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he looks more bald

learn to photograf criminolgist


waitwaitwaitwait. 13? as in ms 13?

ok no ms 13 tatoos are way different

probably just marker

yeah otherwise your eyes will have a sort of yellowish tint or red i think

basically its a primer

i dont think tou would need it for black tough

god damnit i hatw when i speak in ancient english.

maybe it was a cheap 13 for an undercover

maybe its a b. the bar is very close to the squigly maybe it was for a game

even if he bited the bullet there is a lot of blood going troughr the sinuses could be from there

the composite is from pol or at least its the first one we tracked down

what the hell?

already. degeneracy never has moved so fast

i dont think a female should have a straw

unless you count her as a trannie

who posted that?

they have some use

they really leaked the composite photo tough

cant deny that

i tought that he either was a trans man or retarded

so he'sa cheap motherfucker that doesnt bother protecting against std's ok

traps are the finest form of dating you transphobic cunt

nooooope nope nopenope

somebody called?

didnt work

try png

kekistan stronk because we kicked all the kebabs out

its just spino with longer hair and eyeliner REFUND

e needs his mom to do his makeup for him

you forgot complex

there we go what?

oh ok i tought you were passive agressive

lol its alright

more niche than that a dog would live there

i need a kekistan related name for a ship in elite dangerous trump has finally builded his wall

7.5 km high

yeah i think it whale in greek or latin

its at least a sun god in ancient celtic

some of the are made to last

depending on witch

7.5 km thats about 4.6 mile high yeah trump used the 10 feet highter a lot

thats uranus

what kind of shit should i take for this?

for kekistn buisness what type of shit shoupd i use explorer, freighter fighter all purpose

damnit SHIP SHIP

i remembered i had a gren sin for this little ship its about the size of the space shuttle

named it kek's will

i always tought the trap thing was a joke

its just unassuming gays

insert neck im noose

yeah you dont go around moral faggin and then send this shit

bur i admit it a verry good joke

OMG. im lucky there's bleach where i work apparently saying that nazi uniform were cool. and kkk titles sound like they came out of a d&d session is haram

why man. why?

kill me



i didnt knew a negative boner was possible

phew thts a soft one

laughed at to death.

he recieved the divine punishment of kek

soooo that sa loot of foot

infiltration achieved

what is that server?

are you as much of a spastic as the atheist gamer?

shouldve been clinton instead of nixon

or being able to store images or gifs within our dna

i feel like i shoud hear this whle watching this pic

156 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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