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1. National Socialism

2. 19

3. Serbia

4. Mostly books and the current state of the world

5. Mein Kampf, Doctrine of Fascism, Squire’s Trial, Zero Tolerance, NS Biological Worldview, 88 Percepts, Siege, Next Leap

6. To sum it up, an organic society, and absolute adherence to the truth

7. Gas them all

8. Adolf Hitler, Dimitrije Ljotić, Ratko Mladić, Joseph Goebbels

9. Orthodox Christian, but not very religious

10. White, Slavic

11. A medical student, and a passionate archer and naturalist. Also a leader of a tiny fascist group

12. On the Path of Gods server


You have a lot to learn my friend

If my memory serves me good thats quite west, no?

Are you somewhere on the west coast?

I can only imagine how many liberals and commies you have to put up with.

I have a few pics to give you an idea

And who are the super rich, and how do you think they got that wealth? By playing according to the rules and without support of each other?

My internet here is bad, ill send a few pics so you get the idea

Gays cant be reformed. They are genetically damaged, thats why they turn to their bullshit

Also you have a lot to learn. Starting with the fact that fascism is a worldview and a way of life

What is your opinion on Putin?

It seems that you are a decent guy, but just lacking some information. I think we can vet him @Carpathid

You certainly have a lot to learn. You can find a pdf of Squire’s Trial on this server, read that to start off with. Its just about 50 pages, shouldnt take you long to read that.

Then ping me or the admins again.

It should give you a better understanding of Fascism, then we can continue the vetting process.

Most Fascists dislike Christianity, as it promotes “the virgin over the mother, the martyr over the warrior”

“The turning of the blind eye instead of solving the problem”

Im only Christian due to traditions that the church has kept here.

Otherwise i am not very fond of the religion

Generally morality in todays world is flawed, as it has no anchor point.

Everything is relative

To some people something may be considered fine while to others its unbelievable. Like the left-right spectrum, its very relative and as such it is flawed

Good lord

The alt-right and fags are a lost cause, i can tell you that much. Also, your definition is very broad and focuses on the ideological part of fascism instead of the worldview. You definitely should read Squire’s Trial ASAP. It will give you a better base for learning about the Fascist worldview. Also, if you dont mind answering, an orthodox mediterranean in brazil? Thats an unusual mix

Ok, thanks for expanding on that. If by any chance that is you on your profile pic, change it immediately as discord is run by jews who will doxx you without thinking twice. At least make it harder for them.

Lets say one day you have to get a job at a well respected company, and they get the info that youre a nazi. How well do you rate your odds of getting hired at that point? Its not really about you physically, as you should be able to defend yourself, but the problem arises in the fact that most people hate our guts, and unfortunately many of those people run the world. So lets make it harder for them.

What exactly did you try to achieve with those awful memes?

What do you mean by no definition? If it exists, then it can be defined. And dont give me the old “fascism cant be defined”, as thats just pure bullshit. @Deepfried

Thats fine, definitely will be in learning

<@&474330080240205844> give him the role

Thats a very good trait, being aware that you do not know enough about a subject. Unfortunately many people dont have this

Its very good

Answer the question <@283865111834263553>


I dont give two shits, answer the questions like everybody else or gtfo kike

How bout you actually kill yourself

I can see that @OneSadBoi

“let’s rape some white kids” “make me answer those dumb questions” “unironically get the rope, nigger” Your parents must be so proud. Im guessing youre one of those people who fap to images of trump and loli porn?

“Get the rope”

Your insults are so creative and original that im in awe

Keep the 2nd grade insults coming. Whats next, youre going to tell me that my mom is gay?

You certainly fit there. Now crawl back into your safe space.

Definitely. What a special little retard

I do. What year is that song from?


But hes realistic and willing to learn

Which is always a plus

Not yet as far as i know

Well i have to ask a few questions. What do you like about Trump and the USA?

Boy do you have a lot to learn

@Malthius I think we should give him a chance, lets forgive the fact that he lacks info, after all he is 13

@OneSadBoi Would you be willing to read books, ping me or the admins and answer a few questions?

I found a pic that shows distinct features of races, turns out im alpinic according to the proportions and looks @Malthius


@Upvote Are you still within the 2000 character limit? You’ve been typing for a while now

So youre willing to learn, thats good. Bud you seem to lack a lot of knowledge about ww2, fascism, communism, certain groups(i assume most of your experience with the groups you were questioned about is from the media, no?), and american politics.
You have a lot to learn, but you are willing to learn which is positive.

Lets start with the thing that troubles me personally the most-what exactly do you like about communism?

You just made it way easier on me.
Communism does sound pretty good on paper, the problem arises when you install a communist government in a nation

The biggest problem with communism is the human being itself-once given the chance to advance their own interest, 90% of people will seize that opportunity. This leads to communist societies becoming totalitarian extremely quickly, and corruption comes in its later stages at a crippling rate

Another issue of communism is equality-its a myth. Its incorrect. Nothing exists that proves that equality is possible with human beings, because we are so different

And not by what brigs them together, such as their nation, culture, history, genes etc.

Remember that youre only still scratching the surface. There is a lot of work that still needs to be done

<@&472654434237677598> Answer the questions kikes


@David The Pickle Ok, you seem fine but your definition of Fascism is shit. Go read the book Squire’s Trial, then ping me or the admins again.

You have, my apologies as i didnt see that message.


I mean, hes Armenian. Its kinda natural for him to hate commies

So what would your definition of fascism be now?

@Malthius The guy from bosnia likely has shitty internet down, they dont have the best telecommunications infrastructure and during peak hours such as sunday night its near unusable. I have a friend from bosnia and we can barely message each other on sunday evening

@CapnBlondBeard Ok.....i have a few questions i want to ask you. Firstly, the problem with jews is that they are naturally much much more greedy and power hungry, and ruining a nation is the best thing for them. Because just like the romans, their thinking is based on the principle “divide then conquer”. They directly benefit from people arguing over somebody like trump, or feminism because they can then get away with doing things which would normally be noticed by a lot of people. They undermine their host nation, in order to earn more money for themselves. Now, the alt-right. Why exactly shouldnt they be pained in a bad light? And how exactly is america getting better with trump? Also, your definition of fascism is pretty shit. You should read the book Squire’s Trial to start learning about fascism. Its only 50 pages, and you can find it in pinned messages of this channel

Based af

@CapnBlondBeard See, both alt right and Trump are essentially conservatives. Their battle is to protect the empty husk that is the US now. It lost all of its spirit, and all that now remains of the nation is the outer form. Their fight consists of saying “we will never step back for the liberals, this was the last time!” and “god damnit it happened again!” All they do is try to stand the ground they are at, not restore the nation and as such they will never be able to deal with liberals and immigrants because they are always on the defensive, never on the offensive. Trump is a zionist puppet, he doesnt care about America, he only cares about money and power. He has the american people tricked into thinking that he actually cares only because it will allow him to get re-elected.

Ok, why exactly is alt right a good movement?

Well let me break it to you: alt right is always going to fail due to horrendous leadership and no single worldview, on top of that they are always on the defensive. They never try to restore their nation, all they do is try to defend the society they are now in, until its inevitably lost. Tldr: too much ideological differences, no clear goal or action

This isnt an autismwaffen poster lol

Ironmarch has good material for understanding fascism as a worldview rather than an ideology

Ok, read Squire’s Trial, you can find it in the pinned messages, then we can continue with your vetting, is that alright?

It will answer most of the questions you would ask us within 50 or so pages

Welcome bro

Just your definition of fascism is unusual for somebody who read both squire’s trial and next leap. Also, this has nothing to do with your vetting, i want to hear about the isis soldier

Ok, but the problem with jews is that while a parent may not be, the child might very well be a zionist, its a problem that has no true solution other than a complete purge of the jews

199 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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