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2018-04-19 18:31:07 UTC [domek #generalik]  

2018-04-19 18:31:54 UTC [domek #general-english]  

What is this place and why am I here?

2018-04-20 12:54:47 UTC [domek #general-english]  

Are there any other czechs here?

2018-04-20 13:03:07 UTC [domek #general-english]  

@Deus ฤest <:muzycznie:380890674322604034>


2018-10-14 20:56:10 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

is Tommy really that popular in UK?

2018-10-14 20:57:29 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

like to a point where people actually start thinking about voting for UKIP

2018-10-14 21:23:27 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

@Goblin Warlock that's his hometown?

2018-10-14 21:23:35 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

even then pretty good

2018-10-14 21:24:32 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

yea he is the type of dude football fans might like

2018-10-14 21:25:54 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

@Puma oh no is he still going with the gamergate 2: electric boogaloo thing?

2018-10-14 21:27:04 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

because it's pointless and autistic?

2018-10-14 21:27:21 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

like at least try doing it with comicsgate

2018-10-14 21:27:32 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

noone cares about gg at this point

2018-10-14 21:28:00 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

comics gate might work

2018-10-14 21:28:25 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

some of them are

2018-10-14 21:28:42 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

internet is a small place

2018-10-14 21:28:51 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

irl most leftist don't care

2018-10-14 21:29:27 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

but did they even lose?

2018-10-14 21:29:41 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

like it pretty much just went away

2018-10-14 21:30:14 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

wait they lost jobs?

2018-10-14 21:30:57 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

@Nordhand no but I didn't see them firing people

2018-10-14 21:31:22 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  


2018-10-14 21:31:54 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

a movement on internet didn't get Trump in office

2018-10-14 21:32:41 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

people need to focus on actuall problems and not trying resurect dead movements

2018-10-14 21:34:03 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

yea most sjw types gave up on Youtube

2018-10-14 21:35:39 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

it wouldn't be the msm articles about how it is racist, sexist, etc?

2018-10-14 21:36:08 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

like an avarage Joe will go researching on Youtube

2018-10-14 21:37:12 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

The Gamergate controversy stemmed from a harassment campaign conducted primarily through the use of the hashtag #GamerGate. The controversy centered on issues of sexism and progressivism in video game culture. Gamergate is used as a blanket term for the controversy as well as for the harassment campaign and actions of those participating in it.

2018-10-14 21:37:42 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

first result on google

2018-10-14 21:38:40 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

second is Gawker

2018-10-14 21:38:44 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

then Guardian

2018-10-14 21:38:59 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

then knowyourmeme

2018-10-14 21:39:47 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

ironically Knowyourmeme might be the best source for these people

2018-10-14 21:39:50 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  


2018-10-14 21:40:35 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  


2018-10-14 21:42:10 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

Gawker died because of HULK BROTHEEEEEEEER

2018-10-14 21:44:06 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

well they still have 100 million monthly readers

2018-10-14 21:44:30 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

not sure if that's more or less than other sites

2018-10-14 21:44:41 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

but it is a big number

2018-10-14 21:45:36 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

no Gawker

2018-10-14 21:47:16 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

this article about Guardian's revenue is in Guardian

2018-10-14 21:47:30 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

so it has to be unbiased

2018-10-14 21:47:39 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  


2018-10-14 21:48:42 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

it seems so

2018-10-14 21:49:24 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

but left wing trash is still pretty popular

2018-10-14 21:49:37 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

just look at Bernie Sanders

2018-10-14 21:49:45 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  


2018-10-14 21:50:04 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  


2018-10-14 21:51:42 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

second is by that gay pedo<:pepe_smug:378719408341909506>

2018-10-14 21:52:10 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

and the third is by the local rapist Matt

2018-10-14 21:52:13 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  


2018-10-14 21:53:57 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

she was also a vegan

2018-10-14 21:54:06 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

so she had to have mental problems

2018-10-14 21:55:05 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  


2018-10-14 21:58:58 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

what's the state of right wing sites?

2018-10-14 21:59:05 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

like Daily Mail?

2018-10-14 21:59:38 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

Daily Shoah is a different thing right?

2018-10-14 21:59:43 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  


2018-10-14 22:00:03 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

it was shut down?

2018-10-14 22:00:26 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

I thought they shut down Daily stormer

2018-10-14 22:01:08 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

oh wait daily black shirt is a thing too?

2018-10-14 22:01:30 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

I thought you were making fun of Daily Mail for supporting Mosley

2018-10-14 22:05:20 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

but the scientists said I can trust Guardian

2018-10-14 22:05:42 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  


so what do you guys think of Bolsonario?

Jair "Pinochet was a leftist" Bolsonaro

yea the Brasilian

he isn't really trying to emulate Trump

Trump is a SJW next to this dude

I would say Duterte is a good comparison

I mean they are both secular

That's a thing

2018-10-15 09:25:35 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

@franti > implying proud boys don't know how to properly beat up someone


we found the final solution to the Kurdish question

2018-10-15 18:16:59 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #general]  

convert to heterosexuality<:thisisfine:378719407981199363>

Kurdish independence is a bad idea

it would just make the situation even worse

with Turks, Iranians and Arabs trying to destroy them

let them have some autonomy

yea let's just start up more shit

this will definetly not lead to ethnic cleansing and war

that is some big brain strategy<:think_madpepe:378717098630971395>

we have Turkey


which Kurdistan would that be by the way?

that nationalistic or the commie one?

and Kurdistan will


a nation that has laid claims to a nuclear power and an actuall ally

half is communist

the other one will stop existing in 3 months

nationalism is good

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