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2019-11-12 10:49:35 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

2019-11-12 10:50:54 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

<@&608791492521230348> I'm here to answer the questions

2019-11-13 15:10:01 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

To answer the questions, I am currently residing in Ireland. My program is as follows-
Monday- upper body circuit
Wednesday- Chest and back
Thu/Fri- Legs and shoulders
Saturday- Arms
I have been unable to hit the gym more than a couple times since October due to my academic priorities but I've been training karate, judo and archery through it. I'll be starting swimming as soon as the workload decreases. I was raised a Catholic but am currently in a rather ambiguous sense of spirituality. I am detached from religious institutions of churches and temples but honor the Gods by living an honorable, righteous life. I wish to join this group as I'd like to gain help from like-minded individuals and hopefully do my part in helping them through social support as well.

3 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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