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Why are you posting bugs?

*Or just be responsible* The detriments would be worth it if you both can be in a stable relationship

?rank Monarchist

?rank imperialist

?rank Mutualist

?rank Militarist

?rank Merchantilist

?rank Mercantilist

?rank Meritocracy

?rank Cultural nationalism

?rank Cultural Nationalism

?rank Cultural Nationalist

?rank Collectivist

?rank Exspansionist

?rank expansionist

Can i reccomend someone add constitutional monarchist and theocrat

?rank social conservative

?rank Reactionary

*role new user

*role reactionary

.iamn socialist

This is epic

You were in debateosphere right?

Chomsky has really almost nothing respectable except his disdain for one form of capitalism

Even then he supports democracy which is just another form, he also seems to be good at wanting to kill traditional values

Big money is failing in politics, big money corps are losing control

@Thule-Gesellschaft [☩] What kind of fascist are you?

Nat soc like a hitlerist?

Imo i would be more of an american blackshirt or a british fascist

To many pagans

@gandhididpompeii I can have the ideology

And yes you're right

Thanks for correcting my error

Fascism isn't strictly governmental

Mussolini cared more about the state

I don't really support the ns because of its anti cath and pro pagan/fake christian ideology

Positive christianity?

Positive christianity was hitlers religious belief

Cancerous and fake

So i don't support non cath leaders

Hitler wasn't a christian and non-christian leaders should never rule no matter the circumstance

@Outboarduniform It was a discord server that got liquidated

Your name was cia before

@Outboarduniform It was a discord server that got liquidated

(it was just cia)

Germany is also cucked because of commie influence

And immigrant influence

Europe needs a purge

Globalism would be a good end goal so the government can achieve a final victory and commit to ending degeneracy everywhere

Prove it

No fuck businesses private industry shouldn't exist

At all

Then make exceptions lol

I'm pretty socialist but i am no commie

Let's assume this is true, then why not have those areas implement different policy?

We're both fascists and both socialists

You can stop immigration into different areas

No you would have regions with unequal autonomy

Conflicts already are arisen

Not the eu lol

If we could have a central authority it would basically be a bigger nations, it would be sort of similar to the hre's end goal

Countries are unstable.

Yes and when did i say they should mix?

The point is that different countries are a spook, they're inefficient

The ideology is what matters and allowing differing ideologies solves nothing

You can't get anyone to agree on an ideology

You can make the majority agree though

Without christianity the world falls apart, islam is already invading the west

The only way i can see it getting fixed is takeover and military action

Do you believe in positive christianity?

This might be odd

But it was moral

Hello all

I don't know myself <:wesmart:359946049588166657>

@thrill_house nationalize the internet are my thoughts

Democrats and republicans can fuck off tbh

Hello all

Hey crow

So i guess we're both here

Third positionism

Future beyond left and right when?


It's on the decline

Louis XIV of France was right

It's on the decline, it seems that it's falling on it's own sword

Mfw liberal values can't stop liberalizing

You're a monarchist

But a conservative

That's confusing

Pls respond


Only way to make change

Also @Kraftzmann the Free Please respond

How are you a monarchist and a conservative?

How are you a monarchist and a conservative @Kraftzmann the Free

That would be reactionary

Current status quo is far to liberalized

Can't be a conservative and a monarchist, in the us, i mean

You have an absolute hereditary system of government, with fascist principles


Ah yes fashy goyim as well i see? @Mord

Third positionism /=/ right wing


I don't need friends when i can talk fast

>Am i ben shapiro

I'm no liberal

i'm thinking i should reffer to conservatives as conservatives and liberals as liberals

Instead of using the correct definitions of liberals and hyper liberals

Probably goodnight goyim

tbqh i wouldn't vote or support a non-cath gang canidate

But gn fr

Bill gates puts most of his money towards charity

So he can have kind of lower rate

But he gives 99% to charity iirc

Which is like, good enough to have a lowered tax rate to me

Though rich fat cats should be taxed

More then the average person

Corporate tax rate at 100% when?

Corporate tax rate being at 100% would be good so they could be run as non-profits

@Living The Dream πŸ€ What kind of fascist are you?

Zionism is bad because it thinks israel should exist, implying any other country then america and the papal states in a union should exist

Oh no


Capitalism and democracy are one and the same tbqh

You can try to have cap fascism but you'll end up just letting private industry rule

Anime is indecent

We should go to israel take them over and game end their leaders

It should be

Should be done and should be legal

Who is this based person

Oh wait

Not as based as i thought

What have i done that has made me not based


How are you a monarchist and a conservative

People make no sense

What comment were you affirming with the yes? @Mord

Then why do you have third position role?

Or is there something i'm missing

Third position is supposed to detest both capitalism and marxism

Socialism isn't included in that, it's communism/democratic socialism

Most third positionism i've seen have been socialists

No it isn't

Commie parties have socialism then do nothing with it and exploit people

Communism isn't the end goal of every kind of socialism

No it isn't

My end goal is not communism

Hitler's end goal wasn't communism, neither was mussolini's

They were run by socialists

Actually wasn't italy socialist?

Define corporatism

Mussolini pretty based, should have game ended the king and became the king

No parliament no bullshit straight autocracy

I've only seen some of his stuff, though from what i've seen he is pretty good

I can't make an informed comment about that though

Would there be private industry?

He was

Would it be mostly state owned?

If so that's farmore socialist then capitalist

That's more socialist then capitalist


I fully read most all books i read

It's a pain when you're reading the bible start to finish though

But that's worth it

Would you agree that national socialisms end goal isn't communism nord?

I wouldn't have any personally

Media could be run by the people

Rest government owned

Then we are in agreement

I love servers where i can advocate for death

I don't like having my speech restricted

I will try to avoid it i guess?


I'm confused

Aren't we supposed to not say who we want to be game ended?

@PainSeeker5 Depends on what i did

If no one committed a crime bad enough i wouldn't want them to be dead

Depends on the level of abuse

Penalty should be the same

Wouldn't it be breaking tos to answer that question?

What nord said

Game end

Good to know mord

Still the same junkrat

Wait until they're 18 then put them in a treatment facility

Cath gang cath gang

Dictatorship is good though

New deal was a fail

It did nothing to solve the problem

It made a temporary solution for some people

The constitution isn't a holy book

Why do people use it as such

@PainSeeker5 Have you considered that could be because it has an environmental advantage over everywhere else

@PainSeeker5 Us has lots of room to build and has less people who will attack them, and had a lot of people flock to it and a good culture to bind it, mainly because they were more isolated and had a lot of resources and had many people who could assist them who were similar in ideology

I don't see how the constitution is *the* reason

It isn't a positive on the equation

But i can't continue conversation

Important debate happening

Vatican was on allies side

They addressed hitler's game ending of gadoligs iirc

But take it with a grain of salt

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