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2019-06-13 00:19:42 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2019-06-13 00:20:07 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

state your ethnicity

2019-06-13 00:20:13 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

State your ethnicity

2019-06-13 00:20:22 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Specific Region

2019-06-13 00:20:24 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

please and thank you

2019-06-13 00:20:33 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Country, mongol

2019-06-13 00:20:44 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Because I'm a Balt.

2019-06-13 00:20:48 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

And there's not many Balts on Discord.

2019-06-13 00:20:59 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

You better not be a Ukrainian

2019-06-13 00:21:22 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Some Russian you are.

2019-06-13 00:21:58 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

It won't make Donbass Ukrainian again

2019-06-13 00:21:59 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2019-06-13 00:22:16 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

why do Ukrainians gotta be mutts

2019-06-13 00:22:31 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2019-06-13 00:22:32 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2019-06-13 00:22:41 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2019-06-13 00:23:08 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

I'm literally a Chad Nubian African

2019-06-13 00:23:20 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

this BBC finds its way into white women

2019-06-13 00:23:50 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2019-06-13 00:24:01 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Easy does it, Ukrainian

2019-06-13 00:24:21 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Don't get yourself worked up over mongolian genetics 🏹

2019-06-13 00:24:46 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Suits you either way

2019-06-13 00:26:05 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

This is a rather small server compared to TRS

2019-06-13 00:26:19 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2019-06-13 00:26:50 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Least you can do is make a theocrat role, pleb

2020-03-10 23:57:04 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2020-03-10 23:58:04 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

That's right.

2020-03-10 23:58:12 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

Born in East Asia, European genes.

2020-03-10 23:58:42 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

@Florida Man Grandfather and grandparents

2020-03-10 23:58:45 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

and their forefathers.

2020-03-10 23:59:11 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

@Maksim It's decent bait to make people think I'm (one of them)

2020-03-10 23:59:28 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

I'm Lithuanian, born in Russia.

2020-03-10 23:59:35 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

By east asia I REALLY mean east asia

2020-03-10 23:59:42 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

more east than Japan "Russia"

2020-03-10 23:59:58 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2020-03-11 00:00:00 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2020-03-11 00:30:24 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  

"I do not diagnose without examination and do not speak about public figures in general, unless there is evidence of such profound danger to public health"
>diagnoses trump with mental illness without ever """examining""" him
>quote above
The state of (Yale) Psychiatrists

2020-03-13 17:44:34 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

School systems?

2020-03-13 17:44:37 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

yeah the catch is

2020-03-13 17:44:40 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

let's look at canada

2020-03-13 17:44:46 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Canada pays HS teachers 90K

2020-03-13 17:44:49 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

they get overzealous

2020-03-13 17:44:59 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

they go on strike action due to cuts

2020-03-13 17:45:07 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

the cuts were made because the province was in debt

2020-03-13 17:45:13 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

@21ooAB great point.

2020-03-13 17:45:25 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Most schools have a career class

2020-03-13 17:45:27 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

but that's BS

2020-03-13 17:45:41 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

make personal finance a side class in Year 11/12

2020-03-13 17:45:56 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

People usually learn life skills by passed on knowledge

2020-03-13 17:46:11 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I don't have school cancelled.

2020-03-13 17:46:15 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

School's goin' about.

2020-03-13 17:46:30 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

my country dc about Corona since there's like 20 completely isolated cases

2020-03-13 17:46:31 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

in total

2020-03-13 17:46:38 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

and that's 5700 KM east of me

2020-03-13 17:46:53 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Students should decide on their paths in Year 10-11.

2020-03-13 17:47:10 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Trades, sciences, other subjects etc

2020-03-13 17:47:17 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

have more applied schools for certain subjects

2020-03-13 17:47:51 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Kindegarten - > Elementary School - > Pre Applied Prep in Year 8 and 9

2020-03-13 17:47:58 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Year 10 is Applied School to year 12.

2020-03-13 17:48:24 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Applied Schools focus strictly on subjects and core life values.

2020-03-13 17:48:40 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

ie: Applied School of Medicine for Year 10-12 students.

2020-03-13 17:48:45 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

anyone get what I'm saying?

2020-03-13 17:50:20 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Education should have strictly strong funding.

2020-03-13 17:50:43 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Canadians complain that education cuts are harmful to public schools

2020-03-13 17:50:47 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

but let's be real

2020-03-13 17:50:59 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

their school systems are never as hands on as some other countries schools

2020-03-13 17:51:15 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Russian School systems, korean ones, japanese ones, some specialized American ones

2020-03-13 17:51:42 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Students never learn without getting their hands dirty.

2020-03-13 17:51:57 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

all this theory in reality is useless if they don't know how to apply it.

2020-03-13 17:52:10 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I'm a 3rd Year Medical Undergraduate, my school system was super hands on.

2020-03-13 17:52:16 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

that's how talent is formed.

2020-03-13 17:52:39 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

a wise man once said that knowledge not applied is futile.

2020-03-13 17:52:57 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

why do you think that European countries produce some of the best global engineers?

2020-03-13 17:53:08 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Schools prompt them to try.

2020-03-13 17:53:42 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

It's why Jews from Russia did exceptionally well in school bearing the idea that they won't get accepted anywhere unless they're the best, and even then it would be super difficult

2020-03-13 17:53:53 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

since Jews in the USSR were pretty much spat on and called k*kes.

2020-03-13 17:54:08 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

the students of nowadays never really lived in bad conditions

2020-03-13 17:54:18 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

by bad conditions I don't mean having your phone taken for a month

2020-03-13 17:54:39 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I'm talking about 320 square foot Khruschevkas with no ventilation, barely enough food for the table, and etc

2020-03-13 17:54:57 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I lived a lavish life because I have a wealthy family, but I looked at the people around me

2020-03-13 17:55:03 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

and I knew what it was like to live in shit.

2020-03-13 17:55:25 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

that mentality drives students to do better, especially all those Goldbergs that are at the top of their class.

2020-03-13 17:55:45 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

@Maksim Excellent last point

2020-03-13 17:55:48 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

life skill courses

2020-03-13 17:55:52 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I could never agree more.

2020-03-13 17:56:08 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Students nowadays are never as handy or more applicably knowledgable as their parents

2020-03-13 17:56:33 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

then again, you learn all those skills with time

2020-03-13 17:56:40 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

so making a basic foundation for such is ideal.

2020-03-13 17:57:03 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Prompting a meritocratic culture is excellent.

2020-03-14 00:50:37 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


1. The LGBTQ+ population uses tobacco at rates that are 50% higher than the general population. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that has proven particularly harmful to smokers.

“2. The LGBTQ+ population has higher rates of HIV and cancer, which means a greater number of us may have compromised immune systems, leaving us more vulnerable to COVID-19 infections.

“3. LGBTQ+ people continue to experience discrimination, unwelcoming attitudes, and lack of understanding from providers and staff in many health care settings, and as a result, many are reluctant to seek medical care except in situations that feel urgent – and perhaps not even then.”

2020-03-14 00:50:39 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2020-03-14 00:50:42 UTC [The Right Cafe #chat]  


2020-03-18 00:26:09 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Rome died because of faggots

2020-03-19 00:42:16 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2020-03-19 00:42:17 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2020-03-19 00:42:22 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I’m well educated on this

2020-03-19 00:42:30 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I’m REALLY well educated on this

2020-03-19 00:42:36 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I’d say hedonism and laziness.

2020-03-19 00:42:49 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

The empire was fine under Marcus Antoninus.

2020-03-19 00:43:06 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

However, An emperor named Commodus pulled up

2020-03-19 00:43:13 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Lazy, ineffective ruler

2020-03-19 00:43:16 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Who was unpopular

2020-03-19 00:43:26 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

He was assassinated and the throne fell into chaos

2020-03-19 00:43:42 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

In 193; there were 5 claimants for the throne and Septimius Severus ended up claiming it

2020-03-19 00:43:54 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

All was gucci until 211 when he died and Geta took the throne.

2020-03-19 00:44:04 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

His own brother killed him in his mom’s arms.

2020-03-19 00:44:13 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

He was one cruel bastard ngl

2020-03-19 00:44:27 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Burned down Alexandria when they dissed him

2020-03-19 00:44:29 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  
2020-03-19 00:44:40 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Not even barbarians

2020-03-19 00:44:50 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

After Caracalla was assassinated a string of emperors came up

2020-03-19 00:44:59 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Resulting in 20 years of like 17 emperors

2020-03-19 00:45:18 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

It was ok from 263 when Gallienus was in power

2020-03-19 00:45:30 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

The empire somehow recovered; but we’re not done here

2020-03-19 00:45:52 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Diocletian ended up making a tetrarchy by 284

2020-03-19 00:45:58 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

That was fine; worked out ok

2020-03-19 00:46:06 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Enter 337 CE; constantine’s death

2020-03-19 00:46:13 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

The empire did super well under Cinstantine

2020-03-19 00:46:16 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2020-03-19 00:46:25 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

It was then split under his three sons

2020-03-19 00:46:41 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

One was a faggot; the other quiet, and another rebellious

2020-03-19 00:46:57 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

The faggot killed the rebel; and a usurper killed the faggot

2020-03-19 00:47:06 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

All was fine till Constantius I died in 261

2020-03-19 00:47:13 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Julian the Apostate pullednup

2020-03-19 00:47:23 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Yeah the quiet one reigned for a bit

2020-03-19 00:47:27 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Old age got to him

2020-03-19 00:47:30 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2020-03-19 00:47:41 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

The year’s like 375

2020-03-19 00:47:58 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Emperor Valentinian I dies of a burst blood vessel from rage

2020-03-19 00:48:04 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

After meeting with quadi diplomats

2020-03-19 00:48:20 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

A bunch of mediocre emperors take ground; but otherwise it’s fine

2020-03-19 00:48:31 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I’d say the real downfall was in 395 AD

2020-03-19 00:48:45 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Excellent emperor Theodosius I divided the empire into Two

2020-03-19 00:48:51 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

The problem was

2020-03-19 00:48:57 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Honorius inherited the West side

2020-03-19 00:49:01 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Honorius was fucking pathetic

2020-03-19 00:49:21 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

He killed off his best general; Stilicho, and in 410 when rome was plundered by barbarians

2020-03-19 00:49:25 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Here’s what he said

2020-03-19 00:53:40 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

My phone died.

2020-03-19 00:53:42 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2020-03-19 00:53:49 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Honorius was told that Rome was lost.

2020-03-19 00:54:02 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

And at that moment; Honorius was fucking livid

2020-03-19 00:54:03 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2020-03-19 00:54:12 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Because his chicken was named rome and thought he got lost

2020-03-19 00:54:25 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

When he was corrected that the City was lost he was relieved

2020-03-19 00:54:28 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Spineless emperor.

2020-03-19 00:54:40 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

The east was OK basically

2020-03-19 00:54:53 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Arcadius was weak; but Theodosius II came in and ruled for 50 years

2020-03-19 00:55:06 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

In the West some bloke named Valentinian III came along

2020-03-19 00:55:18 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

He was powerless and controlled by anyone around him

2020-03-19 00:55:37 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Ended up being convinced to kill his best general; Flavius Aetius

2020-03-19 00:55:47 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

He was assassinated in 455 AD.

2020-03-19 00:56:00 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

His successor wasn’t better and got stoned to death by a mob

2020-03-19 00:56:12 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

From there, the west was falling terribly

2020-03-19 00:56:30 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

A general named Majorian tried his best to recover territory and succeeded

2020-03-19 00:56:49 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Except in the early 460s, a despot general named Ricimer killed him.

2020-03-19 00:56:56 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Rome fell in 476 AD shortly after.

2020-03-19 00:57:03 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

The east on the other hand was fine.

2020-03-19 00:57:24 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Leo I The Thracian and Marcian handled the Huns and barbarians well

2020-03-19 00:57:40 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Then came along a homie named Zeno in 476

2020-03-19 00:57:59 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

His own brother in law convinced him that his life was in danger and nicked the throne while he was gone.

2020-03-19 00:58:16 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Basiliscus was killed in 477 in Cappadocia.

2020-03-19 00:58:26 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Zeno promised to not shed his blood so he left him and his family to die in a cistern.

2020-03-19 00:58:40 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Zeno ruled until his death in 491?

2020-03-19 00:58:57 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

All was ok; an old emperor came to throne; Anastasius I Dicorus

2020-03-19 00:59:17 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Anastasius completely filled up the NOW Byzantine treasury

2020-03-19 00:59:24 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

His time came by; and for his successor Justin I

2020-03-19 00:59:31 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Then came Justinian I

2020-03-19 00:59:46 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

People see him as great; and yeah; sure.

2020-03-19 00:59:51 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

He conquered territory

2020-03-19 01:00:01 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

But he let the Nika Riots go by and drained the treasury

2020-03-19 01:00:12 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Not amazing, but he was a good emperor overall

2020-03-19 01:00:24 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

His successor Justin II his nephew was a bit insane.

2020-03-19 01:00:39 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Died after a short reign

2020-03-19 01:00:55 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

His successors were fine souls; coming up to a lad named Maurice

2020-03-19 01:01:29 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Maurice was on the danube frontier in 602 when a Centurion named Phokas overthrew him and executed him

2020-03-19 01:01:45 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

People say phokas was miserably terrible, but I’ll explain later

2020-03-19 01:02:16 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Phokas had a lot to deal with since the Sassanid emperor named Khosrau declared war on the Byzantine empire, and there were Slavs in the west.

2020-03-19 01:02:43 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Phokas was quite unpopular, but he ended up doing OK. Sort of better than his successor

2020-03-19 01:02:55 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Heraclius was the next in line who had him killed in 608.

2020-03-19 01:03:17 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Heraclius held off the Sassanids pretty well for 30 years until trouble brewed in the Levant

2020-03-19 01:03:27 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Something happened in 632 AD, anyone know what?

2020-03-19 01:03:44 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

AllahuAkbarman died

2020-03-19 01:03:49 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Aka Muhammad

2020-03-19 01:04:07 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

So; Moslems began erupting

2020-03-19 01:04:15 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

The sassanids and byzantines went to fight them

2020-03-19 01:04:25 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

In 636, at the mouth of the Yarmouk river

2020-03-19 01:04:40 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

The Arabs completely smashed an army that outnumbered them

2020-03-19 01:04:59 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Heraclius was broken, and he died years later. Poor soul, all he worked for was destroyed

2020-03-19 01:05:15 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

His successor did his best to hold off the Arabs and did perfectly fine.

2020-03-19 01:05:35 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Constans II Pogonatos became unpopular towards the end of his reign in 668.

2020-03-19 01:05:45 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

He was killed in his own tub by his chamberlain with a bucket.

2020-03-19 01:05:47 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2020-03-19 01:06:03 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Coming around to uhh

2020-03-19 01:06:08 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

700 AD

2020-03-19 01:06:14 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

The emperors were fine off

2020-03-19 01:06:21 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Some bloke named Justinian II came up

2020-03-19 01:06:41 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

He’s not even disrupting my flow of words

2020-03-19 01:06:44 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I don’t mind

2020-03-19 01:06:54 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2020-03-19 01:06:57 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I’m not debatin

2020-03-19 01:07:07 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

I’m recapping the entire roman history

2020-03-19 01:07:12 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

From empire to 1453

2020-03-19 01:07:20 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Not only.

2020-03-19 01:07:21 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2020-03-19 01:07:29 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Justinian II was a well meaning ruler

2020-03-19 01:07:48 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Until, 698 when a general named Leontius overthrew him and cut his nose off

2020-03-19 01:07:56 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Now normally, mutilation means you can’t be emperor

2020-03-19 01:08:15 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

People would be blinded, have their balls or nose cut off

2020-03-19 01:08:16 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2020-03-19 01:08:32 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

An anarchy continued until 712 when someone was back

2020-03-19 01:08:46 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Justinian II was back with a golden prosthetic on his nose and he was pissed

2020-03-19 01:08:56 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

His second reign lasted a short time before he was executed

2020-03-19 01:09:08 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Credits to Leo III the Khazar for fixing the anarchy

2020-03-19 01:09:18 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Otherwise the Byzantines would have collapsed earlier

2020-03-19 01:09:46 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Most of the 8th Century onward was a bit quiet since nothing was happening due to ok emperors

2020-03-19 01:10:03 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Constantine V The dung named was good; despite his name which was given by hostile historians

2020-03-19 01:10:13 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Enter Constantine VI?

2020-03-19 01:10:22 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

His own mom had him blinded and exiled.

2020-03-19 01:10:26 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

He died soon after.

2020-03-19 01:10:41 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

She was kicked off the throne by a Financial Administrator named Nikephoros I.

2020-03-19 01:10:55 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

In 811 AD, Nikephoros was on a campaign in Bulgaria

2020-03-19 01:11:16 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

He brutally murdered a town’s population with no mercy, and the Tzar Krum was pissed

2020-03-19 01:11:36 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

In 811 AD by the Pliska pass, Krum ambushed Nikephoros’ forces and decimated them all

2020-03-19 01:11:47 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

His son Staurakios died too; the future emperor

2020-03-19 01:11:51 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


2020-03-19 01:12:06 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Staurakios was mortally injured but he reigned for 4 months before dying

2020-03-19 01:12:16 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

His successor Michael I was ineffective, ruling for 3 years

2020-03-19 01:12:37 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Everything was pretty fine; till Michael III the drunkard came in

2020-03-19 01:12:48 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

People call him the drunkard because he was lazy and ineffective

2020-03-19 01:12:59 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

He was actually pretty good contrary to what was branded upon him

2020-03-19 01:13:07 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

The byzantine made a lot of territorial gains

2020-03-19 01:13:33 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Overall, approaching the 9th century the byzantine empire was faring off pretty well.

2020-03-19 01:14:21 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Basil I the Macedonian ruled until 886? AD after him.

2020-03-19 01:14:33 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Basil was good. Great financial administrator and conqueroror

2020-03-19 01:14:51 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Died in a hunting accident after getting dragged by a deer for 16 KM.

2020-03-19 01:15:22 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

The empire was fine for many years after basil died under Constantine VII Porphyrogenitos and Romanos Lekapenos

2020-03-19 01:15:29 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Enter 960.

2020-03-19 01:16:07 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

The empire’s all fine and dandy, but Romanos’ successor Romanos II is ineffective.

2020-03-19 01:16:45 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

When he dies, a lad named Nikephoros II pinches the throne

2020-03-19 01:16:59 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Nikephoros was an ugly person, but one of the best military conquerors.

2020-03-19 01:17:22 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

He was eventually killed after a 6 year reign after a conspiracy from a minister that he demoted for ineffectivity

2020-03-19 01:17:49 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

His successor John Tzismiskes was great too, excellent conqueror until his untimely death in 976 from the plague

2020-03-19 01:18:08 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Then came the best Byzantine emperor

2020-03-19 01:18:15 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Basil II Boulgaroktonos.

2020-03-19 01:18:46 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Basil expanded the Empire’s territories all the way to the danube and was a brilliant financial admin. All was great at that time.

2020-03-19 01:19:12 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

His successors were poorly chosen men who were husbands of the Empress Zoe, except for Constantine Monomachos who was fairly good

2020-03-19 01:20:07 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  

Then a bloke came along by 1060~ named Constantine X Doulas

2020-03-19 01:20:11 UTC [The Right Cafe #qotd]  


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