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*role Jewish

*role communist

*role liberal

*role communist


A tale of 3 acts

It's been more than a year and people are still falling for this


Overdosing on the blacked pill

When I see someone with an anime pfp


Why do I keep getting these????


The 5 f's joke
Kavanaugh is accused of writing
Seems like a common a teenage joke from the 80s
I wonder what other stuff will be coming out

Maybe avenatti is a big danpoetman fan?

Found these beauties laying around


Drumpf is hacking me

>A Furry criticising a weeb over an anime PFP<

It's public

He's saying that he won't apologize

Waiting for the CIA investigation

When are we going to summon Sherlock Holmes? after the CIA investigation proves kavanaugh is innocent again.

Why did Minecraft delete my kkk server?

Ben Shapiro is cool

Israel needs to accept the Syrian refugees
They are suffering from the goat shortage

Why can't I practice my peaceful Islam in Israel? Why are they so hateful? 😒

Senator Grassley D E S T R O Y S shitty lawyers with FACTS and LOGIC

Democrats are now on suicide watch

Corey booker raped my cat in the back of a McDonalds

I'm tired of all this winning

6-3 soon...

Libtards owned epic style

Who deleted their Twitter?

That's one less Democrat voter

I'm getting 2016 flashbacks

We have more great wins to celebrate November 6 will be the death of the dems

Anyone know at what time kavanaugh will be sworn in?

Ben Shapiro is EPIC


What is up my fellow gamers

No David Hoggs allowed in my Minecraft server

I love Ford
I like their trucks

My favorite Jew is bean sharpiro

Racist people are mean and bad

When is Shrek 5 coming out? I heard Israel will get a sneak peek first.

Moms against George soros


Texas should should remain a red state for another 2 election cycles before it becomes another swing state

Apparently they are 28 millon illegals compared to the 11 millon the media was spreading

We need (Hard Mode) added


OMG Goooyyyss!!! <:bugman:416588250426114049>
It's another grill!! My days of being an incel are OVEr!!!!<:bugman:416588250426114049>

I is atheist me has high IQ
Bible for big nose tribe

My wife's third boyfriend said that he's going to buy me the NEW super smash bros on Nintendo switch!!!!!!! For Christmas, if I get 15 good husband stickers next month!!!!!!

Is this some kind of sick joke?

Does anyone want to play fornite with Bean Shapiro?

Fortnite is for the cool goys
That get Bob's and vaganas

1 million free v-bucks E P I C !!!!!!


How the fuck do I get rid of these?
I tried to get some free v-bucks now I keep getting these garbage notifications



Oil time
I don't have to pay that much for gas anymore

Is Saudi Arabia FINALLY going to get that FREEDOM they deserve? I can already feel my bank account growing

They want to force us to watch CNN

So who won the debate?
Alpha Cruz? Or Beta Beto?

Be careful of who you ban in middle school YouTube

Back to watching anime dating simulator let's play again!

You get emotes by typing !emotes 3 times in a row

I'm still mad he fed that fish to the african tribe

I should've of participated in that Mr.Beast challenge
2.5 days and only 13 people are left
Could've of made an easy 25k

<:pepepoint:707714856618295348> 🍁

Religion is cringe
🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁 🍁

<:FrontChad:690282155703926824> <:ragChad:689862442695524359> <:downleftchad:720155075451945010> <:downrightchad:720155086268923905> <:backchad:718616888728354876> <:topleftchad:720155097744801832>


And Just like that half the year is gone

Haven't done anything productive since day 1

They should replace it with a Panther
To represent wakanda


Just recently found out most Africans hated The Black Panther Movie
They think the movie was mocking them

Don't care about your shitty degenerate tunes @friz


Because all rap is shit

Friz your degenerate druggie rapper is dead because he was a degenerate druggie rapper

Not that hard to understand

Spider friend


Gangsta rap is shit

Will always be shit

Would rather listen to K-pop all day than any shit rap song

That's why you're a druggie friz since the age of 11
The degenerate rap songs groomed you

I listen to Mario overworld them

Make a portrait of Big Chungus supporting transgender rights

I would do it
I got some prop money laying around
Too bad they are no BLM protests near me

Hate racists


Everytime I see a racist I punch them
And upload footage of it to WorldStarHipHop.com

Elon musk is epic and wholesomerino


Bot is broken


Unban him
He was victim of mod brutality



This his how Trump can still win
Trust the plan






I want to beat Bingus and Floppa to death


I once gave a homeless black man $20 instead of $1



OG Ben 10 was the shit

All these reboots are a joke



White race is cringe

Imagine being proud of being white



Glory to China

China will conquer the world
It's inevitable

Cope all you want

This is how you get a gf @Synthetic Aesthetic




Learn mandarin now so the CCP will put you in the nicer labor camps when the time comes




I see


Good afternoon


Too much lead in the Water in Michigan


Here's the original



I stole your identity again
What are you going to do about it @Snickers


Sneed is till here

We were posting anime girls yesterday

While the mods were asleep

@shoegazer post anime girls


Glory to the Albanian Empire


2B is an excellent pfp


The rich love telling us filthy casuals how to live our lives

Wojack baby





I see all alcohol consumers as subhumans

Including you @spicy sauce

My swag and drip is untouchable



You will never escape your past crimes @spicy sauce


Welcome to the TRS Anime Club @Wayne


I like the one with green hair that loves pizza hut


Antifa would never

This larp is cool

Cooler than anything Antifa has accomplished

Shapiro is shook

Why hasn't Antifa showed up to fight the Fascists


Where was this energy when the government was giving foreign nations money instead of attending to their citizens?



Why haven't you and your friends haven't done this before @el pebble?

Are the magacucks going to kneel or continue?
Find out on the next episode of dragon ball Z

Will Magatards cave or die for their cause?
Very intriguing

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