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<:mk:511588951811817480> Was JFK murdered by who? <:mk:511588951811817480> @everyone DAILY DEBATE!


2019-01-29 00:35:09 UTC

I think the guy who said he killed him killed him

2019-01-29 00:35:30 UTC

Sounds a bit far fetched, I know.

2019-01-29 00:37:03 UTC

it was an organization of several not a singular

2019-01-29 00:37:10 UTC

I mean

2019-01-29 00:37:20 UTC

But who literally killed him was probably the one dude

2019-01-29 00:37:48 UTC

I wouldn't doubt some amount of Russian Involvement

2019-01-29 00:38:25 UTC

The man was a communist, and the US Communist Party was pretty much controlled by the Soviets

2019-01-29 00:38:55 UTC

Some claim that there were more snipers at the ready further along the route, and some of them "packing up" were seen. But haven't found anything much about this.

2019-01-29 00:38:55 UTC

more than likely the kill shot came from Woody Harrelson's Dad Charles Voyde Harrelson at least the headshot

2019-01-29 00:39:47 UTC

in total their were over 14 known assassins in the plaza that day

2019-01-29 00:40:00 UTC

I think that if there was a group behind it

2019-01-29 00:40:08 UTC

It would probably be the Communist Party and the USSR

2019-01-29 00:40:17 UTC

not at all

2019-01-29 00:40:39 UTC

Would think almost the contrary.

2019-01-29 00:41:28 UTC

Oswald was a member of the Communist Party before

2019-01-29 00:41:28 UTC

the CIA, Mafia, LBJ, MIC, in cooperation with a white supremist Police officer group in Dallas and Houston

2019-01-29 00:41:35 UTC

He was murdered by me

2019-01-29 00:41:41 UTC


2019-01-29 00:41:50 UTC

You son of a bitch

2019-01-29 00:42:18 UTC

Couldn't have a Catholic in the white house

2019-01-29 00:42:29 UTC

Oswald just got played

2019-01-29 00:42:44 UTC

those are the groups involved each providing a select group of assassins all working together under the guide of Bush Sr. and the CIA

2019-01-29 00:43:11 UTC

Why would Oswald work with them?

2019-01-29 00:43:12 UTC

Theres a theory it was his wife Jacky who is apparently a transgender. Also a theory that the passenger who was supposed to protect him shot him...
Maybe both?

2019-01-29 00:43:47 UTC

Neither of those theories explain much at all

2019-01-29 00:44:07 UTC

Considering the assassination was filmed

2019-01-29 00:44:25 UTC

Jackie or his Bodyguard being the killer is pretty much impossible

2019-01-29 00:45:03 UTC

Considering the Forensic evidence wouldn't line up as well

2019-01-29 00:45:09 UTC

just watch the lecture it will explain everyone involved and their connections

2019-01-29 00:45:16 UTC

Oswald was prolly a bit foolish, with good intentions maybe even... he moved to Russia, but the communism wasn't that nice afterall... who knows..

2019-01-29 00:45:16 UTC

Have you seen the footage. Looks like she hides something behind him bf fleeing the car.

2019-01-29 00:45:26 UTC

Again, he was shot by a rifle

2019-01-29 00:45:37 UTC

That would have to be a very short Rifle

2019-01-29 00:45:40 UTC

he was shot but multiple rifles

2019-01-29 00:45:48 UTC


2019-01-29 00:45:50 UTC

But not a pistol nonetheless

2019-01-29 00:46:06 UTC

So neither the guard or his wife could have done it

2019-01-29 00:46:07 UTC

How do ya know not a pistol?

2019-01-29 00:46:14 UTC

Jackie did not shoot her husband ugh

2019-01-29 00:46:15 UTC

Because they examined the bullets

2019-01-29 00:46:21 UTC

or even shot-gun w slug?

2019-01-29 00:46:28 UTC

Because they examined the bullets

2019-01-29 00:46:30 UTC


2019-01-29 00:46:49 UTC

I mean, who's to say the film wasn't faked

2019-01-29 00:46:51 UTC

watch the lecture, quit guessing at lol because you are so far outside of the evidence

2019-01-29 00:47:07 UTC

I mean, for all we know, JFK could have been stabbed to death

2019-01-29 00:47:28 UTC


2019-01-29 00:47:32 UTC

that's a bit far tho

2019-01-29 00:47:32 UTC

๐Ÿ†™ | **xxxjxxx leveled up!**


2019-01-29 00:49:27 UTC

i personally see the theory of a kill-shot from the "storm-drain" a good one.

2019-01-29 00:49:53 UTC

And from that short a distance would use myself a short shotgun

2019-01-29 00:50:54 UTC

the kill shot to the head came from Charles Harrelson father of famed actor Woody Harrelson

2019-01-29 00:51:29 UTC

he was the second man in the tramp group

2019-01-29 00:51:34 UTC

other shots before would be just lucky tries and then the driver stops on the right spot - bang!

2019-01-29 00:51:57 UTC

that is so fake

2019-01-29 00:51:59 UTC


2019-01-29 00:52:59 UTC

the film has been doctored

2019-01-29 00:53:58 UTC

obviously none of you are taking this seriously

2019-01-29 00:54:06 UTC

i am

2019-01-29 00:54:29 UTC

present the physical evidence or your case

2019-01-29 00:54:38 UTC

what w b the point of that?

2019-01-29 00:55:32 UTC

what would be the motive and why would he allow the murder of his close aid and his own brother

2019-01-29 00:55:41 UTC

its not even logical

2019-01-29 00:56:46 UTC

Robert and Jack were very close it does not make sense for Jack to set his brother up to be assassinated

2019-01-29 00:57:03 UTC

it's about 99,6% sure it was Bush & co... but the exact details may never be found.

2019-01-29 00:57:05 UTC


2019-01-29 00:57:05 UTC

I believe the first official magic bullet story ๐Ÿ‘บ ๐Ÿ˜œ

2019-01-29 00:57:55 UTC

his death led directly to the assassination of his brother Robert, obviously you do not know what you are speaking about

2019-01-29 00:59:04 UTC

xxxjxxx watch the lecture I posted it covers it in complete detail

2019-01-29 00:59:42 UTC

extremely well researched

2019-01-29 01:00:31 UTC

btw the guy in the pic was LBJ's paid hitman/ assassin Malcom Wallace

2019-01-29 01:01:37 UTC

Daily debatw @everyone

2019-01-29 01:07:20 UTC
2019-01-29 01:14:21 UTC
2019-01-29 01:14:35 UTC

i heard u are going to have kanye on please confirm or deny

2019-01-29 01:54:43 UTC


2019-01-29 02:52:32 UTC


2019-01-29 02:57:47 UTC


2019-01-29 03:13:40 UTC

Jfk was killed because he said too much

2019-01-29 03:13:46 UTC

He was naive

<:mk:511588951811817480> Was JFK murdered by who? <:mk:511588951811817480> @here DAILY DEBATE!

2019-01-29 04:41:36 UTC

The bankers

2019-01-29 04:41:48 UTC

Probably largely coordinated by the Federal Reserve, at least

2019-01-29 04:41:57 UTC

Yes he was

2019-01-29 04:42:05 UTC

what if he didnt die

2019-01-29 04:42:19 UTC

@TheGhostScientist mafia right?

2019-01-29 04:42:20 UTC

CIA spearheaded this at the behest of various swamp creatures

2019-01-29 04:42:20 UTC


2019-01-29 04:42:20 UTC

<:morty:534348220634234891> <:NPC:516548860047392778>

2019-01-29 04:42:23 UTC

may be he is a clone

2019-01-29 04:42:29 UTC

George bush was involved

2019-01-29 04:43:01 UTC

Bush was in Dallas, and made bizarre attempts to cover his tracks

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