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And I just got done with my list

I'm sure someone reported everyone, discord couldn't have found us by themselves

My money is on that mike guy that recorded everyone

I'm sure it has to be someone that reported us all

This is a public server


He put it on his Facebook

Anyone can scroll up

Ah gotcha

Is it on IPhone yet?


@Tony H what's your gab

Everyone got Shoah'd


No matter who did it, you know who's going to catch blame

Even if it's some spic, they're going to yell about "mug white racism caused this yo"



Nothing much, you?

Damn gooks

Go show em Murcia's liberty



What's the current direction with it, what exactly are we going for?

That tbh

Red/black. Black/white. Green/white/red. Gold/white/black


A red backdrop with something black on it would look nice

@JohanC what do you think the best colors would be?



Black red and white or black and red

A Phoenix is hard to draw

I don't know about animals in the flag

Only eagles can really look good

I was thinking something like the Albanian flag πŸ‡¦πŸ‡±

Look simple and nice



We Canadians now

I was thinking something like this

I don't know

I found it

This could be good

Something like this maybe?

@JohanC say again exactly what you'd want

I think we should do the logo first

What are your ideas regarding the logo?

I think making something new is our best shot

Mosby had a list of everything we couldn't use, do you have that list?

And can you post it

I was about to say lol

I'll get to thunking

I like it

I like the first one more

I think this is good, nice and simple

This is what I came up with, sorta bland. But the symbolism is the shield is the protection we offer, and the shovel symbolizes our struggle and hard work

It's unique

Something we need


Pictures with dates on a piece of paper

Well if they don't face fag, I guess they don't want in lol

Do it through DM or something

Not public of course

So we don't get the Shoah again I'd say

Losing an account I've had for almost a whole year sucked ;-;



Well, I sure hope loli is against the rules


Lol yep, but it's getting unfucked


Vetting prevents leaks

Nothing tbh

The main thing is just I'd just like vetting to happen so no one can just report us all and anodda great Shoah happen

Discord doesn't leak it

People do

I believe face with dates on paper pics should be used

That can be faked

Not really

Is they don't want to DM a pic to fevs, I guess they don't really want in, it's the most secure imo

Odds of that are slim


If sending your face to a trusted comrade is too risky, I don't know what to tell you lol

Sure is nigger

Will the announcement happen tonight after the vc?

Grindin for those gab follows hard, eh?

I think I followed you

Let me check


Leadership and such

Yeah it's still on last time I heard

Just not an official party thing

I thought this meeting was super secret lol

Also due to unforeseen problems and mountains of snow, I'm not sure if I'll make it to the Ohio thing


I'm cool ;-;

A solid 5/10


Why is everyone gay?

It's only leadership and such

Ur dad and mom gay together

Ur sister a mister

Can I join the kool kids klub?


Suiciding self

I thought that was intentional lol



Buy some tear gas and throw it in his bedroom while she's in there

@FBI No bully


Not welcome tat > hot topic tees

Same dude

We'll all have that one day

Just have to stay hopeful


I like it

Can it be the "get Nazis GFs initiative"


After the party collapsed, I sat there for a good 2 days just thinking "fuck, is it really worth it? When all of these guys sacrificed their freedom for some guy who fucked everything" but I came out of it, at the end of this, everything will had been worth it. Keep your eyes on Victory and don't lose sight of it

Not πŸ…±οΈublic yet

My message got Shoah'd


What's up with the guy in vc just sitting there?

Jews: Jesus is boiling in shit within hell

Out of everyone, boomers annoy me the most

Cognitive dissonance to the the max

The way boomers just go along with everything infuriates me

I've been called mentally ill and brainwashed by so many of them while trying to debate

And the boomers just sit there and go along with it, I N F U R I A T I N G

The Jews demanded Jesus be crucified, and yet they kiss the ground the Jews walk on

Yeah goyim fight never ending wars

That's isolationism still

That's actually what it's all about

Only fighting those who want to threaten you

Seeking wars is foolish

Don't be a fool nigga

Yes so, that's isolationism still, you're not seeking fights with these people, isolationism isn't sitting there while your country gets raped

It's waiting until someone tries something

You can't be stupid when it comes to war

Punching isn't equivalent to war

NK is being isolationist

They're not pushing for war, they want nukes so we don't attack them

U neo-con or what?

For real

The same people that push war with NK are the same people you say you oppose

We threatened them first

No one has died and we threatened them first nibba

NK doesn't see Israel as a country also

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