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so i got my political compass results


lol i'm kinda afraid to go to the german one

ok idc

lol ok

well what did i expect

well it looks like your more of a comie

the compass doesn't agree with you

i would disagree but ok

it is

can a holocaust denier tell why tf would they deny it?

yea lol

it makes just as much sense to deny the gulags

bobs or vagene

no one i just said that it makes just as much sense

yea that's what i mean

trump supporters

he's just a nazi

isn't nazbol the disgusting mutant child of communism & nazism?


it's even in the name

and you believe jews run the world right?

"they weren't cucks" aka they were racist idiots

the people that follow your disgusting ideology basically want exterminate the jews

or any other "inferior" race

excuse me?!?!



i'm not commie

communism and nazism are both evil

i will see about that

well that's only on paper


it wasn't like that irl

and it failed miserably


below average

well i support him


so i made a communist thot patrol logo



why is the ukrainian channel nsfw?

i wonder what country is next


<:troll:312064734113431553> <:troll_king:312064227542040576>

but i love putting people in gulag!

no one

also wtf is a "neocommunist" i never heard this term

@BetterRedThanDead What branch of communism do you follow?

well i follow syndicalism

also have some of you guys heard of anarcho-fascism?

it's the biggest oxymoron i existence

Bernie Sanders is a socdem not a socialist

with anti-communist murica

nibbas do

we have a libtard here

this just made me a fascist

@PugSlugger i really hope your being sarcastic

well i don't agree with them

i'm NOT a neocommunist

fucking cucks!

i would say worse then kulaks


@PugSlugger kulaks=wealthy peasants

?define kulak

well i guess i'm far right



Heil Hitler!

that there a joo

i'm not

go there!

yea me too

271 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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