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What a smartie.

I am taller then he is.


Seems like it.

It'd be a shame if someone shot it up.

That's true.

But if people get angry enough.

Youtube HQ Shooting, remember?

Anyone would ask that.

That's true.

Sounds lame.

Who knows.

If Trump really goes to North Korea.

Then he'll probably get killed.

That wouldn't be good.

That would spark war.

And unlike all of you, I like not being nuked.

Depending on where you live.

It's gonna be a WW2 all over again.

And death.

Much more.

I'd watch that if it was a movie.

Too bad no one would make this.

This whole Facebook junk is getting out of hand.


Facebook is for old people.

Yeah, crowd around old people. Socialism!

Pretty slow.

Well this zucks.

Until it is.

I don't need a job.

I got a system.

Then the whip would come along.

And the lands last time hitting the quan.

That's just theories.

Cause you are scared-


Well bye logic.

Come on in theories.

Living in your parent's basement doesn't sound like something I want to do.

I don't work cause I don't need too.

But, if you are at risk of or need money.

Might as well work.

You got to keep money someway.

Money don't just drop on your lap you know.

More like.

They didn't.

Who would spend money on the dab when you have the whip and the nae nae?

They also paid Richard Colbert to make Hit The Quan. @yung


I think Bill Gates is controlling American everyone.

I'm just gonna sit back and watch. 🍿

What about Socialism?

I don't hate jews.

I like Ben Shapiro.

That counts right?

Work or starve.

That choice is pretty simple.

Of course you can.

You don't take US money?

Makes sense to me.

Well that sucks.

I need more coco.

Being rich has it's advantages.

That's easy.

Just send nudes.

You'd kill someone with it.

Sounds like a scam.

That got gay quickly.

Have fun hurting more men.


Anyone here like Nazi memes?

This is proof that Nick is secretly apart of the KKK.

They always have Patrick doing the nazi things.

Back to watching No Bullshit.

I identify as Female.

And you don't see me going around telling everyone that do ya?

Switch the O and the U in Communist.

What's wrong with Monarchy?


Isn't Monarchy like Dictatorship just down the line.?

If they did.

There would be a lot of women in jail about now.

Communism is.

I don't know what life is.

At least I don't live in California.

Bombs everywhere.

Like a Moon Dipper.

If the USA gets hit.

Or any place.

With nukes.

sWe are all dead.

I'm moving there.

Probably won't.

He is the reason for this.

Most likely.

We'll see soon enough.

That's true.

Well crap.

Oh great, another live feed.

That looks boring.

No need to cry over it though.

He is a grown ass man.

Probably not.

What's been going on anyways since a few hours ago?

Is it live???

Were right in their own eyes.

I mean tbh.

Racist girls have the best puss.

Not if I run.

Black people run the faster. πŸ‘Œ


9 million?

Seriously though.

9 million what?

I don't think there was that many deaths.


Monarchy is just as bad as Dictatorship. Change my mind.

It basically just Dictatorship but using people in your family.

I think how he is doing it is smart if he wants to stay power.

Her nose is so big.

It was a one time thing

Any hackers here? πŸ˜ƒ

I used to be involved in that stuff tbh.

Capitalism is best. [2]

Change my mind.

So what's been going on with the Syria bombing thing?

Anything good?

Aka war-starter?

Or is Putin still shaking in his boots?



That is so stupid.

If you want chicken sandwiches on sunday go to Burger King.


We all should have been.

Though honestly.

It only depends on who the mother is in my opinion.

If they are poor and couldn't do well with the baby.

Then either abort or put them up for adoption.

You are dumb.

What's your thoughts on abortion?


I don't think that it should be illegal.

But I don't think you should do it personally.

^ Yeah, same.

True that.


Either way.

It still grows to be a human-child.

I honestly could care less where you think the child starts.

But we all can agree, unless you are just stupid, that whatever it is. It grows into a child within the mother.


Incest is your own choice.

Just like having normal sex just in general.

So stupid.

I don't understand that map.

Ikr. πŸ˜‚


Russia isn't edgy anymore.

Just a bunch of coward chickens.

Well that is good.

WW3 dodged.

Monarchy are for the old days.

I'm gonna become Hitler and destroy it.

Quick, what do you think about Dictatorship?!


This is gay.

This isn't Dungeon and Dragons.

It isn't bloody enough.

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