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Found the page on fb I like the aesthetics

the edits give me slight relief in the face of my autistic decision to re-enlist

haha i'm good it's just the regular bitching all of us grunts do


what rate

Smart choice

Controversial stance here but

I think guns are neat

M60s are fun

I remember training with them on a deployment workup with mounted M60 on an uparmored humvee

They're way cooler than the shitty M249s we use

I'd still practically use an M240L

For weight purposes

But there's just something about those M60E3s

My gat


fuckin noice


Chocolate chip is top tier

during opfor training


fun time

aloha snackbar inshallah

Oh yeah I met Brad Colbert at a conference

dude's super cool

Lives up to the iceman nickname

He does a lot of veteran ptsd support work so he tours around occasionally talking

and giving speeches

Rudy is a badass


But that's like 2% of your life in the military

As a line grunt at least

enjoy being in purgatory

and remember that you don't have to get forced into whatever MOS they want you in

Go BUD/S and be a cool guy

Or AWO or AIRR or soemthing

If you are somehow ever offered a Riverine billet then take it

if i had to do it all over again i would have tried out for something higher speed from the start

line infantry is meh

not exactly guns but

close enough

@AKAlexei go aircrew

it's high speed


how's your swimming

look for AWO or AIRR rates

alternatively look at Navy Diver or EOD

if i were you i'd just do the most badass thing i could physically qual for

Nah aircrew is gay but aircrewman is different

the guys that actually fly on helos have great lives

the guys that maintain helos have shit lives

Maybe this is just me being a soldier but man the marine corps doesn't have much to offer anymore

it's a mess from all angles from what i've seen and heard

I have a lot of respect for some individual marines but as whole the branch is in deep shit

Their doctrine is outdated to crap

they don't know what they wanna be

and just about the only thing they're good for is having a solid PR machine

I trained with a lot of foreign militaries during my first enlistment and I have got to say that like if it wasn't for the technology difference, the Columbian and Peruvian armies could probably beat the marine corps infantrywise

So marine corps infantry doctrine essentially boils down to "there is a brick wall ahead of us, we are going to keep bashing our heads against the wall until it breaks or falls down, when it eventually does we'll claim that we were successful"

that stubbornness is good in some scenarios but it's what got a hell of a lot of them killed in Iraq

yeah brute forcing shit doesn't work out so well irl

The army isn't all amazing either but we have our shit together relatively speaking

Their biggest issue is lack of focus branchwise

They don't know what they want to be as a force

Idk man I have friends in the 7th fleet

And they paint a different picture about the navy

I.e undermanned, overworked, shits falling apart, Chiefs are half shitty etc

I mean that same complaint can be extended mil wide but you squids got it rough sometimes

Military in general is in some bad times

Honestly joining in peacetime is kinda stupid unless you do a very technical role

And at that point just go air force and have it easy

Or coast guard and go do something useful

It's underrated

Everyone shits on it but they're a cool branch

Lol yeah that's more than you can say for the rest of us

I did some fun stuff in the army but like damn most of it was just waiting around

Yeah that part was shitty

Back in 2014 we had something similar with the shutdown then

When DoD wasn't funded

Everything around base was closed for 2 weeks

Nothing happened

Yep it's pretty dumb

But yeah the constant doing nothing especially once the wars mostly ended is the worst part

It's an SOF world now

I enlisted during war time when there was that mini surge to Afghanistan in 2011

And didn't get to go

So I just applied for a special task force here and was augmenting JSOC with the 75th ranger bat

Did cool shit in mexico

Went to Chile


It was a fun time when we got to go

But still kinda salty I missed the actual war lol

I just want that CIB

My work had me becoming a MOUT expert

It's my bread and butter

Did constant raids and glass houses every day

Yeah I put in a packet for SFAS but then was too hungover to remember to submit some other forms they wanted

I'm doing a reclass to EOD soon

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