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It's James

I definitely want to go, I'll start planning things now

To anyone from MA, how much would I need to pitch in for a ride down?

Wanna know what's funny about their gay hashtag

They didn't even scrub the tag

I got like 1,000,000 notifications to catch up on

Finally got discord back on my phone

Good job btw @MadDimension

No more Anon

Lol Antifa are retarded.

You have to be a retard to be a socialist

It's cause of the Star wars

When the left turned a blind eye to Ferguson and shit like that, they just helped create the mess

Also they made no big deal about the inauguration, swept it under the rug

i think this is a win, Antifa are going to act moe aggressive

then when Media ignores it, we can cite the bias

Yeah we need to spread all the stuff from inauguration

and ask why there wasn't this much outrage

Love that they got no problem with doxxing people

If we backdown from this it'll be it

White House cucked out hard

Literally they are making this much noise because they want to kill the movement, they realize it's becoming influential

One person being a bad Apple doesn't represent the whole movement.

This is what the left wants, shame on Conservatives for caving so easily.

The narrative needs to be shifted for free speech

We should get videos of all the radicals on the left.

Hit it with a # Campaign and flood the SMs with it.

Just an idea.

If it's not stopped it's only going to become harder

33 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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