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hey kids

thanks for getting me banned despite not wanting a raid

One of you niggers reported me for being in techno

s server

despite when he asked me to raid i told him to fuck off

whatever, it's probably for the best that discord banned me, now my account is on a throwaway account so they cant attach my chats to my personal google account

IDGAF about drama

it's already banned me once

it's not worth the effort

i'm just here because i need some good servers on my new acc

idk, probably

amerikek is banned i think

99% sure everyone was

i got banned an hour ago

we all did

i hope ragoth is fine

if you need proof i'm THE keknomancer, i edited the 1st kabinkast episode on an AMD FX 4130 with 8GB RAM and a GTX745 on audacity with hans

i aint no fed boy


my bday is in like 15 days though

i never raided anything either

fuck man, as much as i dont like the direction keque is going with stuff, i feel good being here, makes me remember the good old days

god bless

because i was born in 2004 @Lord of Depression

i'm not gonna bother appealing

can i get the approved lads role

bruh i fuckin made that role when the server was starting

it's literally my role


i'll be a good goy

not in canada

canadians get pregnant holding hands

so where's the memes channel

now i'm making big dollaryroos fixing computers

what was your old username?

i dont have access i dont htink




Discord tranny devs interlinked


cells interlinked



he wasnt

a lot of people left the server

imagine being gay

i need to get some food

your last name is wolf



did he take hoover dam

i bet the NCR knows his name

you were a furry at one point

i fucking knew it

mine did too

neither did i

they nuked the server

techno the VC hero wanted to raid here

mike cuck

i have proof on who it was

it was amerikek

@Duke of Txtspeak you were in on it

let me send images

i'll show you exactly what i mean

it's a screenshot

i cant send screenshots until i get the next role

amerikek reported everyone

i'd send the screenshot but i need the next role

if i were you i'd have a text document with the discord usernames of all the people you need to keep in contact with


same one

i got banned because amerikek reported me

who are you?

dont remember you


>roll 50

>roll 1

oh shit hey HD

>roll 1


do you need a link to the other server

i have an affinity for anime girls with cat ears

HDTD didn't do much

it was all spearheaded by techno, i knew where this was going and i wanted nothing to do with it

@Amerikek thanks for reporting me

i had nothing to do with it

i still got banned

@Amerikek borderline alcoholic

you got me banned you nigger

Oh my god it's paste

10,699 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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