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Rsolobo 2017-04-28 19:55:17 [tradworker #tradworker]

We need a ticket?

Rsolobo 2017-04-28 19:55:38 [tradworker #tradworker]

Lol i didnt do enough planning, just kinda showed up 😃

Rsolobo 2017-04-28 20:01:07 [tradworker #tradworker]

Anyone at the walmart yet or should i wait by the holiday inn lobby?

Rsolobo 2017-04-28 20:02:38 [tradworker #tradworker]

Will do

Rsolobo 2017-04-28 20:21:25 [tradworker #tradworker]

Back of the lot or behind?

Rsolobo 2017-04-28 20:24:14 [tradworker #tradworker]


Rsolobo 2017-04-28 21:59:32 [tradworker #tradworker]

Someone drop this man the address

Rsolobo 2017-04-28 21:59:49 [tradworker #tradworker]

Hope you make lava

Rsolobo 2017-04-28 22:01:07 [tradworker #tradworker]

Its the 1609 love branch, i think its 50 mins from you

Rsolobo 2017-04-30 20:17:36 [tradworker #tradworker]

I was among the last group to leave and on the road heading out of love branch were a couple locals who were really curious about what we were here for. They wanted to come yesterday and day before but they didnt know if they would be welcome and were afraid because of the medias/jewbooks demonization claiming we were all methhead killers lol.. He was legitimately afraid, but being an ex felon who changed he didnt want to judge us by what others were saying. Also his wife threatened him becaise she believed he hype, said if he goes he might as well stay. Well he came anyway. Much respect to the man. He brought his cousin and let him bring his gun in car just in case (never does that because of his felony status and trouble he could get in).. well after me and couple other guys sae him on the road we talked to him sharing the philosophy and them they were fully on board and understanding. Willing to get involved with helping around pikeville and mentioned that if it were to happen again he would gladly spread the word amongst his people. Much success. Later I also ended up picking up a random guy on the road who was out of gas and taking him to station. Took the opportunity to talk to him as well and gave him the twp website to check it out. He was rly liking the talking points especially since he was a coalminer who lost his livelihood when obama closed down mines. So thats another birdie free from his cave carrying the message to his friends. Thanks for the amazing even guys, and lets keep the momentum going

Rsolobo 2017-04-30 20:44:33 [tradworker #tradworker]

What driveway? The road up to our location?

Rsolobo 2017-04-30 20:45:28 [tradworker #tradworker]

Driving. Idk how else to answer that lol

Rsolobo 2017-04-30 20:46:21 [tradworker #tradworker]

I didnt go to the home

Rsolobo 2017-04-30 20:46:25 [tradworker #tradworker]

Just to our campspot

Rsolobo 2017-04-30 20:47:03 [tradworker #tradworker]

Is anyone else confused by his line of questions? Lol

Rsolobo 2017-04-30 20:47:13 [tradworker #tradworker]

I drove up wiht eh convoy

Rsolobo 2017-04-30 20:47:27 [tradworker #tradworker]

I didnt go anywhere but up the road to campsite and down again

Rsolobo 2017-04-30 20:47:31 [tradworker #tradworker]

I never even saw hos house

Rsolobo 2017-04-30 20:47:37 [tradworker #tradworker]

So probably why im confised

Rsolobo 2017-04-30 21:12:10 [tradworker #tradworker]

Whose criticizing?

Rsolobo 2017-04-30 21:12:22 [tradworker #tradworker]

Just talking

Rsolobo 2017-04-30 21:12:44 [tradworker #tradworker]

From what im reading

Rsolobo 2017-04-30 21:12:56 [tradworker #tradworker]

Sorry i just didnt get the question is all

Rsolobo 2017-04-30 21:13:12 [tradworker #tradworker]

I wasnt paying attention much up the drive since i was in the convoy

Rsolobo 2017-04-30 21:13:29 [tradworker #tradworker]

Next time plan better tho 😉

Rsolobo 2017-04-30 21:13:46 [tradworker #tradworker]

And see you there ✌🏻

Rsolobo 2017-05-01 14:12:05 [tradworker #tradworker]

A couple of the locals I talked to did mention how the all black militant garb scared them away from approaching us and figuring out what were about personally

Rsolobo 2017-05-01 14:13:15 [tradworker #tradworker]

Just passing along the word, i personally havnt decided whats best

Rsolobo 2017-05-01 22:57:19 [tradworker #tradworker]

Music is the mover of peoples

Rsolobo 2017-05-01 22:57:27 [tradworker #tradworker]

Its beyond important i agree, its crucial

Rsolobo 2017-05-01 22:58:06 [tradworker #tradworker]

They put their resources in film and music because it is what captures people

Rsolobo 2017-05-01 22:58:39 [tradworker #tradworker]

My example is the show "man in the high castle" where the most dangerous people in the show are people who have footage of a better world had the other side one

Rsolobo 2017-05-01 22:58:50 [tradworker #tradworker]

Because you speak to the heart with music and video

Rsolobo 2017-05-01 22:58:55 [tradworker #tradworker]

To the subconscious

Rsolobo 2017-05-01 22:59:33 [tradworker #tradworker]

The guarding article wasnt bad, i read it

Rsolobo 2017-05-01 23:00:34 [tradworker #tradworker]

And i remember when you called her out for asking a stupid question you literally had just talked about in previous statement lol, that was funny. You definitely held your ground well, made her think even if she was against you

Rsolobo 2017-06-06 15:12:11 [tradworker #tradworker]

@B1488 are you in ky? Thats the church i go to, Elizabeth Ann Seaton

Rsolobo 2017-06-08 23:32:06 [tradworker #tradworker]

So i got a goy who emailed TWP about joining but he hasnt heard word back. He was at pikeville too. Can i get an invite to this server to pass on to him?

Rsolobo 2017-06-08 23:32:16 [tradworker #tradworker]


Rsolobo 2017-06-08 23:40:26 [tradworker #tradworker]

Im pretty sure he did

Rsolobo 2017-06-08 23:41:23 [tradworker #tradworker]

Should i just tell him to redoit, hes feeling a bit blue he never heard back from anyone

Rsolobo 2017-06-08 23:42:51 [tradworker #tradworker]

Well thats no good, they should get a bot that filters joinijg requests

Rsolobo 2017-06-08 23:42:56 [tradworker #tradworker]

To make it easier to sort througg

Rsolobo 2017-06-08 23:44:18 [tradworker #tradworker]

Alot of the guys who will try to join are already pretty distressed feeling alone, waiting a month to hear back after trying to join will be pretty disheartening and sends wrong image

Rsolobo 2017-06-08 23:44:55 [tradworker #tradworker]


Rsolobo 2017-06-08 23:45:10 [tradworker #tradworker]

Maybe that happened

Rsolobo 2017-06-08 23:45:20 [tradworker #tradworker]

Oh well, i'll wait to hear back

Rsolobo 2017-06-08 23:45:37 [tradworker #tradworker]

I know they busy in general

Rsolobo 2017-06-08 23:46:02 [tradworker #tradworker]

But interested recruits i would think would be near top of priorities

Are you really banned from the bars in cville?

They can do that?

Under what pretense?

Im confused, you get banned because other people are acting up?

Or they are allowed to discriminate you because of your political views

So if you have a restaurant and all the patrons start making a fuss because a nigger walks in you can justifiably not serve niggers?

Thnks for that, didn't know about that loophole in the statute

Yeah I actually saw that video

You're a saint for keeping a smile on while being shadowed by that tranny



Shits out of hand... you should have pictures of the worst offenders

Secretly pass it around

They are first targets in 2.0

Obviously cant be stated by you, but i wont forget a face

I bt shes super proud of her goatie

Rsolobo 2018-01-23 16:03:58 [tradworker #posters-dankoc]

No it wasnt

Rsolobo 2018-01-23 16:04:32 [tradworker #posters-dankoc]

Folk deserves mention aside from family. They are different spheres

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