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2018-10-03 01:49:20 UTC

penal battalions were full of bad people imagine that

2018-10-03 01:49:26 UTC

yeah they took it down

2018-10-03 01:49:27 UTC

Imagine not reading private journals and understanding that the Nazis were man whores.

2018-10-03 01:49:27 UTC

Are you saying that Dirlewanger was a good person

2018-10-03 01:49:45 UTC

5 likes and i bring back the austro hungarian empire

2018-10-03 01:49:55 UTC

that faggot looks like a literal demon

2018-10-03 01:50:02 UTC

trannie demons reading to kids

2018-10-03 01:50:03 UTC

K but

2018-10-03 01:50:04 UTC

this is america

2018-10-03 01:50:12 UTC

Are you saying that Dirlewanger

2018-10-03 01:50:13 UTC


2018-10-03 01:50:14 UTC


2018-10-03 01:50:14 UTC

Democracy is a bitch

2018-10-03 01:50:15 UTC


2018-10-03 01:50:16 UTC


2018-10-03 01:50:16 UTC

I am about 25% through this encyclical and I have seen nothing bad so far

2018-10-03 01:50:28 UTC

You ignored our question

2018-10-03 01:50:31 UTC

Are you saying

2018-10-03 01:50:34 UTC

That Dirlewanger

2018-10-03 01:50:35 UTC

Dictatorship when.

2018-10-03 01:50:37 UTC

Was a good person

2018-10-03 01:50:39 UTC

*he said he said*

2018-10-03 01:50:43 UTC

Wait thatโ€™s man on man

2018-10-03 01:51:45 UTC

Dirlewanger raped and killed hundreds with his brigade

2018-10-03 01:52:07 UTC

Are you actually defending Dirlewanger

2018-10-03 01:52:10 UTC

"8. Whoever exalts race, or the people, or the State, or a particular form of State, or the depositories of power, or any other fundamental value of the human community - however necessary and honorable be their function in worldly things - whoever raises these notions above their standard value and divinizes them to an idolatrous level, distorts and perverts an order of the world planned and created by God; he is far from the true faith in God and from the concept of life which that faith upholds."

2018-10-03 01:52:19 UTC

This is amazing

2018-10-03 01:52:30 UTC

Defending a pedo, in the name of anti-degeneracy

2018-10-03 01:52:32 UTC

Lets start using "Keith Ellison" as a replacement to thot patrol

2018-10-03 01:52:32 UTC


2018-10-03 01:52:45 UTC

This is great

2018-10-03 01:52:51 UTC

Vril is defending a pedo

2018-10-03 01:52:54 UTC

I got called a degenerate because i want to enforce the law that makes all porn wear a condom

2018-10-03 01:53:04 UTC

Thought Iโ€™d never see the day

2018-10-03 01:53:08 UTC

2018-10-03 01:53:22 UTC

This does not make it less credible

2018-10-03 01:53:24 UTC

you cited Wikipedia earlier

2018-10-03 01:53:41 UTC

I wasnโ€™t here earlier

2018-10-03 01:53:45 UTC
2018-10-03 01:53:53 UTC


2018-10-03 01:53:55 UTC

@Outboarduniform You are such a normie

2018-10-03 01:53:57 UTC

It hurts.

2018-10-03 01:53:58 UTC


2018-10-03 01:54:04 UTC

he did them

2018-10-03 01:54:04 UTC

i mean i actually agree this bit is propaganda

2018-10-03 01:54:09 UTC

I also do not trust Jewish society.

2018-10-03 01:54:09 UTC

Jews bad amirite guys

2018-10-03 01:54:10 UTC

This has been documented multiple times

2018-10-03 01:54:12 UTC

dude varg cited this guy

2018-10-03 01:54:13 UTC

3000 years of cringe.

2018-10-03 01:54:16 UTC

in fairness, the US is a big place

2018-10-03 01:54:20 UTC

Only to get to this cringefest.

2018-10-03 01:54:24 UTC

I am not an NSA Agent!!

2018-10-03 01:54:28 UTC

of all people Varg cited Dirlewanger as an example of nazis being bad during WW2

2018-10-03 01:54:31 UTC

I donยดt think theres anything like that in two states near me

2018-10-03 01:54:32 UTC

this isn't just some "globo homo" shit

2018-10-03 01:54:46 UTC

That moment when the Jewish Ethnostate is only 60% Jewish and 40% Arab and the poor always out populate the other classes, as well as Arabs breed like ants.

2018-10-03 01:54:51 UTC

Holy shit

2018-10-03 01:54:51 UTC

The SE may be full of minorities but we still consider trannies mentally ill damnit

2018-10-03 01:54:53 UTC

Goodnight Jewish State

2018-10-03 01:55:02 UTC

This dude is calling Dirlewangerโ€™s crimes a straw man

2018-10-03 01:55:12 UTC

@Chilliam Ace what the hell are you talking about Israel is 20% arab

2018-10-03 01:55:17 UTC


2018-10-03 01:55:30 UTC

Jewish demographics are so much worse than the just the USA for example. And unlike us they are TINY TINY and SURROUNDED by people who they have attacked who are waiting to storm their border @agag

2018-10-03 01:55:30 UTC

Whoโ€™s sleeping

2018-10-03 01:55:34 UTC

Youโ€™ve never proved this

2018-10-03 01:55:44 UTC

The Jews did this to themselves. We're not going to be there to save them this time. OOF.

2018-10-03 01:55:49 UTC

*Snaps fingers*

2018-10-03 01:55:50 UTC

All youโ€™ve ever said was

2018-10-03 01:55:54 UTC

**Jazz Hands**

2018-10-03 01:55:57 UTC

im confident if those things leaked into my state they would lynched

2018-10-03 01:56:00 UTC

your SS raped and murdered thousands of people and did nothing about it

2018-10-03 01:56:01 UTC

โ€œTed Gunderson said it lmao read up on itโ€

2018-10-03 01:56:13 UTC

we havenยดt stopped beating niggers in this state

2018-10-03 01:56:15 UTC

@agag Lying once again.

2018-10-03 01:56:21 UTC

i doubt were gonna let trannies read to kids anytime soon

2018-10-03 01:56:30 UTC

to be fair

2018-10-03 01:56:30 UTC

lol dude it never happened read david irving dude lol

2018-10-03 01:56:41 UTC

You are so biased it's actually helping us. You realize that right? @agag

2018-10-03 01:56:46 UTC


2018-10-03 01:56:59 UTC


2018-10-03 01:57:04 UTC

He died right?

2018-10-03 01:57:07 UTC

i have a good feeling about this week

2018-10-03 01:57:10 UTC


2018-10-03 01:57:15 UTC

I remember that guy. Assassinated.

2018-10-03 01:57:17 UTC

How so pipedream

2018-10-03 01:57:19 UTC

What a Hero.

2018-10-03 01:57:24 UTC

The confirmation?

2018-10-03 01:57:29 UTC

@agag to be fair, I think that the CIA hurting american citizens domestically is worse than a army unit committing horrible acts in times of war

2018-10-03 01:57:31 UTC

@Cpt Pipedream Me too. ;D very whitepilled.

2018-10-03 01:57:38 UTC

America is rightful syrian soil

2018-10-03 01:57:41 UTC

change my mind

2018-10-03 01:57:45 UTC

@TradChad Agreed.

2018-10-03 01:57:49 UTC

@TradChad yes MKUltra was very bad and very illegal

2018-10-03 01:57:51 UTC

The Kav thing is wrapping up but the conservatives are suggesting that it is time to give the left a taste of the ole medicine

2018-10-03 01:57:51 UTC

@Chilliam Ace probiotics are white, thus making them white pills

2018-10-03 01:57:56 UTC

Take probiotics people

2018-10-03 01:58:05 UTC


2018-10-03 01:58:08 UTC

by what standard

2018-10-03 01:58:09 UTC

We must cleanse the evil from America.

2018-10-03 01:58:10 UTC

compared to who

2018-10-03 01:58:12 UTC

your country was far worse

2018-10-03 01:58:14 UTC

People are reading the TD.

2018-10-03 01:58:17 UTC

and I'm sure vril thinks that the war crimes does by the SS was very bad and very evil

2018-10-03 01:58:21 UTC

the only reason you don't think that is because you reject history that disagrees with you

2018-10-03 01:58:26 UTC

because muh propaganda

2018-10-03 01:58:27 UTC

No he defended Dirlewanger @TradChad

2018-10-03 01:58:31 UTC

muh victors write the history

2018-10-03 01:58:33 UTC

Denied his crimes

2018-10-03 01:58:36 UTC


2018-10-03 01:58:41 UTC

@Cpt Pipedream Iโ€™m guessing you are hopeful for the confirmation of Kavanaugh

2018-10-03 01:58:51 UTC

@Thule-Gesellschaft [โ˜ฉ] dirlewanger was literally a child molester

2018-10-03 01:59:04 UTC

Hopefully it doesn't get that bad but my God William L. Pierce's visions and writings are SO SPOT ON.

2018-10-03 01:59:11 UTC

It was one bad Division

2018-10-03 01:59:12 UTC

well there is that, but I am thinking the dems are actually going to be on the defense for the first time in decades

2018-10-03 01:59:18 UTC

An entire divisions worth of people

2018-10-03 01:59:25 UTC

I'd cite Mengele but that's totally jewish propaganda right

2018-10-03 01:59:28 UTC

No one loves the CIA. Even the failing FBI.

2018-10-03 01:59:28 UTC

Germans had a bad leader throughout the entire world

2018-10-03 01:59:29 UTC

yeah man

2018-10-03 01:59:31 UTC

Also do victors really write history or is that irrelevant? General question to you all

2018-10-03 01:59:32 UTC

everything is jewish propaganda when it disagrees with you

2018-10-03 01:59:38 UTC

war crimes are way different than domestic crimes

2018-10-03 01:59:46 UTC

@PainSeeker5 when much of the history is written by the people who were defeated it's not applicable

2018-10-03 01:59:51 UTC

the NSA, DIA, Homeland, FBI all have no love for "The Company" aka the CIA.

2018-10-03 01:59:58 UTC

Which is bleeding to death along with the rest of the machine.

2018-10-03 01:59:59 UTC

Hรถss, Speer, Goebbels, etc.

2018-10-03 02:00:04 UTC

a lot of Nazis wrote memoirs

2018-10-03 02:00:08 UTC

Goebbels wrote diaries

2018-10-03 02:00:13 UTC

@Thule-Gesellschaft [โ˜ฉ] I am part of nation, I am against degeneracy

2018-10-03 02:00:23 UTC

@agag Hah the funny thing is you just deny all of American history as well.

2018-10-03 02:00:24 UTC

Really sad.

2018-10-03 02:00:28 UTC

@Chilliam Ace all of them work together, itโ€™s an entire system for collecting intelligence to combat the enemies of the United States

2018-10-03 02:00:29 UTC

Then you call us deniers.

2018-10-03 02:00:29 UTC
2018-10-03 02:00:55 UTC

Tfw Ghandi isn't being honored but drag Queens is

2018-10-03 02:01:00 UTC

@Outboarduniform Brainlet comment. The CIA traffics drugs and supports terrorists who end up getting FEDs killed. It's the Marines/Army and the FBI cleaning up their mess constantly.

2018-10-03 02:01:05 UTC

Nice try normie.

2018-10-03 02:01:08 UTC

@Thule-Gesellschaft [โ˜ฉ] @Chilliam Ace thoughts on the phrase โ€œHistory is written by the victorsโ€ is it true or does it go beyond that

2018-10-03 02:01:19 UTC

>if if if

2018-10-03 02:01:21 UTC

10 year old drag queen. if you ask why people think it is okay then you are called a pedo who is sexualizing a young sodomite

2018-10-03 02:01:25 UTC

@PainSeeker5 It's not only written, it's been re-written but yes I completely agree.

2018-10-03 02:01:38 UTC

@Cpt Pipedream Dark times we live in my man.

2018-10-03 02:01:39 UTC

Just wanted to get your stances

2018-10-03 02:01:39 UTC

Brainlet comment. If it was the military involved it would be DIA and DoH. Get your life together lmao @Chilliam Ace

2018-10-03 02:01:46 UTC

Okay this is epik

2018-10-03 02:01:51 UTC

@Outboarduniform What are you talking about.

2018-10-03 02:01:53 UTC

@Thule-Gesellschaft [โ˜ฉ] stop denying history when it disagrees with you because it makes your beloved Reich look bad

2018-10-03 02:02:02 UTC

I specifically said the DIA and Homeland have no love for the CIA.

2018-10-03 02:02:02 UTC

America's not a saint country but compared to others we may as well be

2018-10-03 02:02:11 UTC


2018-10-03 02:02:11 UTC


2018-10-03 02:02:16 UTC

obviously we've done very bad things and we've got problems

2018-10-03 02:02:17 UTC

History is written by anyone and everyone. Nazis and Japs had books and made writings during their times. The fact that Western Societies choose to ignore or focus on them is up to the nations leadership and ideals

2018-10-03 02:02:19 UTC

The founder of the DIA later stated he was manipulated by his own deep-state forces into supporting Vietnam. LOL

2018-10-03 02:02:20 UTC

@Thule-Gesellschaft [โ˜ฉ] so you arenโ€™t white, Iโ€™m getting mixed signals

2018-10-03 02:02:24 UTC

What the Frick!!!!

2018-10-03 02:02:47 UTC

If the West is disgusting move to the east

2018-10-03 02:02:48 UTC

Where are you from Vril

2018-10-03 02:02:51 UTC


2018-10-03 02:02:53 UTC

Heโ€™s Canadian

2018-10-03 02:02:56 UTC

@xxZmija ๐Ÿ

2018-10-03 02:02:57 UTC

Ancient Greece

2018-10-03 02:02:57 UTC

Oh boi

2018-10-03 02:03:04 UTC

@Outboarduniform Pretending to yourself that the government doesn't lie to itself including those at the 'highest positions' ~ yet you call me a brainlet. Jesus Christ.

2018-10-03 02:03:06 UTC

Letโ€™s look at percent of LGBT ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ population in US

2018-10-03 02:03:12 UTC


2018-10-03 02:03:15 UTC

It is worse than USA

2018-10-03 02:03:17 UTC

Of course the leaf is the one shitposting

2018-10-03 02:03:21 UTC


2018-10-03 02:03:22 UTC

Much worse

2018-10-03 02:03:28 UTC

Nice try.

2018-10-03 02:03:36 UTC

>the cia is doomed

2018-10-03 02:03:40 UTC

they don't even do the same things

2018-10-03 02:03:41 UTC

The CIA is doomed

2018-10-03 02:03:41 UTC

@EdgyMike you asked for hello, I say Hello good sir

2018-10-03 02:03:43 UTC
2018-10-03 02:03:46 UTC


2018-10-03 02:03:50 UTC

CIA is doomed

2018-10-03 02:03:54 UTC

I hope

2018-10-03 02:03:59 UTC

Us doesn't control it if the US is being controlled by different groups

2018-10-03 02:03:59 UTC

And the fbi

2018-10-03 02:03:59 UTC

that's a sir

2018-10-03 02:04:00 UTC

CIA will last longer than the USA

2018-10-03 02:04:08 UTC

the cia won't be replaced by the fbi or nsa

2018-10-03 02:04:09 UTC
2018-10-03 02:04:10 UTC

they do completely different things

2018-10-03 02:04:11 UTC

Wrong person โค

2018-10-03 02:04:12 UTC


2018-10-03 02:04:14 UTC

the cia's not going anywhere lol

2018-10-03 02:04:22 UTC

@Cpt Pipedream interesting thought

2018-10-03 02:04:22 UTC

@Chilliam Ace ok you fine then

2018-10-03 02:04:30 UTC

But I do think the US will last a long time

2018-10-03 02:04:33 UTC

@Outboarduniform Again, the CIA is doomed, and the FBI might dismantle itself. The NSA, DIA, Homeland, FBI have no love for the CIA.

2018-10-03 02:04:34 UTC

Not too alarmed

2018-10-03 02:04:37 UTC

Not an alarmist

2018-10-03 02:04:41 UTC

Repeal and replace the fbi

2018-10-03 02:04:50 UTC

@Living The Dream ๐Ÿ€ repeal and replace the fed

2018-10-03 02:05:00 UTC

@PainSeeker5 that works

2018-10-03 02:05:04 UTC

There we go

2018-10-03 02:05:12 UTC

ted gunderson also thinks OKC was an inside job

2018-10-03 02:05:13 UTC

But we got to purge the fbi

2018-10-03 02:05:21 UTC

See ik our Ron Paul bro over there supports my comment

2018-10-03 02:05:22 UTC

@Outboarduniform Also it's usually intelligence agencies like the Geospatial Intelligence aka GEOINT that give them their information like Satellite details of camps/terrorists on the ground. You really don't know a lot about your own government. Kek ~ Unless you're not in the USA which makes sense.

2018-10-03 02:05:25 UTC

Icu Chill

2018-10-03 02:05:30 UTC

book sales

2018-10-03 02:05:31 UTC

he wasn't

2018-10-03 02:05:35 UTC

To consider this almost happened is sickening

2018-10-03 02:05:37 UTC

Why is it that people with the Brainiac role end up devolving into brainlets or prove themselves to be brainlets.

2018-10-03 02:06:03 UTC

@agag You really need to keep doing exactly what you're doing. It's just helping our arguments.

2018-10-03 02:06:15 UTC

Pretty much

2018-10-03 02:06:22 UTC

The CIA should be abolished as it exist now.

2018-10-03 02:06:27 UTC

"he wasn't assassinated" Kek

2018-10-03 02:06:29 UTC

@Chilliam Ace no reaction to my rib Paul bro comment

2018-10-03 02:06:30 UTC


2018-10-03 02:06:31 UTC

Just a reminder not to be overcome by emotions and say something that violates the discord terms of srevice

2018-10-03 02:06:33 UTC

follow the TOS

2018-10-03 02:06:36 UTC

Reform the cia

2018-10-03 02:06:37 UTC

@PainSeeker5 Sry chat is moving fast! XD

2018-10-03 02:07:01 UTC


2018-10-03 02:07:02 UTC

@Chilliam Ace GEOINT is under NGA so no one gives a shit or talks about it

2018-10-03 02:07:10 UTC
2018-10-03 02:07:12 UTC


2018-10-03 02:07:15 UTC

I Appel to facts not my emotions

2018-10-03 02:07:36 UTC

You realize the CIA and FBI has to request clearances from them for that information? It's not the CIA and the FBI are always buddie buddie, you watch too many hollywood movies. @Outboarduniform

2018-10-03 02:07:39 UTC

We need new staff in cia

2018-10-03 02:07:43 UTC

b-b-but facts don't care about your feelings <:merchlaugh:476417893916082176>

2018-10-03 02:07:51 UTC

Cut the CIA into 1000 tiny little pieces.

2018-10-03 02:07:52 UTC

We donโ€™t know what is going on

2018-10-03 02:07:52 UTC

ben shapiro epic

2018-10-03 02:07:54 UTC

is the server in danger of getting deleted?

2018-10-03 02:08:02 UTC


2018-10-03 02:08:02 UTC


2018-10-03 02:08:03 UTC

Reform the entire FBI from the top down.

2018-10-03 02:08:07 UTC

I am pretty sure even in hollywood movies there is rivalry between the CIA and FBI

2018-10-03 02:08:12 UTC
2018-10-03 02:08:14 UTC

@Mord Gib brainiac, I wanna turn into a brainlet.

2018-10-03 02:08:19 UTC

@Superwalter64 what happened?

2018-10-03 02:08:19 UTC

Vril and Chilliam are the brainlet brainiacs of the server

2018-10-03 02:08:21 UTC

@Thule-Gesellschaft [โ˜ฉ] can we trim the edges?

2018-10-03 02:08:22 UTC


2018-10-03 02:08:23 UTC


2018-10-03 02:08:30 UTC

probably cia

2018-10-03 02:08:32 UTC

@Outboarduniform "Everyone who disagrees with me is a brainlet" LOL

2018-10-03 02:08:33 UTC

Keep going,.

2018-10-03 02:08:34 UTC

Vril and Chilliam are the brainlet brainiacs of the server

2018-10-03 02:08:36 UTC

This is really funny.

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