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Honestly the Middle East region in general needs to change from being heavily religious as all it does is continue the conflicts there

I mean only the Mongols could tame the middle East

I mean that is incorrect. Like even with Isreal and that place the west banks. A small bit of land makes the Muslims upset

China is more of a MegaCorporation then an actual country

I mean Russia is nice

North Korea is more likely a proxi state to China

Chinese don't want to share a border with a western power, as it would frighten the Chinese

Having defectors or even a heavily militrized border would be costly. Instead china uses N Korea as an experiment while promoting tourism

I want Borris Johnson to give me a tour of a scottish castle


It would be better if it was split up by neighborig powers

That does not work

I mean it's basically what Twitch streamers do

The U.K laws in general are vague for a reason

I mean would you want the state to be involved?

The U.K as your Pimp daddy, may you hope they are graceful with your taxes


Communism was not only apart of the Soviet Union

Mussolini was for Woman's rights

See how progressive of him

In a way it is!

The way I see it, Britian is a corrupt country, a place where the state forces it's control over citizens which is dangerous

Well quite simply, Central Planning is a curse on the World. Britian is no exception


It's the invasion of talking horses

Why don't we go ProJared to the polls!

It's war of the roses all over again

Don't worry, the debt from your country will do enough to that pitiful country you call home


How about a wigger instead?

Oh well

I heard the Inca's funked alot of alpacas

African Americans when they think about Africa- Wakanda forever

Everyone else- Colonial Africa

Replaced African lore with Wakanda


Jews are a good meme but I mean it is what it is

If you want to Rant, try ranting about the Finnish if you want an extreme challenge

You honestly need that balance whenever you really enjoy politics. Something like Gaming and politics helps create that good divider from extremism and reality

You should play Sins of a solar Empire

Aboriginals arn't special


The bronies are taking over ;-;

I call for a Crusade to extinguish the Brony threat that dares rival our peacend salvation

Why even saddle Arabia has more manners than you ponies

Hm. Interesting


Calm your saddles, before I mount them with a saddle bag

Correct, you are a product of cheap toys produced by Hasbro

Why would we test you,pony?

After all, you are but a cheap toy for Hasbro

Indeed. It's not exactly welcome that you sit like a human. Very unsettling

I'm just suprised the British can't make up their mind

The British should just leave and get it over with

It's like for once the World stares at the British parliament and they bumble around like fools

Better then being a brony I suppose.

Chads or Incels. It does not matter in the end

I mean people died either way

That is the main conclusion of the story

Oh well

6 billion

The camps were that effective

They didnt try. They did


Except they don't monitor anything because they are all dead

Game theory is the guy that is a cuck, right?

Could be worse. There could be bronies

Or horses

Oh god

Idk why I love that gif

The sense of burning a wooden object or the fact they are upset

Quiet pony

What are you?

A pony? How are you able to type?

Sounds overrated

4,496 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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