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Я говорить русский язык, плохо

Ой здрасте



Я не говорить Испански

Oh I thought you were autistically failing to say сука блять


Ćto is the proper case then

I can read srpski azbuka and understand most loanwords

Like naroda,sloboda,ty,za,na etc

If you defend pol pot you're not a tankie

Go back to Sverige

Theoretically because you are a leftist

Assuming by your profile picture of God himself I think you are a leftist

National Bolshevik

Like strasserist

Stalin saved our people from german plans of lebensraum


I know

Nobody likes Kurds

Even Kurds

I mean those Kurds

I thought they were filthy democratic socialists like Venezuela

Muh democratic reform

What do you think of the ДПР и ЛПР?

Trotsky would've destroyed all soviet peoples

With retarded policies and actions

He Even lead the 5th column

What are you guys talking about?

я не говорим по-китайский?

I don't speak chinese?

I don't know I wasn't here long enough to understand what's going on and I'm not scrolling up


@Deleted User да, это отлично

Anti-anime aktion

What is the list of them in text

Like :example:

What is the :

On mobile to use the emojis you have to put in a name between two :d

Like :example:

Nu pizdec



"Anti Semitic"

Freeze peach


Slavic languages are always mpre than 20% intelligible

I can sing all of that

I sing turbofolk

Does that count

Jao jadno bosno suverena

Što proglasi bosno suvernu

Ne imao glavu na ramenu

Došlo vrijeme da se srbi svete

Sve džamije u oblake lete

>the slough famine never happened

Bilo je junaka bilo i biće

Bilo je i onih



Actually the peoples republic of John succeeded under socialism

Oj firefly

What is your ideology if you have a certain one?

@Firefly I'm assuming you're not too fond of stalin?

Ok good

Because I'm an MLM that obsesses over stalin, not that I refuse to speak to anybody anti stalin

@Deleted User what is it that you belive

As in ideology

Wrong chat

@Deleted User that link sounds like the script to a comedy

21 percent of common russian literature i can understand, I mean words in it

Definetly not good enough

Slavic languages typically are very close

I know plently of cognates with serbian because i listen to so much yugoslav war music


Чики брики тоже

Я не говорим вас/ваш по-китайский

That is an abuse of azbuka


Тебя аутизм?


И плохой русском

When was the last time i tried to mind fuck you and why are you speaking english in cyrillic

Besides the fact i could barely understand if you spoke those words in Russian

Файн, ит из беттер фор моя азбука ридинг скьлс

Спикинг инглиш эн азбука из хоррибл

Филс аутистик

Нет, я не молодец

Это не молодец*

Нет, иди нахуй это рак

Большой рак

Jao jadno bosno suverena

Я Американский

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