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2017-07-23 00:46:43 UTC

Anyone else here?

2017-07-23 02:13:05 UTC

Well I've been to your state once

2017-07-23 20:52:48 UTC

Lol, it would be funny as hell if we cucked the USA out of Mt. Rushmore.

2017-07-23 21:18:34 UTC

Would we let it stand or rebuild it with different people instead of US presidents?

2017-07-23 21:20:47 UTC

The rock is too soft at Mt. Rushmore to keep carving faces. In fact, the entire uper halfs of the 4 presidents were supposed to be chisled into the mountain, but the rock wouldn't hold.

2017-07-23 21:21:24 UTC

If we were to make a new monument, we'd have to use another mountain.

2017-07-23 21:23:23 UTC

Whose likenesses would we use?

2017-07-23 21:25:05 UTC

Some famous people from the Midwest? Founders of the Reich? 4 Hitler faces? We could do anyone.

2017-07-23 21:26:11 UTC

Four Hitler faces lmao

2017-07-25 11:33:24 UTC

hello south dakota

2017-07-25 18:00:06 UTC
2017-07-25 22:47:52 UTC

I lived in South Dakota for a few years. Nice place

2017-08-27 19:16:31 UTC

Anyone else in SD?

2017-08-28 00:58:08 UTC

naw your state is empty

2017-08-29 02:40:29 UTC


2017-08-29 02:41:26 UTC


2017-08-30 23:11:09 UTC

I'm probably the closest. Northeast Iowa, though I thought we had some Kansas dudes at some point

2017-08-30 23:33:42 UTC

Oh nice

2017-08-31 16:40:51 UTC

Brookings reporting in

2017-08-31 16:41:17 UTC


2017-08-31 16:49:19 UTC

Perfect. You are going to like my S Dakota goys. They are straight shooters and are totally dedicated.

2017-08-31 16:49:49 UTC

yeah, but aren't they on warcraft earth already?

2017-08-31 16:50:23 UTC

They will be here soon too

2017-08-31 16:50:54 UTC

yeah, but i think they already chatted before

2017-08-31 16:51:24 UTC

Not everyone in here is from the warcraft server. Although didnt realize that Huqhyte was from your server.

2017-08-31 18:16:41 UTC

Finally some SD comrades

2017-08-31 18:18:03 UTC

What a username lol

2017-08-31 18:21:13 UTC

After all the SD goys get vetted we'll start talking meetups

2017-08-31 18:21:29 UTC

But I'm on the east side of the state so I probably won't be able to do anything with Rapid City goys or anyone on the west side really

2017-08-31 18:21:31 UTC

because that drive is crazy

2017-08-31 20:24:18 UTC

Yankton here

2017-08-31 20:25:30 UTC

That's 2hr away from me (brookings) but I know 2 guys from SF and that's 1hr from Yankton

2017-08-31 20:25:46 UTC

so maybe we could meetup there sometime

2017-08-31 20:26:41 UTC

are most of us east river? @Guy Führereri🔥 that drive has more wall drug signs than it does tarmac lol

2017-08-31 20:28:12 UTC

Also, I found a neat quotation on the local shit posting page. it could be designated to either side. Makes me curious though.

2017-08-31 20:41:17 UTC

@RSeiler Yeah I'm East River

2017-08-31 20:41:50 UTC

Most people I've met until now have been west river

2017-08-31 20:41:52 UTC

this is good news

2017-08-31 20:42:25 UTC

same here lol. Sturgis and all that. The middle of this state is nigh empty.

2017-09-01 16:43:39 UTC

So are we still waiting on more SD goys to show up here?

2017-09-01 20:32:02 UTC


2017-09-01 21:35:12 UTC

It's hard to convince them. lack of stimulus -_-

2017-09-07 00:59:57 UTC

Any new SD guys?

2017-09-07 01:00:53 UTC

Doesnt look like it

2017-09-07 19:50:19 UTC

Alright. I still haven't been vetted but if anyone is near Sioux Falls let me know

2017-09-11 14:43:32 UTC

If anyone @everyone has an alt right facebook account, please write some pro-IE comments on this post

2017-09-11 17:09:04 UTC


2017-09-11 17:09:16 UTC

I just have a Normie account

2017-09-11 18:50:57 UTC


2017-09-16 18:16:29 UTC

<@&357004745509961730> Thinking of making a trip to rapid city next week, where my rapid goys at

2017-09-16 18:18:21 UTC

Sorry man

2017-09-16 18:18:32 UTC

I'm no where near RC

2017-09-20 22:32:47 UTC


2017-09-20 22:32:50 UTC

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