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@POGGMATHON Is this goals?


we'll hang when I visit India man

we'll head to Himachal

join chill chat


dude access the other channels

also get on Conspiracy chat you don't have to talk @El Diablo

this guitar playing reminds me of the Guitar Hero 3 video game, right before they go all out.

This guy is fucking trolling

would you sell your soul for shekels?

lol no

because you would also sell all of your families souls in the process as well

hmmmmm if you have kids (((they'll))) get a hold of em



I'm havin trouble deciding on a job prospect

nah, it's not that kind of job

If I do take the job, I feel like I'd be a government tool

it's cyber sec.

Probably yeah with this organization

why not?

nope just through a college professor

it was werid though

the guy who interviewed me said *oh you used to go to this church before right?...It was a church I went to with my parents 6 years ago (I'm not religious)*

yeah I was like no, I'm not religious

to me it's like if I can't really do anything to change the inevitable should I just *enjoy life*


idk hopefully I get calls back from other places I interviewed for

Oh yeah I kept applying, just the response was weird, as in the whole process was very quick for the fbi gig

It's IAM security analyst (official title)

dude that's the weird part I'm not some hackerman genius

that's why it's kinda fishy

man the dude literally said they have agents in large churches to make sure "nothing radical is being said or done"

So I wouldn't be surprised if there was agents here

The only reason I'm still in Murica is that we got guns

yeah man just apply

someone do an animal sacrifice so I can get calls from other employers

being a field agent would be way too stressful

yeah you can see who the jews want to kill

and then you're the hitman

there are people who are obsessed with racists from a particular race

but they ironically turn out to be racists themselves 😂

aka the guy comandant who recently joined

always talkin' about white people are racist man, we live in a white supremacist state men lmaooooooooo

that they can suck dicc



carribean you should talk to a guy called comandant here, you guys will gell

he too is obessed with white people, thinks that vanilla ice cream is a sign of white supremacy

how did joe get away with being a pedo

eh what am i even asking for I already know the asnwer lol

you live around white people cariabbean

do you live around honky's carribean?

oh okay

do they make you scared

that they're in your neighborhood

okay nvm you and Comandant won't get along

idk some people are

the only good looking black people come from the carribean or ethiopia :o

is that wacist

take me away

I'll do the time

she ugly but she's also 60

that's too high level for me fam

Despite being 13%...

you guys recommend any podcasts?

not alex jones

alex jones ins entertaining

his first podcast with joe rogan was pretty eye opening when i was a normie

you mean like Israel

his name is Comandant on here

lol no he's from the politics server

those people are obessed with race

white people gun take my baby

lol *whites are worse*

like it's a competition

eh i avoid anyone who is like that in genera

yeah i'm a wascist

but I'm not as wascist as white people

simple as

yeah i just don't get caught up in it

i leave the conversation

eh maybe

i run into a lot of racists on here from all walks of life i just don't like to be around toxic people who hold humanity back

not on this server

but just in general

people are broken can't really spend time fixing them

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