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2017-05-20 00:08:37 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

Mai socha tha ya hindi may lok bolu gey

2017-05-20 00:10:11 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

We should get a Punjabi server tgo

2017-05-20 00:10:12 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  


2017-05-20 00:11:16 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

I can actually speak Punjabi

2017-05-20 00:11:19 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  


2017-05-20 00:11:44 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

I can understand Hindi perfectly tho because of watching hundreds of Bollywood movies

2017-05-20 00:11:48 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

From a young age

2017-05-20 00:12:13 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  


2017-05-20 00:12:20 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

I do enjoy Marx though

2017-05-20 00:12:37 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

I don't like to identify with left or right tbh

2017-05-20 00:12:43 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

Too arbitrary

2017-05-20 00:12:55 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

Gets into identity politics and polarization and such

2017-05-20 00:13:16 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

Though if I had to choose a label

2017-05-20 00:13:23 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  


2017-05-20 00:13:31 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

Describes my general beliefs

2017-05-20 00:13:42 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

Indian guys are horny af

2017-05-20 00:13:52 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

Something about the air and water in India man

2017-05-20 00:15:30 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

Anarcho-capitalism is extreme right, right?

2017-05-20 00:15:54 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

I have a problem with that label of left or right because I agree with what might be considered either

2017-05-20 00:15:59 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

Everything based on it's own merit

2017-05-20 00:17:18 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

I think that there are natural heirarchies that will always manifest in society, also, I am against the idea of equality of outcome as opposed to equality of opportunit

2017-05-20 00:17:52 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

@Firefly I think that's a super intense question and to say yes causes a lot of problems

2017-05-20 00:18:39 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

Natural heirarchies are heirarchies that arise out of say, a highly skilled engineer becoming a leader of an engineering committee or something @Blebleh

2017-05-20 00:18:51 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

@Firefly I have no idea what that means dude πŸ˜‚

2017-05-20 00:18:57 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

I agree though

2017-05-20 00:19:00 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

But yeah

2017-05-20 00:19:13 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

I definitely agree with marxist critique of capitalism

2017-05-20 00:19:22 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

Totally on point

2017-05-20 00:20:01 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

Natural heirarchies exist all throughout nature tbh

2017-05-20 00:20:07 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

Not just in humans

2017-05-20 00:20:43 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

In any case

2017-05-20 00:20:56 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

I am a Sikh and my whole approach to politics is on the basis of Sikhi

2017-05-20 00:21:20 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

Which I think is quite similar to what anarcho-communism seems to present

2017-05-20 00:21:28 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

Hence, I am taking political science in uni

2017-05-20 00:21:48 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

And trying to concentrate on that

2017-05-20 00:22:55 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

I can't lie, I find marxist terminology to be pretty distaateful

2017-05-20 00:23:00 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  


2017-05-20 00:23:13 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

Such a bourgeois and such

Very interesting thought

Holy fuck

Where can I do this test?

:P that's me

I didn't really like the test tho

Yours is so much more extreme than mine

I am so in the middle

2017-05-27 07:31:05 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

KP Gill is dead

2017-05-27 07:31:14 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

a man responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent sikhs

2017-05-27 07:31:22 UTC [/leftypol/ International #hindi]  

as well as horrible torture and rape

Someone please kick this guy

Spirituality is the most important dimension of life. Rather, it permeates all dimensions of life.

You can think of the statement how you will, but the idea of living in harmony and leading a fulfilled existence, has everything to do with spirituality.

So with no attention placed towards spirituality, society becomes diseased.

That's an incredibly limited set of options πŸ˜‚

Also, not true

I assume you are saying that, anything beside communism is barbarism?

You believe that our society devoid of communism, leads to barbarism?

"Communism" is an arbitrary concept

which apparently many people understand in countless ways

and it's implementation has always led to thousands of deaths and the dehumanization of people.

That is not to say that, the philosophy of "communism" does not have something beneficial to offer to society.

Human nature is absolute, but what human nature is, is a spiritual/philosophical question.

One that must be deeply contemplated

But, contemplation has been done by people before us

And it is quite apt that we might peruse the the understandings of those gyaanis of the past

the wise men

The universe has the manifest and the unmanifest. The unmanifest is primordial potential.

That is forever true

the womb of manifestation


Many people have given many names

To the absoliute


The absolute is our true nature.

You can say everything is supernatural or nothing is supernatural

There are already ideologies @Deleted User


Is mine

Ambition is natural

To oppress and do injustice to others is the evil in our society

And it is due to spiritual darkness that people live in ego, greed, anger, lust and attachment

Bhaaee, that we all share one light, and we are all equal in the eyes of the sovereign

That we ourselves are sovereign

as we each must come before god by ourselves

What is fascism?

I only know that Hitler and Mussolini were fascists

and that their regimes were not good.

The indian state tried to ethnically cleanse Sikhs too

They wiped out almost an entire generation

in the 80's/90's

Used to pick up any Sikh off the streets, under the excuse of them being terrorist and shoot them in fake encounters, torture people and rape women.

What are you saying @Deleted User ?

@Deleted User What are we talking about?

I thought we were just talking and this was a relevant sort of tangent

It has to do with governments

I can't recall what compelled me to say, I'm actually high af πŸ˜‚

The resolution to all our ills is proper engagement with our environment, abundance yet modest living, and opportunities

Our earth is being destroyed by large corporations

and mainstream media

and banks

and such

Global warming is not BS

I just took a climate and weather class this last year

Our proffessor saw fit to present us a lot of data.

Global warming is definitely a thing.

It is definitely and issue

It was a natural science class

It was climate and weather

Good, interesting, learned a lot

What kind of Asians?

I am South Asian

2017-10-31 20:23:30 UTC [/leftypol/ International #canada]  

Hello all

2017-11-16 22:52:49 UTC [/leftypol/ International #canada]  

Lol what?

2017-11-16 22:52:55 UTC [/leftypol/ International #canada]  

Nigga I'll kill you

2017-11-16 22:53:17 UTC [/leftypol/ International #canada]  

You think I give a fuck a about the law fam?

2017-11-16 22:53:20 UTC [/leftypol/ International #canada]  


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