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The sight of Jared Kushner advising Big Don in the Oval Office fills me with existential dread.

The Deploraball organizer Jeff Giesea got a tonguebath from Bernstein in Buzzfeed.

Maybe a good way to sniff out the shabbos

It gets very good at about 40 minutes in. Mike gets the fire in his belly.

From our pool party last night. Plate was stacked.

>mfw putting kids to sleep bc Waifu is out of town on an altright mission. Upside, Enoch is here

We basically just had a party at our house last night for our extremely vetted. Everyone's ass is dragging today

Where are you?

Ahh, you're Nike from wrestlemania. Got it

The shadow of the Shoah lord finally graced my threshold this morning. Back on twitter as @DC_Pilots

Coach Finstock's obsequious suspension appeal apparently did not charm Sanjit

Goddamn is that good

Confirmed 1,488%


21 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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