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2019-06-30 15:48:09 UTC

compare with

2019-06-30 15:50:38 UTC

each different msm outlet has their own way of spinning the event
instead of all of msm spinning it the same way

2019-06-30 16:27:22 UTC

looking back at iran tanker incidents and refinery fire in philly
'higher prices at the pump' as threat of war against iran...war didn't happen ..well yet...according to msm....then we get a refinery fire in philly....the owner chooses to shut down and close refinery that just needs some repair work which will result in much higher prices at the pump
its about supply and demand...if they restrict the supply, they exploit the demand

2019-06-30 17:17:28 UTC

In ohio were expecting a 11 cent per gallon tax increase om fuel on top of it. Prices aren't bad right now though

2019-06-30 17:20:02 UTC

well i'm in the center of it so it effects those around me

2019-06-30 17:41:14 UTC

Such a great shot of Kim & Trump πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Miguelifornia (@michaelbeatty3) tweeted at 0:12 AM on Sun, Jun 30, 2019:
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈPresident Trump approaching the border DMZ
to meet πŸ‡°πŸ‡΅North Korean Chairman Kim Jung Un
The leaders meet then cross into North Korea
and pause for a photo - A HISTORIC MOMENT
the live feed is erratic as the media scurries
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump #SundayMorning https://t.co/nXA5EM5CRI

2019-06-30 21:00:25 UTC

censorship begins when ur free thought doesn't equal their group thought agenda

2019-06-30 21:59:17 UTC

A trap needs to be set up for those POS. Encircle the whole block and decent on their antifa asses.

2019-06-30 22:01:01 UTC

do a scene from 'soylent green' ....bring in the scoop trucks

2019-06-30 22:01:43 UTC

Missed it I but I can imagine

2019-06-30 22:02:27 UTC

Last scene of the Warriors when riffs beat down on the beach

2019-06-30 22:06:58 UTC

nyc yr2022, it's an over crowded under fed socialistic city-state

2019-06-30 22:09:27 UTC

Looks like buckets of fun

2019-06-30 22:15:01 UTC

watch from 1 min from the end to the end

2019-06-30 22:15:41 UTC

some nice scoop graphics

2019-06-30 23:27:32 UTC

Possible origins of the Bilderberg Group name

2019-06-30 23:40:36 UTC

The was Charlton Heston in that flick?

2019-06-30 23:41:00 UTC

yup on Solyent green

2019-06-30 23:43:53 UTC

Oh I found this on another Jewish Messiah, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPVbBPasjoU

2019-06-30 23:43:59 UTC

Now I gotta watch the whole thing

2019-07-01 03:38:46 UTC

read the replies...

2019-07-01 10:26:52 UTC

gee, and i thought they were the protected class

2019-07-01 12:00:48 UTC

Instigators. "Never again action" you gotta be kidding me

2019-07-01 14:57:56 UTC

Sanders doesn’t know not to poke the bear.

2019-07-01 14:58:54 UTC

Think Harrp glitched

2019-07-01 15:17:16 UTC

sanders thinks democrats are a race

2019-07-01 15:17:29 UTC

also thinks socialists are a race too

2019-07-01 15:20:47 UTC

He thinks jews are a race too.

2019-07-01 15:21:32 UTC

they could be

2019-07-01 15:25:11 UTC


2019-07-01 16:07:23 UTC

Watch what happened at 3:44 in @JaySekulow's broadcast: Radio: President #Trump Makes History
#KimTrump https://www.pscp.tv/w/b-onKDFZTEVKTkdiUnZ5RU58MUx5R0JBUVpXTUVLTis9bM0ZdPpCPxU_Pk4IdcBfoJTJasyLNe-T0zOh03Rg?t=4m53s

2019-07-01 16:21:46 UTC

my response - if u want war that bad, get off ur ass, grab a gun and go to iran, stop ordering ppl to do ur war stuff

2019-07-01 16:22:39 UTC

They want the goys to do it for them...

2019-07-01 16:23:06 UTC

we'll do it for gold, screw that fake money crap

2019-07-01 16:23:57 UTC

and in single gram pieces so we know ur not cheating us with gold plated tungsten

2019-07-01 16:25:08 UTC

gold foil vs tungsten foil ....gold foil is like flimsy material while tungsten is still rigid even as micro thin foil

2019-07-01 16:25:10 UTC

Nah, not this one. Israel can have their etho state but it should stand or fall based on them not us doing their dirty work.

2019-07-01 16:26:04 UTC

i still say the palistinians should take the deal....so they can move out of the area so when the truth comes out about israel globally, they won't get used as human shields

2019-07-01 16:28:47 UTC

The deal as I understand it is Palestine is recognized as a state with east Jerusalem as it's capital. Billions invested in infrastructure projects to get them on their feet. It's the best deal they're going to get unfortunately..

2019-07-01 16:30:15 UTC

and something about vacating gaza for the next country south of them

2019-07-01 16:30:58 UTC

btw, east of jerusalem is worse because israel controls all the water

2019-07-01 16:31:44 UTC

even when palastine can afford to pay the water bill, they get cut off of most of the water going to their side

2019-07-01 16:32:20 UTC

israel wants gaza for 2 reasons ...1 is for more settlements and for off shore drilling

2019-07-01 16:33:54 UTC

still wondering why they wanted israel in the first place...considering it was never officially their native country

2019-07-01 17:03:56 UTC

Because 3 major religions holiest sites are located there.

2019-07-01 21:22:09 UTC


2019-07-02 03:18:59 UTC

cant pass this up while tweeting memes lol - via Sol https://twitter.com/Solmemes1/status/1144979325688668160

2019-07-02 03:20:11 UTC

view full vid thread

2019-07-02 06:47:01 UTC
2019-07-02 07:12:35 UTC

https://twitter.com/nypost/status/1145948252191305729?s=19 Looks to me the girl is less than 20 and seems to be strait FOB

2019-07-02 09:38:58 UTC

something is going to happen again today...'the 100' is delayed til next week for a new ep...few times they did that the news was flooded with ff or other events on c-span

2019-07-02 13:01:00 UTC

hell froze over, lemon with a brain cell - https://twitter.com/DrEtiquette/status/1145666938657525763

2019-07-02 13:17:45 UTC

it's the thread that counts

2019-07-02 15:44:55 UTC

Hispanic pastors tour BORDER facility lambasted by AOC and say they are β€˜shocked by misinformation’ it was FakeNews ! https://fxn.ws/2NsyWvs

2019-07-02 16:07:53 UTC

Watch what happened at 3:32 in @JordanSekulow's broadcast: RADIO: Slidin’ Joe #Biden: Damaging New Info Revealed, Dropping in Polls https://www.pscp.tv/w/b-t4wzFZTEVKTkdiUnZ5RU58MXZPeHdxVk9tRVJHQkpMmwHB72kA8smbbs5HXP7V0ppy9IpFDsuBDFfUk3jD?t=7m16s

2019-07-02 16:36:40 UTC

Shit going down. Reports Russian sailors died in submarine.

2019-07-02 16:51:04 UTC

"LID" is a press blackout

2019-07-02 17:13:05 UTC

Shit. Looking like war inevitable....

2019-07-02 17:14:15 UTC

well we can't blame 'iran' for this one

2019-07-02 17:14:22 UTC

Israel silent??

2019-07-02 17:14:28 UTC

no clue

2019-07-02 17:14:49 UTC

I haven't seen any press from them yet

2019-07-02 17:15:13 UTC

well "LID" is a press blackout event

2019-07-02 17:26:57 UTC

see, no new ep of 'the 100' scheduled for tonight and shit happens during the day/night
tv scheduling seems connected to ff~events globally

2019-07-02 18:15:24 UTC

Anon made this string of events today so far


2019-07-02 18:58:51 UTC

they forgot one

2019-07-02 19:01:37 UTC

great, more homes exploding again
umm...the vid on that 'exploded home'
look closer
it's a debris filled area with no burn wood....but a fire in the center
a small fire
whole area should be burning if it was an explosion

2019-07-02 19:29:35 UTC

Notable ☝

2019-07-02 19:29:57 UTC

Those people are dropping like flies

2019-07-02 19:29:58 UTC

few things are notable

2019-07-02 19:30:20 UTC

found 3 articles of note in 'live-headlines'

2019-07-02 19:30:34 UTC

just for the past 6-12hrs

2019-07-02 19:30:57 UTC

still reading them at the moment

2019-07-02 19:42:54 UTC

notable - potential collapse of opec's market control of oil ☝

2019-07-02 19:44:34 UTC

notable - israel declared a terrorist nation ☝

2019-07-02 19:45:51 UTC

notable - israel prepares for war ☝

2019-07-02 19:51:07 UTC

u have to remember, israel never publicly declared war with syria, nor with iran...they just expressed 'hatred' towards them

2019-07-02 19:52:50 UTC

and u can't visit israel from another nation most of the time unless u have dual citizenship or a high ranking political figure from another nation

2019-07-02 19:53:16 UTC

only reason palistines are allowed there is via work permits mostly

2019-07-02 21:08:14 UTC

Damn that's a lot. Glad I don't work tomorrow. I'm gonna watch this shit go on in realtime.

2019-07-02 23:37:37 UTC



2019-07-02 23:37:42 UTC


2019-07-03 00:51:48 UTC

I would seriously surprised if any of those Betsy Ross shoes were even made. Think Nike would manufacturer them, then recall all of them? I think they made their choice long ago. This was already pre planned

2019-07-03 01:19:35 UTC

Stock virtually unaffected

2019-07-03 01:24:12 UTC

Nike reaffirming their faggotry

2019-07-03 01:45:20 UTC

They would have had those in stores a month ago to get the market , not this week

2019-07-03 02:31:30 UTC

Idk man, the sense of urgency is a powerful thing

2019-07-03 02:31:47 UTC

"get them while they last" will get people buying

2019-07-03 10:25:50 UTC

You know , nowhere do I see where that russian sub was when the fire broke out.

2019-07-03 10:31:12 UTC

All I've read was "russian waters"

2019-07-03 10:31:20 UTC

rt darkens the 'russian federation' to make u think it's shallow water off finland but it's actually in the port of a russian federation city

2019-07-03 10:32:03 UTC

it's a deep sea 'research sub' but it wasn't in deep sea

2019-07-03 10:32:04 UTC

I don't know where just informed got Alaska outta that

2019-07-03 10:32:18 UTC

current rumor mill far as i know

2019-07-03 10:32:34 UTC

too many stories coming around about whats going on

2019-07-03 10:32:56 UTC

will take a while to sort out which is real and which is bs or theory

2019-07-03 10:33:28 UTC

this isn't the first time that 'port' had a sub fire story

2019-07-03 10:33:37 UTC

I am hoping that the sub was commissioned to hunt the rogue sub , bit that's pretty out there

2019-07-03 10:37:35 UTC

few 'red october' theories out there as well

2019-07-03 10:42:44 UTC

i'll drop the anon theories to Q-general ..and let the site mods decide what to do with them

2019-07-03 10:43:13 UTC

got a few articles and tweets to share around the servers from yesterday

2019-07-03 10:55:18 UTC

like i said, theres plenty of stories and theories about the 'sub fire' incident

2019-07-03 11:04:19 UTC

still flooding....and sorting

2019-07-03 11:04:46 UTC

Yeah, alot to go through

2019-07-03 11:05:07 UTC

seems like israel increases preparing for war the closer us forces get to it

2019-07-03 11:05:41 UTC

even tho we're not officially targetting israel ...yet

2019-07-03 11:06:27 UTC

it's just israel signaling their 'bloodlust' to the world ahead of time

2019-07-03 11:07:51 UTC

ok, this is a tweet thread on census - https://twitter.com/RodSneaky/status/1146201376453726213

2019-07-03 11:11:17 UTC

ok, just posted a few found baking info memes and a tweet thread of them discussing pence and other events that happened yesterday and before over in q-general

2019-07-03 12:01:43 UTC

Making it clear to everyone that Israel wants this war badly.

2019-07-03 12:09:01 UTC

It would appear the war hawks are trying to fuel the fire with their Israelis counterparts. POTUS is pulling the same move he did with N. Korea in cleaning out the DS actors from their point of positions.

2019-07-03 12:21:47 UTC

POTUS (with a small group of Patriots) is literally cleaning the entire world. I don't think I overstated that. Amazing times.

2019-07-03 12:57:09 UTC



2019-07-03 13:24:30 UTC

Bond reference

2019-07-03 14:45:18 UTC

Helping to rid Iran of DS actors

2019-07-03 14:46:05 UTC

i think they need to show pics and 'names' of the ppl to be executed for 'spying'

2019-07-03 14:49:18 UTC

i think after 66 eps...it's too late to call it a 'failure' ...it's now called a total screwup disaster by netflix to allow it to go past 10 eps before pulling it

2019-07-03 16:06:29 UTC

She's vile and probably satanic. Agreed with the statement of pics of the traitors. Let's see those faces.

2019-07-03 16:39:16 UTC

>WAF bug
Bahahaha sure


2019-07-03 16:43:58 UTC

I don't necessarily believe that a kid doing this is right...powerful message nonetheless

2019-07-03 16:52:13 UTC

soph is good for pushing the msg while playing the rugrat card

2019-07-03 17:08:55 UTC

The Joomers.

2019-07-03 18:12:18 UTC

via djt Jr insta 2 pix 2nd 1 shows detail circled flags https://www.instagram.com/p/BzdqlJQFu9e/?igshid=o17wpslt1ahp

2019-07-04 01:44:39 UTC



2019-07-04 01:56:15 UTC

If it barks like a dog, it's probably a dog, right?

2019-07-04 02:04:29 UTC

i'm a meowing dog, so does that make me trans-feline-canine

2019-07-04 02:24:06 UTC

i dare any calif to get a 'trump 2020' cut on their hair

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