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got 2 mo souljahs up in this bytch... anthem jay n pale hominid

waz dat face mean?

@everyone aight dis nigga is up on dat voice chat, git in herr

oh dag yall

lie about tits? 😦

it's a good chat, check the member list

I'm gonna hop in here

@everyone aight da niggkike is herr

san, join the voice channell


no doubt son

@everyone nigga wooderson is up in herr

still says u is

@everyone git in herr son

@YUGE ah hell nawl son

@everyone git in herr nigguz

hey, is Brad Smalls a good guy?


was doubloo checkin wiff muh peepooz brad

dis is extreme vetted discord son

sorry not using mic at the moment

anyone wanna jump in voice chat? I will if yall will

not sure, just a guy in a trump hat I think

yeah they keep using one example from the 80s where they helped the KKK get a permit for a rally, which helps anti-white stuff because the KKK are "omg so eval"

later dog

uncle tony redpill is on hwndu

lol "this mexican guy, little guy, looked like he belonged in my toilet"

@sandy gropa beautiful

@sandy gropa blue oyster cult ❤

could be

git in herr zorost

is the professor a childless woman?


no white people in australia uni?


got thermal socks son?

@everyone i'm chillin up in dis black mouths blabber

dingo + intelligent input = ???





@Domestics of the Schools come in herr son

@Myne1001 doesn't wanna be disturbed

@everyone mad peepooz online ryte now, i'm up in dis chat jus chillin son


give me one sec, gonna fix it

gonna sign in and out real quick, this is weird


I can't help but love baseball

Virtually all of the best pitchers are white, and most of the best position players are white


@fashist Yeah that's my assumption

@RedRightHand awesome dude

@YUGE what up son

good shit greg!

@Zorost 10 years from now if you're white, period, you will be targeted for violence unless we circle the wagons

Trump/(((Liebowitz))) 2020


Deporation Tears


k voice chat should work for sven now

brb goys

@everyone aight, niggkike is in da house, git up on dis voice chat in "Black Mouths Blabber"

@Pathos - NY git up n dis chat son

this song

what possessions though?

ooo guitars


dont worry about that under-tow, or the portuguese man-o-war



yeah i've listened to one of their podcasts before, was bretty good

@Zorost what comedian was that?

This is bullshit. The President clearly has the power to not permit entry to any class of people. Carter did it at the end of his term for all Shia Muslims and all Iranians

she just needs a little remodeling


anyone have that video of Enoch from last night at HWNDU

Twitter is evil man. I can't believe how far they've gone in fighting pro-white people

I think they realize the platform is going to die off, so they might as well take us with them

@everyone don't watch nigger ball, come chat with your fashy friends

@Rudolf von Flügel jump on the voice chat

@Rudolf von Flügel no doubt son

@Rudolf von Flügel i dont understand

a brunette madonna maybe?


This is the first time I haven't watched the Super Bowl. I always made my famous dip for parties with my normy friends.

badtanman, do you like the livin joy song?

thatz muh fav eurodance


epic comeback, just like the race is doin' now

morning goys

not that I can tell

@everyone come enjoy our mic-cuck-free voice chat

@c6%G kinda know the feel brah


@everyone tonite gon be off tha hook son

i miss dat old man mask

it got torn 2 halloweenz ago

how are you feeling @Asgardian117

@everyone ya son im in da studio rite noaw recordin a new energy drink

@BershaeS that video isn't workin

@Hand Banana that's the point... rappers promoting energy drinks instead of making music

@BershaeS what was the video about?

@everyone aight im-a chill up in dis voice channoo instead of argentina... come if u want niggas

@BershaeS so-true.wmv

no doubt

@BIG4U dat purity-spiralin-free chat since twatter is dead naow

@BIG4U yeah man, twitter is fuqd

@Asgardian117 thaz why i set up dis chat son

@everyone Kids Incorporated is implicitly white https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UnUaIqRhlI

Back home in shitty NY

Miss Houston 😮

@everyone anyone wanna voice chat?

me n obama

@Asgardian117 nah dats me

ask @Roscoe he met me this weekend

Trump / (((Liebowitz))) 2020


@FucknOathMate git up in da voice chanoo

@Hand Banana that's it, I'm not voting for Trump in 2020

@☇Unlimited Power☇ jump on the voice channel

@everyone come on down 2 da best voice channoo on discord

brb goys

@c6%G they'll be another TRStlmania brah

@everyone i'm up in dis voice channoo if yall wanna come thru n chill son

@Asgardian117 git back in son

what's your skype arminius?

I can ask a goy to get in touch with you

@everyone come on down niggaz

@everyone im back son

@Hand Banana git up in herr

@Hand Banana git in herr

Boatsinker showed me love ❤


@Azzmador even if you go to user settings > voice

works fine fo me

@Hand Banana can i eat it?

me talkin shit to obama


asians = 2.5d = isometirc


@everyone muh bad, i'm up in dis voice chanoo

@RisingTidelamps i work at a restaurant with illegals in the kitchen... those fuckers will show up because otherwise they'll get backhanded by me

brb goys

@everyone git up in dis chat, best discort serva evar

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