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One who calls homosexuality is the homosexual

Give the definition of fact

We all saw what you said

Switzerland is AFK every war

Karl Marx was a rich capitalist, don’t let his lies deceive you

Ireland doesn’t exist @Mr. X

Ireland is apart of the US

I’m just fucking with you @Mr. X


<:hmr:312055710978670592> <:lenin:322125387297456131> <:leni:312041955896983554>

And my prof fer him bing supid is that he thiks im a forth gradar

Does he know what a joke is?

Mr. E is gay

This is funny as hell

He’s gay

I’ve already posted evidence you are

Wanna see it again?

Show how it’s fake

Stop saying projection

I’m laughing so hard


You’re just dumb

You’re in denial

We accept you for who you are


Yes t does rarted

Mr. E has lice


Send pics?

Then it’s real

Small pp


I’m reporting you

How old are you

I’m turning 6 tomorrow

How’d you know my birthday was tomorrow

Please don’t rape me Mr e

3 years ahead

3 years ahead

Y’know what

I’m sorry Mr. E

No I’m not

Doesn’t mean I am one

What do I have to do for you to forgive me

That explains mr e

It never happened

Mr. E wil ejaculate on children

I’m gonna rape Mr. E

Mr. E likes boy pp in his mouth

I feel bad

I’m sorry Mr. E

Please forgive me

Mr. E is a gay fag

I’m confused

Who is who

Cobet is Mr. E

I can tell

What the hell

Cobet likes pp

I’m talking to you

Cobet, are you actually Mr. E?

United forever in friendship and labor

Our mighty republics will ever endure

The great Soviet Union will live through the ages

The dream of the people

Their fortress secure

Long live our soviet motherland

I’m practicing it

The song

Strong in our friendship in pride my ???

I have no clue what that says

Capitalism oppresses the people’s freedom


Stalin did for Force collectivization

Maybe, but without explotation, there’s no profit

36 million people die a year because of capitalism

Is that fixing famines?

North Korea had a famine because the US destroyed many crops on purpose

Mao Zedong May have had a famine, but after that, there were no more famines. He ended the famines in China

But then there was poverty

No, at the time North Korea was at war

And after the fall of the Warsaw pacts, including the USSR, North Korea went to shit

Poland left unrelated to the ideology

Communism is hard to achieve and most likely will never be achieved

What are you talking about


I’m not going to trust every internet search

The real problem is where *you* find your sources

North Korea was in fact in a war

With South Korea

And the US was involved

I’m not talking to you, National

But my point is, the US destroyed crops in order to weaken North Korea

And all the war and waste of crops and not handling the mass population, thus caused a repeat on a famine

And the 90’s were mostly when North Korea’s allies were leaving the Warsaw Pact

North Korea can’t support itself

It didn’t because of their allies

Same goes for south Korea

I never said it did

One moment

Let me get something

“The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) suffers high levels of food insecurity. Its harsh climate, mountainous terrain and lack of farming mechanization limit agricultural production, which shows a declining trend across all crops. A drought in 2015 worsened the situation, resulting in a 11 percent reduction in harvests on the previous year. This has led to a substantial food shortage, which is compounded by political and commercial isolation and weather-related crises. According to the 2017 report on the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World (SOFI), 10.3 million people are undernourished.

Many people suffer from chronic malnutrition due to lack of essential proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Those living in towns and cities have worse diets, with many relying on rural relatives, improvised ‘kitchen gardens’ or market activities to supplement the food they receive through the Government’s Public Distribution System (PDS). The PDS consistently provides lower food rations than the Government’s daily target.” - world food programma

And like I said, everyone opposing North Korea doesn’t help

What’s wrong with authotorian communism?

You’ve said that god knows how many times

But you never explain why

That’s not what we are talking about

No, it’s not

We are taking about conditions under communism and North Korea

Well obviously my source appointed towards North Korea wasn’t enough for you

So allow me to link you

A anti-communist myths denounced URL

Auto correct

That doesn’t change that fact that there are actually sources in there, E

Does that include your *wiki* sources?

Whatever you say

I tried linking sources and even copy and pasting but you refuse

That shows how much effort and time you put in with your research

If you don’t mind, it’s 3:16 AN

And I have to work tomorrow


Monarcho communism

You’re the dumbest rarted @Donitz

You and your dead doge memes

Another one already?

If they add USSR 2019 I’ll be fine

@Mr. X Shut up you homosexual

Mr. E face reveal

Hi Mr. e

(((e d I t e d)))

Mr E is so fricken dumb

Good one

Mr e cant evn spel

Says Mr e

Rich capitalist

I ain’t poor

Never said I was

Mr. E, has special powers to tell if someone is poor by texts


So, if I’m dumb I’m poor

And if I’m smart, I’m rich

Mr. E is a troll <:stalin:426907242927882242>

He has to be a joke

This isn’t real

How long has this been going?




@Mr. X let me eat you


Australia doesn’t exist

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