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My first time here and this is the first thing I see. Nice.

I have a feeling it's gonna be a good time here.

I just don't like capitalism or how my job pays me next to nothing.

No thanks.

I like your name.

Perturbator is an amazing musician

I listen to this while I grade papers.



No, I am a teacher.

I teach special education.

Are you trying to be funny?

Then what are you trying to do?

I don't get you.


Monday and today there is no school.

Which is good for me as I am the teacher.

I like Super Smash Brothers and Socialism.

Ow the edge.

You're very edgy, sir.

I already finished grading my student's papers a few days ago.

I'm not black. Only my profile pic is.

Sure, my girlfriend is black.

What do you do for a living?

You're 15? Why am I not surprised?

Anyways, I am not a professor I am a teacher.

I teach 6th grade special education.


No one should waste their life on Discord.

I don't either.

I just made my account a few days ago.

Did you know a majority of people go into the military for free college?

This means if we made college free, we'd gut the military. This is why college won't be free in the USA.

I got free college for my time as a national guard member.

I'm not saying you are.

I'm just saying this is the case.

Yeah, it was around 75% of people who enlisted did it for free college.

Eh, go easy on Mr. E. He's just an edgelord teen. I was the same way when I was young.


@Schutz This Mr. E

The edgelord teen.

I used to be pretty edgy when I was young.

I said a lot of hurtful things, I spouted racial epithets, and I believed in propaganda.

Then I just stopped when I realized I only hurt myself as I hurt others too.

In insulting other people, I was really being masochistic.

Damn bot.

Sure you don't.

That was sarcasm.

You do it to be edgy. You might not be aware of it, but this is why you do it.

Yup, Stan Lee is dead.

Stan Lee is dead.

He died today at the age of 95.

Rest In Peace.

Yup, more edgelord slurs.

Same here.

It really is cringe. It's like looking at myself from the past.

@Deleted User But more seriously, are you really Pakistani and do you really dislike Stan Lee?

I gotta get your attention somehow.

Jump of a bridge?

Like be like a bridge as I jump?

2 edgys here. One racist teen and one guy who may or may not be larping as a Pakistani.

Can you just tell me if you're really Pakistani or not?

So that I can paint a better picture of you.

You are faking it, okay.

Pakistan are technically the Allies of the USA.

There is no and.

That's just how things are.

I never said there was a point.

Relevant to what? There's no overarching goal for us here.

We're just here to mess around and kill time.

Who cares?

Anyways, yup the USA and Pakistan have had a Mutual Defense Agreement since 1954.

Damn, I didn't know we were tied for that long.

I always thought India was our ally, guess not.

Damn, that's right.

I missed a word.

That's Capitalism for you.

Making you pay money for knowledge.

I just used the shit they give you for free.

Or just liberate the working class and abolish the for profit motive.

You can do that too.

Has anyone here ever been out of their country? I used to teach English in Japan.

Two edgybois fight one another. Who will win? Who shall fail?

No one really cares.

It's all just kinda embarrassing and cringe.

Did you just type in hindi?

Oops, I cursed. My bad.

Now you're typing in urdu.

I minored in linguistics, so I more or less understand a little of it.

I'm only fluent in English, Spanish, and kind of Japanese.

I can understand and speak Japanese, but I cannot read or write it.

I guess.

Liberal? Never.

Do you like any video games?


You too.

I don't play video games that much more either. I wish I had more time to, but being a teacher for SPECIAL ED eats up so much of my time.

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