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so i got my political compass results


lol i'm kinda afraid to go to the german one

ok idc

lol ok

well what did i expect

well it looks like your more of a comie

the compass doesn't agree with you

i would disagree but ok

it is

can a holocaust denier tell why tf would they deny it?

yea lol

it makes just as much sense to deny the gulags

bobs or vagene

no one i just said that it makes just as much sense

yea that's what i mean

trump supporters

he's just a nazi

isn't nazbol the disgusting mutant child of communism & nazism?


it's even in the name

and you believe jews run the world right?

"they weren't cucks" aka they were racist idiots

the people that follow your disgusting ideology basically want exterminate the jews

or any other "inferior" race

excuse me?!?!



i'm not commie

communism and nazism are both evil

i will see about that

well that's only on paper


it wasn't like that irl

and it failed miserably


below average

well i support him


so i made a communist thot patrol logo



why is the ukrainian channel nsfw?

i wonder what country is next


<:troll:312064734113431553> <:troll_king:312064227542040576>

but i love putting people in gulag!

no one

also wtf is a "neocommunist" i never heard this term

@BetterRedThanDead What branch of communism do you follow?

well i follow syndicalism

also have some of you guys heard of anarcho-fascism?

it's the biggest oxymoron i existence

Bernie Sanders is a socdem not a socialist

with anti-communist murica

nibbas do

we have a libtard here

this just made me a fascist

@PugSlugger i really hope your being sarcastic

well i don't agree with them

i'm NOT a neocommunist

fucking cucks!

i would say worse then kulaks


@PugSlugger kulaks=wealthy peasants

?define kulak

well i guess i'm far right



Heil Hitler!

that there a joo

i'm not

go there!

yea me too


ok uwu

well good thing that i have never been to mcdonals

i haven't

i live in greece

well i live on the island of Rhodes


the biggest one

well in greek lesbians are called lesvies

@BetterRedThanDead also why is your profile picture what i think of when i hear the word "lesbian"

well makes sense

it just has that lesbian vibe

she also kinda looks like she's a femenist

also what's a "transfag"

i will help you by ending your lifu

i'm not ether


muslims are worse

allah akbuar

but internationalists are better


me too

my pf?


wtf is "mongrel mob"

and my anime ayes

Also burn them with fire

also also yea now i see it

Mvslims suck

i don't like there barbaric culture

fuck kebab

they occupied us for 400 years

cause there fucking retarded terrorist

bulgaria and i live in greece




"Islam is a religion" made me lol

of peace

and the merkel reich let them in in

that's why i'm in the thot patrol

the thot police department


yea and gona be hella drunk

Armenians more like Azerbaijanians

and vodka

or is it?

Uzbekhistanians? more like Turkmenistanians

wtf is "tchai"

Bosniaks? more like Bolivians

libtard logic trvmp=hitler

imagine being a libtard

um no!

this isn't a porn server

@Overseer Strasser your friends with kappaCommunist too?

i don't think porn should be allowed in any channel here but ok

cause this is a political discussion server not a porn server

i didn't come here to watch porn

i love russian police

oh and there is a girl that when she was younger she was obsessed with Russia

this girl


actually she has a meme channel

she's Icelandic

i would recommend watching the video it is good quality



@RoSs#1269 stop spamming

@Dyno f u thot


heil senor hilter


French? More like Germans

@Dyno fuck off kulak

i hate this bot

can you stop with your conservertard memes now it has gotten very old

disarm people


@tim disarm people


they don't allow guns in where i live anyways



rip the caucasian race

well but i experienced economic crisis

at least now it's recovering a little

well i'm not greek

i'm bulgarian

oh i live on the island of Rhodes

@Dyno go fuck yourself i didn't spam


that's why we need gulags


no we all died

oh no!


@DOLBATIC excuse me sir did u just assume my ideology?

also anarchism doesn't work

the best way to run a society is with a good government

and it can give a sense of the greater good


oh ok

gamers sit down



@Margites oh god a thot was exposed by me and my friends for having her 15 friends being alts and she responded with "oh really"

and she was homophobic af

on my sever

this thot


that's why thots need to be eradicated

nah u

i'm a thot police officer

well look how GREAT north korea is doing with there nationalism

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