is mostly consumed by hetero men.

Who cares? You're just there to jerk it.

Japs loved their gay porn.

They basically founded it. They were always degenerates.

What is discordianism?

I still don't understand.

Is it a parody religion? But it's like egoism? I'm confused.

Eris says theft is bad, but rights don't exist. So, are you like an Egoist anarchist, who merely imposes her subjective preferences on others?

In hibernation.

I will upload a memetic kill agent to this chat.

Cyber-socialism, there is no scarcity in the matrix.

Zach Hill good, Wavves okay.

excuse me that's gay

Oh okay sorry 4 misunderstanding

How do you not know her? You're a bad person.

Deep fried pizza


Gay is not okay

Sorry, but you're wrong.

It's a priori

BBC is gross

Ugly bastard β‰  nig

21,747 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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