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2019-11-30 23:18:04 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

fully automated luxury space gay communism

2019-11-30 23:21:29 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2019-11-30 23:27:08 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

german for wrong

2019-12-01 23:00:21 UTC [Bread Club #voice-chat]  

let me smoke a cig first

2019-12-01 23:04:46 UTC [Bread Club #voice-chat]  


2019-12-01 23:05:08 UTC [Bread Club #voice-chat]  

its nice tho

2019-12-01 23:14:01 UTC [Bread Club #voice-chat]  

@Deleted User im here chu want

2019-12-01 23:17:23 UTC [Bread Club #voice-chat]  

lets go then

2019-12-02 04:08:45 UTC [Bread Club #bot-spam]  


2019-12-02 04:09:02 UTC [Bread Club #bot-spam]  


2019-12-02 04:10:01 UTC [Bread Club #bot-spam]  

i c

2019-12-02 04:10:22 UTC [Bread Club #bot-spam]  

@Deleted User u suck at assigning permissions btw

2019-12-02 04:13:53 UTC [Bread Club #bot-spam]  

if u let me

2019-12-02 04:20:36 UTC [Bread Club #bot-spam]  

1. external emojis perms are disabled
2. bots are missing in this category
3. nadeko doesnt have reading perms anywhere except falgsc voice (category)
4. invite permissions?

2019-12-02 04:23:13 UTC [Bread Club #bot-spam]  

5. Falsgsc voice despite having a category for it

2019-12-04 16:14:44 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

och neee

2019-12-04 16:16:53 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

bitte nicht

2019-12-05 08:29:48 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2019-12-06 07:09:22 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

looks more like a cis woman

2019-12-11 14:29:39 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

what the actual fuck

2019-12-11 14:29:58 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

do i have to understand this

2019-12-13 15:31:56 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

its sfw

2019-12-18 16:33:06 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

grilling will be abolished if trump stays in power

2019-12-18 22:19:07 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

what do when someone is saying well ackually all proof that china is bad is Propaganda

2019-12-18 22:19:31 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

apart from calling them a tankie

2019-12-21 07:48:17 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

but its all jokes tho

2019-12-21 07:48:52 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

theres no way someone that who makes jokes is believing in them

2019-12-21 07:49:43 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2019-12-23 17:58:36 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  


2019-12-23 19:03:42 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

JUST LOSE WEIGHT <:4HEad:631170503217905684>

2019-12-23 19:34:43 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  


2019-12-23 19:34:44 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  


2019-12-23 19:37:40 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

must be pretty nice to just dismiss things that are different from the majority as lol bad

2019-12-27 16:43:04 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

whats the third book tho

2019-12-27 17:14:31 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

isnt interracial porn pretty racist

2019-12-27 17:17:11 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

i would prefer a real dick instead of a sheet tho

2019-12-27 17:22:24 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

i hate freedom units

2019-12-27 17:23:05 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

but left = soviet onion

2019-12-27 17:23:09 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

libtard owned

2019-12-27 17:23:12 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2019-12-27 17:25:24 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2019-12-27 18:27:11 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

do you looove black people

2019-12-28 20:02:08 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  


2019-12-28 20:02:14 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

be racist somewhere else

2019-12-28 20:46:54 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

okay show me how im the racist

2019-12-28 21:23:13 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  


2019-12-28 21:24:08 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

a very intelligent analaysis of my views that i havent even voiced

2019-12-28 21:30:53 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

am i also in support of killing every white person so that black people and (((they))) can rule the world?

2019-12-28 21:38:08 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

maybe cuz i dont

2019-12-28 21:51:24 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

even then hes good at being """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""pro-white""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

2019-12-29 20:30:08 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

boss makes a dollar i make a dime

2019-12-29 20:30:15 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

thats why i cum on company time

2019-12-29 22:47:33 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2019-12-29 22:48:34 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2019-12-31 03:52:37 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

what kind of degeneracy is going on here

2019-12-31 03:53:12 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

blacks exist and they should exist

2019-12-31 03:54:16 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

what kind of evidence do you want

2019-12-31 03:55:15 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

i dont think thats how it works

2019-12-31 03:56:06 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

not that it would matter since ur going to deny it anyway

2019-12-31 03:56:53 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

why are black people only a 3/5 of a person

2019-12-31 03:59:17 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

also congrats on being the weirdest trolls i encountered

2020-01-02 21:56:09 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

just wondering do you only have those two mindsets, capitalist and scientific

2020-01-02 21:56:58 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

issues must be pretty simple if u only call on 2

2020-01-03 19:57:18 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

or turkey

2020-01-03 20:22:57 UTC [Bread Club #voice-chat]  

cant vc

2020-01-03 20:26:36 UTC [Bread Club #voice-chat]  

dm me if its something important tho

2020-01-07 14:06:20 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-08 20:36:16 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  





2020-01-10 13:51:51 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  


2020-01-10 13:52:01 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  


2020-01-10 13:52:09 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  


2020-01-10 13:52:32 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

ahhhhhhhhh.... <dumb shit here>

2020-01-10 17:09:14 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

@Azathoth ok boomer

2020-01-10 17:09:55 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

u do it first

2020-01-10 17:11:12 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

this is basically cod shittalk so who cares

2020-01-10 17:14:09 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

why are you so hung up on peoplr under 20?

2020-01-10 17:14:37 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

is their way of life hurting your feelings

2020-01-10 17:15:59 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

im living on my own and going to university

2020-01-10 17:17:25 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

my parents pay my rent but thats it

2020-01-10 17:22:11 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

okay so food is free so is clothing water etc

2020-01-10 17:22:24 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

damn must be nice where you live

2020-01-10 17:26:55 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

i dont live in the us so spending is slightly different here

2020-01-10 17:27:20 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

and it seems like you think im in uni 24/7 which im not

2020-01-10 17:27:51 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

nice pivot btw

2020-01-10 17:30:58 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

i dont have to pay for uni and there's still stuff i need money for when im not in uni

2020-01-10 17:34:10 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

work and or challenge is the goal of life?

2020-01-10 17:34:19 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

is that what your saying

2020-01-10 17:34:25 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  


2020-01-10 17:36:38 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

that's a bold claim

2020-01-10 17:37:26 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

your right wing?

2020-01-10 17:38:55 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

also like there is no definite answer to what the goal in life is

2020-01-10 17:39:04 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

all you said is normative

2020-01-10 17:39:33 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

and i generally disagree on what you said but theres no point discussing

2020-01-10 17:42:44 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

im not trying to push you into a corner im just curious cuz right wingers dont like lgbtq people and dont like antifacits plus you sound like a right winger

2020-01-10 17:43:10 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

do u know the difference between normative and descriptive

2020-01-10 17:49:48 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  


2020-01-10 18:34:00 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

okay took longer than expected

2020-01-10 18:34:09 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

@Azathoth u there?

2020-01-10 18:35:48 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

and yes queer people generally dont like cis straight guys cuz they are the ones that primarily hurt queer people by being against queer people in multiple ways

2020-01-10 18:43:38 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

there isnt much point in being civil towards bigots when they are already rilled up by misinformation and propaganda and deflect anything as gay agenda or some bs

2020-01-10 18:45:49 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

also you seem to misunderstand queer advocacy as just hating all straight people

2020-01-10 18:49:58 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

the problem isnt their orientation but their believes

2020-01-10 18:50:20 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

yes i know of excusionary queer people

2020-01-10 18:51:53 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

ah the reverse racism argument

2020-01-10 18:53:40 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

it would be if straight cis werent the ones in control, making up a majority of people, lead to worse lives for queer people

2020-01-10 18:56:16 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

most political power

2020-01-10 18:57:50 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

idk whats going on in canada but i would say its a global trend

2020-01-10 18:59:48 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  


2020-01-10 18:59:54 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

yes it is

2020-01-10 19:01:20 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

im gonna dip now wanna do something else than discussing shit with no outcomes online

2020-01-10 19:01:38 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

@Methode u can do your thing if you want to

2020-01-10 19:02:15 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

ull see

2020-01-10 19:03:37 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  

oh i didnt mean that he will kick or ban you just shitposting

2020-01-10 19:04:51 UTC [Bread Club #exclusion-zone-chat]  


2020-01-12 13:08:06 UTC [Bread Club #voice-chat]  

@Methode why you askin

2020-01-16 00:01:43 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

he just t posin

2020-01-20 12:44:41 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

@Danacrag implying lefties actual socialists not fucking libtard have any power in the us

2020-01-20 12:44:46 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-20 12:46:50 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-20 12:46:59 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

nice feels

2020-01-20 12:47:42 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

also implying i woulf want a dictatorship or whatever bullshit communist nations were trying to achieve

2020-01-21 09:08:24 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

and thats why bipoc need to be opressed

2020-01-21 09:08:33 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-21 22:36:41 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

realtalk ~~sometimes~~most times i have no idea what you actually believe in methode

2020-01-23 23:00:17 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-23 23:56:05 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-28 23:41:42 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

but so are you

2020-01-28 23:42:00 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  



2020-01-28 23:42:08 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

its all facism

2020-01-28 23:42:22 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

libtard owned

2020-01-29 12:44:58 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

haha since things were like this they should always be this way

2020-01-29 12:45:30 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

also trust me its all destiny

2020-01-29 12:49:12 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-29 12:49:19 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  


2020-01-30 17:40:14 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

how are these mutally exclusive

2020-01-30 20:15:44 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

thats new

2020-01-30 20:46:09 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

no way

2020-01-30 20:46:18 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

ive never heard someone use that

2020-01-30 20:46:24 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

its always behinderte

2020-01-31 17:16:36 UTC [Bread Club #general-n-memes]  

wrong channel

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