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More powerful than before


Lmao you genociding california and new england.

What is the best form of socialism in your opinions @DCagent @Anakin Skywalker @Jew S U P R E M E

You are a protestant version of the USTASA

change my mind

Wasnt he a self proclaimed socialist?

Like larping.


"Socialism in one country but for real this time"

North korea is one of the last few anti imperialist nations out there ya know. @DCagent @Anakin Skywalker Support it : )

Can we destroy south korea.

I miss the USSR ๐Ÿ˜ข

Stalin wasnt that bad

he tried quiting 4 times

@DCagent No the politicians broke it up against the will of the people

Most People in the regions (besides the baltics)

wanted it to remain

Most people said no to leaving the USSR

Or rather yes to preserving

Never said it was wtf

I want a workers democracy.

Yeltsin and a coup

The oligarchs aka the mafia destroyed the USSR.

were all destroying you

Communism will WIN

you entered the wrong server

Holodomor did not happen

thank you very much

Good just destroying some capitalist

i raided the war donkey

52 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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