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2019-12-23 17:01:10 UTC

So much for the tolerant left

2019-12-23 17:01:38 UTC

I've set this section up temporarily to serve the purpose that the Agora section served before

2019-12-23 17:01:51 UTC

It's pretty barebones for now but it works

2019-12-23 17:02:05 UTC

Karen, release me from this libtard prison

2019-12-23 17:02:16 UTC

I WILL see the kids again

2019-12-23 17:02:28 UTC

The kids will be in the cell across the hall

2019-12-23 17:02:37 UTC

I'm going to discuss with the Council to see how we should modify it going forward but they're not around at the moment so this is the solution for now

2019-12-23 17:02:55 UTC

I didn't want the Irredeemables to feel left out

2019-12-23 17:02:55 UTC


2019-12-23 17:04:19 UTC


2019-12-23 17:58:36 UTC


2019-12-23 18:22:33 UTC


2019-12-23 19:34:43 UTC


2019-12-23 19:34:44 UTC


2019-12-23 19:37:40 UTC

must be pretty nice to just dismiss things that are different from the majority as lol bad

2019-12-23 20:31:52 UTC


2019-12-23 20:32:00 UTC


2019-12-23 20:32:00 UTC


2019-12-23 20:32:02 UTC


2019-12-23 20:32:11 UTC


2019-12-23 21:15:03 UTC

```>Well [europian colonial devastation of Africa narrative] claim they invented pretty much everything we have today

And this myth was itself invented by white people. Whites in the mid-19th century knew that slavery was wrong and that if blacks were freed, they would become permanant dependents on white society. So these whites told blacks a series of fairy tales to give their otherwise desolate lives meaning. Those whites probably thought it was harmless, like Santa Claus. Tell the mental children that they too are capable of greatness in order to encourage them to live for more than booze and promiscuous sex. Imagine you had a child with Down's Syndrome. This kid can do most everyday things for himself but he will always be a burden on you and society. So what if your kid asks you if he can be President, or Batman? You aren't going to break the kid's heart. You aren't going to say, "no, Corky, you will never amount to anything. You are a retard. The greatest acheivement you will ever make is being potty trained and learning not to eat crayons."
That would be cruel. ```

2019-12-23 21:15:50 UTC




2019-12-24 02:48:27 UTC


2019-12-24 06:01:42 UTC


2019-12-24 06:05:25 UTC

What happened to Smith? 😯

2019-12-24 20:00:22 UTC

Leftists won’t touch this

2019-12-24 20:00:56 UTC

Let me out of this gulag you Nazis I am Jewish you are anti Semitic

2019-12-24 20:44:57 UTC
2019-12-24 22:20:43 UTC

@RealMischlingHours why didn't you say so?

2019-12-24 22:38:41 UTC



2019-12-25 02:34:51 UTC

This server gets smaller and smaller

2019-12-25 20:23:30 UTC


2019-12-25 20:23:48 UTC

@Hagar have me released from this soy prison

2019-12-25 20:26:27 UTC

@RealMischlingHours not until you confess your love for trans porn

2019-12-25 20:32:31 UTC

Send me t*anny porn

2019-12-25 23:01:36 UTC


2019-12-26 00:52:27 UTC

If you had more than two brain cells you'd probably look into this genetic factor and also find it activates more in people with ASPD...
And low SES

2019-12-26 00:53:48 UTC

black people or t*anny

2019-12-26 01:18:55 UTC

let me out of here aaaaaaaaaa

2019-12-26 01:19:48 UTC

This is the good place tho

2019-12-26 01:28:44 UTC

fuck you

2019-12-26 01:49:37 UTC

Hey, that's not nice

2019-12-26 02:32:04 UTC


2019-12-26 04:21:44 UTC

what a garbage ass server

2019-12-26 04:21:56 UTC

fagg ot trrannies

2019-12-26 04:21:59 UTC

and gay mods

2019-12-26 04:22:09 UTC

peep how everyone from agora left

2019-12-26 04:22:15 UTC

What a garbage ass Goku

2019-12-26 04:22:19 UTC

mad again

2019-12-26 04:22:24 UTC

im done talking to you

2019-12-26 05:41:40 UTC

@Baby Goku more like baby cock

2019-12-26 15:22:52 UTC

For years now, as I'm 24, I've never understood people with weird kinks. I was very vanilla and porn I watched was the most normal stuff. Later during my life, I got bored of it, so I searched a little more and found a 'scat hentai complilation'. At first, I thought it was a black dick getting inside a girl. I rubbed one out on a still image and later that day I continued the video. It was SHIT.. actual shit, and for me to think eating shit is hot was very weird at first. I finished the video and busted a fat load of course. Every day I came back to the video and enjoyed watching girls eating shit. However, things changed, I looked into more hentai and eventually started watching irl scat. It was amazing, realistic shit made me ejaculate so much more semen than before.
As of now, 25/11/2018, I'm trying to masturbate with a pig long frozen shit that I'm going to put in my ass.
-Edit, It was amazing, the taste is quite delicate and the feeling is like never before.

2019-12-26 22:19:18 UTC

You're a lolicon @RealMischlingHours

2019-12-27 05:30:57 UTC

send more

2019-12-27 05:31:13 UTC

also ungulag me i now identify as trans and you dont want to be transphobic

2019-12-27 05:33:23 UTC

enjoy cold siberian peninsula comrade

2019-12-27 05:33:39 UTC

cant u see the anime pfp

2019-12-27 05:33:46 UTC

i am trans like you

2019-12-27 06:19:53 UTC

The real red pill is the an hourly wage is communist since you’re getting paid according to labor instead of value, and the value you produce changes over the course of your shift

2019-12-27 11:20:44 UTC


2019-12-27 22:43:30 UTC
2019-12-27 22:50:14 UTC

is that a dude

2019-12-27 23:57:40 UTC

@Marcdoof banned

2019-12-28 00:43:56 UTC

ungulag me assholes

2019-12-28 03:50:46 UTC

youre not gulaged

2019-12-28 05:12:38 UTC

Fuck you

2019-12-28 05:12:38 UTC

πŸ†™ | **Alaric leveled up!**


2019-12-28 19:46:33 UTC


2019-12-28 19:46:34 UTC


2019-12-28 19:46:37 UTC


2019-12-28 19:46:38 UTC


2019-12-28 19:46:40 UTC


2019-12-28 19:46:40 UTC


2019-12-28 19:46:53 UTC


2019-12-28 19:47:03 UTC


2019-12-28 19:47:05 UTC


2019-12-28 19:47:25 UTC



2019-12-28 19:47:31 UTC

Let me out of here you need to face the truth

2019-12-28 19:47:34 UTC


2019-12-28 20:02:08 UTC


2019-12-28 20:02:14 UTC

be racist somewhere else

2019-12-28 20:18:00 UTC

Studies you haven't read or sources you haven't checked aren't "the truth"

2019-12-28 20:40:57 UTC

@Buelli (you)

2019-12-28 20:41:11 UTC

@Deleted User not an argument

2019-12-28 20:42:10 UTC

It’s a special kind of person who calls facts racist

2019-12-28 20:46:54 UTC

okay show me how im the racist

2019-12-28 21:07:10 UTC


2019-12-28 21:23:13 UTC


2019-12-28 21:24:08 UTC

a very intelligent analaysis of my views that i havent even voiced

2019-12-28 21:25:28 UTC

You need not voice them, you are transparent xer

2019-12-28 21:30:53 UTC

am i also in support of killing every white person so that black people and (((they))) can rule the world?

2019-12-28 21:34:52 UTC

You don’t think you do

2019-12-28 21:38:08 UTC

maybe cuz i dont

2019-12-28 21:40:17 UTC


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