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Like actually hitler

Literal nazi

Fuck you dude this was my birth name

I'm indian


when you coming to summer camp with me?

No because after they bombed pearl harbour

they fought in the pacific waters

It was the biggest military failure for japan in the 20th century

They lost all their ships

Like right after the bombing

There was a big battle in the pacific and japs lost their shit

I'm already gains

Take the golden pill bois


2017-05-18 22:19:07 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

Colonies are a product of inequality

2017-05-18 22:19:20 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

When a country has a significant tech advantage over another, it brings modernisation in through force

2017-05-18 22:19:31 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

IF we had proper distribution you would not get that

2017-05-18 22:20:18 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

According to Marx empires arise out of excess production due to inefficient distribution. The poor are left poor, while the rich use their excess to fund ventures into other nations where they can sell their wares for even more wealth

2017-05-18 22:20:25 UTC [/leftypol/ International #german]  


2017-05-18 22:20:26 UTC [/leftypol/ International #german]  

Heil me

Are these traps?


We have black people on 4chan?

Since when

Communism does work

When you realise that defective capitalism is just communism seeping into capitalism

Yes it can

most people's can

if you're white

at least

asian people probably wouldn't even realise there was a toilet roll

I agree


Everything on 4chan is designed so they know who you are

Verifying just confirms that you've lost any semblence of anonymity.


Fucking supremacist symbols in chat


Obviously its Twilight

German music>English music

Oh that one

You're racist

Right wing nationalist scum

Even hitler thinks you're racist

That man looks like he has down syndrome


If you're voice sounds black

Does that mean you're actually half cast?



Is that post op?


You don't

You eradicate greed by removing women

Eradicate women, and become a Buddhist state.

Fuck eve

Stalin killed 8 million jews




Communism is awful

Communism = centralisation of power into an organ -- state

We actually had communism in the past -- it was feudalism

Swap Lord for Party member


Fucking racists

You did it 300 years ago

And now you do it again

Take our country

Greed gene

You mean Women?


I use goats

When i get lonely


You sound very american

JIDF -- Gate ?


We have an actual Cuban?

I thought the left were antisemitic

Don't the right and left get along in that respect?


Debate on what?

what's the proposition?

Intellectual discussion = posting gay memes

All intellectuals are gay

Anglo faggots


Southern england

lol what



Sounds about right


So we discusising?

The jew gene?

Is it more prevalent in israel?


"failing to pay the minimum wage"

Isn't that fineable by like 3k dollars?

where he go


You know

Applejack is pretty hot

Dem freckles

Minions are racist

No drop


Roblox is like

Lego on roids

You haven't lived

Yes your a fag

Racist, correcting the english of a foreigner

Is that a micro agression bro

You wanna go?

Nice chart


That race is wrong

Great Britain isn't in Europe

We left

British Empire is back bois

Finally can have commonwealth nationality so my visa gets accepted

We have a mexican in chat?

Trudeau doesnt even know what he is doing

He just follows his advisors

He is a bigger cuck tham Trump

Can we get an anglo hate thread going?


Oh shit

You white washing boi

Roblox porn?

yes slavs aren't human

can confirm

lebensraum now

dey hot

all dat fake hair


Is that a hairdresser advert?

wish i could afford fake hair

cant even grow a full mousctache

struggling to grow out the sides

HOly shit

Looks russian


Is she black

or freckletopia

That's actually really adorable

Muslim anime > anime

fake hair american

looks american still




its pretty easy

to get top 10% in league

im top 0%

7k mmr dota2

highest mmr is 9k

expecting ash to last 80 years

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