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*role Jewish

*role communist

*role liberal

*role communist


A tale of 3 acts

It's been more than a year and people are still falling for this


Overdosing on the blacked pill

When I see someone with an anime pfp


Why do I keep getting these????


The 5 f's joke
Kavanaugh is accused of writing
Seems like a common a teenage joke from the 80s
I wonder what other stuff will be coming out

Maybe avenatti is a big danpoetman fan?

Found these beauties laying around


Drumpf is hacking me

>A Furry criticising a weeb over an anime PFP<

It's public

He's saying that he won't apologize

Waiting for the CIA investigation

When are we going to summon Sherlock Holmes? after the CIA investigation proves kavanaugh is innocent again.

Why did Minecraft delete my kkk server?

Ben Shapiro is cool

Israel needs to accept the Syrian refugees
They are suffering from the goat shortage

Why can't I practice my peaceful Islam in Israel? Why are they so hateful? ๐Ÿ˜ข

Senator Grassley D E S T R O Y S shitty lawyers with FACTS and LOGIC

Democrats are now on suicide watch

Corey booker raped my cat in the back of a McDonalds

I'm tired of all this winning

6-3 soon...

Libtards owned epic style

Who deleted their Twitter?

That's one less Democrat voter

I'm getting 2016 flashbacks

We have more great wins to celebrate November 6 will be the death of the dems

Anyone know at what time kavanaugh will be sworn in?

Ben Shapiro is EPIC


What is up my fellow gamers

No David Hoggs allowed in my Minecraft server

I love Ford
I like their trucks

My favorite Jew is bean sharpiro

Racist people are mean and bad

When is Shrek 5 coming out? I heard Israel will get a sneak peek first.

Moms against George soros


Texas should should remain a red state for another 2 election cycles before it becomes another swing state

Apparently they are 28 millon illegals compared to the 11 millon the media was spreading

We need (Hard Mode) added


OMG Goooyyyss!!! <:bugman:416588250426114049>
It's another grill!! My days of being an incel are OVEr!!!!<:bugman:416588250426114049>

I is atheist me has high IQ
Bible for big nose tribe

My wife's third boyfriend said that he's going to buy me the NEW super smash bros on Nintendo switch!!!!!!! For Christmas, if I get 15 good husband stickers next month!!!!!!

Is this some kind of sick joke?

Does anyone want to play fornite with Bean Shapiro?

1,347 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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