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Don't turn the unicorn into a dildo it'll hurt


Call it Jablighty

It's capital is Kyuhampshire

What the frick frack is the red sand on the chips

Christianity leads to the bastardisation of legends and cukture

Think of all of the cool things that got swallowed by Christianity and painted as evil like Necromancy

Or pagan holidays

Heck even trick or treating is stolen from pagans and bastardised further from there

St.patrick coming to Ireland to chase out the 'snakes' as in the druids, the pagan religion

It's pretty much the same oppression just in different flavours, but at least before Christianity there was some originality

At the end of the day, people will organise behind different faiths whether they're secular or religious. We're all just trying to make the best of living with ourselves or each other

I dunno if Christianity civilized them rather than organised them

And gave them a common enemy of non Christians and gays

I am amused

The commitment to changing the profile picture to woody

This is art


I want to know the origin behind the bread meme

Diversity is our Strength guys

At least I get to recycle a meme from the last terrorist attack


Those are some strange looking rabbits sir

I'm dying at the earlier chat about vasectomies

Thank you, that was great

Fuck yeah my PFP is my 12 level vampire barbarian paladin from D&D

"ย England gun laws completely prohibit fully-automatic firearms, and allow for certain kinds of firearms in the forms of rifles, pistols, or shotguns to be owned and others to be prohibited. Gun laws in England allow for the registration of United Kingdom firearms in two ways, either according to firearm or shotgun certificates, and also prohibit certain kinds of ammunition."

It's not random it is about the topic at hand

You guys were talking about whether you could own guns in the UK so I thought I'd go ahead and look up the gun laws for ya so you didn't have to fight about it

I mean Bethesda is-it-a-bug-or-a-feature isn't an endorsement

Oh dear ``several people are typing``

Guys, at 19 I went to China to teach English as a foreign language in a teach and learn program and I'm retarded. This really isn't that far fetched

Huh, I thought there were whaling laws preventing people from stuff like this

I think it is probably referencing the attacks on Asian people out of fear of the virus. Even though the virus can impact anyone

People be retarded, don't under estimate people fucking things up for everyone just because we're just having a laugh, you know?

I just find it really idiotic that people are avoiding Asians as if those fuckers working in the takeaway have the funds to fly back to China for lunar new year

And most of the people acting like baboons are early 20s who aren't even really at risk

Then you have fun shit like people buying up all the toilet paper, Coronavirus doesn't even cause the shits

No paracetamol in Wilko-becauee what? What is paracetamol going to do for you, you lobotomized failed abortion

Coronavirus is just a another one of many and is respiratory, people are just fucking retarded and it irks me

Oh and hand sanitizer is the other one people have bought out

Yes, but this is the kinda retarded that actually impacts the day to day life and it's irritating

How much toilet paper do people think they wilk get through smh

Alright let me explain why you are wrong lol

The virus has a high death rate because it has a huge fatality rate for people 70+

The fatality rate for the rest of the people beyond being an infant is like 0.2 ISH as long as you arent immunocompromised or have another respiratory disfunction

So while the rate looks high it is actually being driven up by the fact it has ripped through a majority elderly population in asia

And that is relevant to what I said how exactly?

Incidentally, they're paying ยฃ3500 to be a human guinea pig for the vaccine

And how many 25 year olds have you met who have died of the flu, my dear.

I work in Care so I'm resigned to getting it unfortunately

But I'm not particularly worried, I'm young healthy, don't smoke, good lungs etc.

@phadreus no I get your point I just think it's unnecessarily panic driven. It will probably become endemic. A vaccine will come out in 18 months and it will fill antivaxers.

Either way, I don't think I'm missing any point. I've been on this shit since January and people are only getting their knickers in a twist these past few weeks.

Just be hygienic

It literally is so fragile you can kill it through household detergent and hand washing or alcohol. People just need to stop touching their face and start washing their hands regularly and properly

And not give in to panic buying.

Anyway, I'm planning to volunteer for being a guinea pig for the vaccine

Cos ยฃ3500 sounds real nice

Citation needed

It is a respiratory illness for sure.

Like I said I work in Care, imma catch it anyway. Might as well get it under observation

Incidentally, if you are worried about having Corona, before bed or in the morning try taking a very deep breath over five seconds to see if you can fully inflate your lungs without pain or difficulty

It's what we're being told to do at work for the moment

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