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You know me already




<:Benis:472647147637047316> <:Benis:472647147637047316> <:Benis:472647147637047316>


1. Killing niggerism
2. Jewish
3. The Organic Statw
4. Your mom
5. I read a porno mag once
6. Based and epic, MAGA
7. JEWS ARE GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE, the Alt-Right are evil Nazis, America is the greatest country on Earth, fags are cool and tolerable, and TRUMP IS GOD EMPEROR.
8. Marx, Stalin, Trump, Richard Spencer, Yahweh, and Lucifer.
9. Gay
11. Nice try FBI
12. I fished it out of your mom's ass


Am I based yet?

EBIN <:Benis:472647147637047316> <:Benis:472647147637047316> <:Benis:472647147637047316>

Epic style




Hnnnggg I love this sticker

Yeah, you've definitely got a bit to learn, but as @VillagerLover1488 said, read Trial and you'll learn a lot more. It isn't a full explanation of the worldview, but it's a start.

What the fuck

Check the pins and read the pdf

It's only about 50 pages

That's the most skewed Fascism-Mussolini definition I've ever read.

There's also issues with your views on Jews, America and the Alt-Right, and Trump.

>No books

You need to read man.

That is Fascism, yes. We aren't some big-tent philosophy, and any deviation from Fascism is **NOT** Fascism.

We are not the Alt-Right.

Start with 'A Squire's Trial', it's short and informative.

A pdf is pinned in this channel.

It isn't the entire worldview, but it's a great start.

No problem.

I'm just glad that you're actually ***WILLING*** to learn.

Often when I vet, I run into reddit-tier "Fascists" who get their information on Fascism from the System, which is our enemy. That's like asking your enemy for advice, and then following it.

Then they want to debate because wikipedia says something different.

We don't debate.

There is the worldview, and there are falsehoods.

It may sound all high and mighty, or too esoteric at the moment, but you'll understand what I'm saying once you've read about Natural Law.

Ask away.

Because the enemy hates us, and wants the masses to be misinformed.

Communism plays into the hands of the Jews.

Most founding Bolsheviks ***were*** Jewish.

They're both very materialistic, a trait of the Semitic race.

Something they have pushed onto us.

>Jacking off

I too love to deteriorate my frontal lobe

That's good enough on the AR

But elaborate on Fascism please.

Could you elaborate on your definition of Fascism now?


Missed that

That's not quite what I'm looking for, but it's on track.

Gave him learning for now

I'll change it when he decides to "type a paragraph"

Wew, alright.

Oh God

You've got a ways to go mate

Well shit

This is a Fascist server, so you'll have to learn about what Fascism really is and decide whether or not you wish to continue learning @Earl of Morrrrgantown

Check the pins for a short booklet and read it, then come back and tell us what you think.



That was bad


Check the pins

Take a look at 'A Squire's Trial', it's only about 50 pages

It's an introduction to Fascism

Come back after reading it if you really want into here.

I'll point out the problems with your answers in the meantime

1. Monarchism is shitty, and Folkish/Ethnic Nationalism is good, but it's not Fascism. It's only a small piece.
4. Interest in history is good, but politics are stupid and only serve the system.
5. All good books to my knowledge (haven't read them myself), but disappointed at the lack of Fascist literature.
6. That's far from the truth.
7. Jews ARE the enemy. They are what has prevented our revolution. They uphold the involution, and have stopped the cycle of the Western world. They are the reason we are in decay. The Alt-Right is a big tent philosophy or right-wing faggots who tolerate racemixing, degeneracy, Jewry, and faggotry, among other depraved ideas. The U.S. has been a degenerate state from the start, promoting ideals of self-indulgence and greed. Homos ***ARE*** a threat, no matter what. They won't stop growing and spreading their ideas unless they're taken care of. Trump is in bed with the Jews and sucks off the Israelis, as well as a Capitalist pig. He sides with the enemy.
8. >Rommel
That's about it

I hope he isn't one of those "Fascism is ***X*** wing" people

The two wings belong to the same Jew-controlled bird

He'll see them for how they are if he ever reads Zero Tolerance

Oh yeah

They're pussies

Literal controlled opposition

Jesus fuck

You actually trust those compasses?

Those are dumb as shit

Not that we are on that (((spectrum)))


Try harder

You say that like yours isn't up your own ass

Now seriously

Try harder

Entertain us

You're wasting your time

This guy obviously has nothing better to do, so none of his time is wasted.



Faggot is annoying


I noticed

Don't let fags like this waste your time

It's what he wants

He won't run out of things to say because he's a bullshitter

He'll just say something else retarded

Probs not

Just looked at our roles and thought he could try to fit in

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