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2018-10-03 00:02:09 UTC

For a brief time in Europe, an unusual form of cannibalism occurred when thousands of Egyptian mummies preserved in bitumen were ground up and sold as medicine.[4] The practice developed into a widespread business that flourished until the late 16th century. (As late as the early 19th century, mummies were still believed to have styptic properties against bleeding and were sold as pharmaceuticals in powdered form.[5]). This "fad" ended when the mummies were revealed actually to be recently killed slaves.

2018-10-03 00:02:09 UTC

im here a lot too lol

2018-10-03 00:02:12 UTC

i jsut have school

2018-10-03 00:02:13 UTC

Whoop evidence

2018-10-03 00:02:16 UTC

There you go

2018-10-03 00:02:19 UTC

*For a brief time in Europe*

2018-10-03 00:02:34 UTC

batteries goes to school in vegas so in retrospect, he doesn't go to school

2018-10-03 00:02:37 UTC

The Great Famine of 1315–1317 was marked with extreme levels of cannibalism.

2018-10-03 00:02:42 UTC

You're forgetting that China's cannibalism was present for an extended period of time and was condoned by the state.

2018-10-03 00:02:45 UTC

Any people of many culture has committed cannibalism during harsh times.

2018-10-03 00:03:08 UTC

Does Vril believe in the caste system

2018-10-03 00:03:09 UTC


2018-10-03 00:03:19 UTC


2018-10-03 00:03:25 UTC

Open borders for Japan

2018-10-03 00:03:32 UTC

Open borders for Zambia

2018-10-03 00:03:36 UTC


2018-10-03 00:03:41 UTC

open borders for earth

2018-10-03 00:03:53 UTC

Open borders for Moldavia

2018-10-03 00:04:03 UTC

@irix no it wasn't, if it was there would be no one left in China, it's used as a metaphor of extreme piety, if you look up that wiki article you posted. Children are told the story of adults carving up pieces of themselves to feed their parents during harsh times.

2018-10-03 00:04:05 UTC

open borders for africa

2018-10-03 00:04:10 UTC

c'mon guys just go colonize it

2018-10-03 00:04:14 UTC

Open borders for Canada

2018-10-03 00:04:16 UTC

Holy shit man all these new prestigious/notorious

2018-10-03 00:04:18 UTC


2018-10-03 00:04:23 UTC
2018-10-03 00:04:27 UTC

@Mord ik man and im not one of them <:FeelsBadMan:356316589689405440>

2018-10-03 00:04:28 UTC

Nobody's arguing that "everyone in China ate everyone." That's hilarious.

2018-10-03 00:04:30 UTC

@irix it's just a story, nothing more.

2018-10-03 00:04:32 UTC


2018-10-03 00:04:34 UTC


2018-10-03 00:04:36 UTC
2018-10-03 00:04:37 UTC


2018-10-03 00:04:39 UTC

srry srry

2018-10-03 00:04:41 UTC


2018-10-03 00:04:42 UTC

what anime

2018-10-03 00:04:43 UTC

how much money would it take for you to move to Africa

2018-10-03 00:04:46 UTC

it was

2018-10-03 00:04:48 UTC

If documented history is a story, then you're better off not contributing to the discussion.

2018-10-03 00:04:49 UTC

an emote

2018-10-03 00:04:49 UTC


2018-10-03 00:04:55 UTC

Hello Everyone!

2018-10-03 00:05:05 UTC

@irix dude just read the wiki article

2018-10-03 00:05:09 UTC

I want at least $2,000,000 USD

2018-10-03 00:05:10 UTC

The only thing I see is that the symbolic offering of a children cutting off a part of their hand to give to their parents was seen as filial

2018-10-03 00:05:11 UTC

So Jews have their place in society as a financial caste in your view then

2018-10-03 00:05:12 UTC

Got it

2018-10-03 00:05:18 UTC

@Thule-Gesellschaft [☩] but you can freely move into those positions

2018-10-03 00:05:19 UTC

And even that was criticized by scholars

2018-10-03 00:05:22 UTC


2018-10-03 00:05:28 UTC

Did you read the portion in which cannibalism in China was practiced up until 1968?

2018-10-03 00:05:31 UTC

and I'd demand to live in South Africa in the Western Cape

2018-10-03 00:05:35 UTC

@irix it's from a story of a filial and piety son who carved his flesh to feed his parents.

2018-10-03 00:05:40 UTC

Caste system exists in India

2018-10-03 00:05:45 UTC

You can live under it if you want to

2018-10-03 00:05:47 UTC

aw sorry guys i ruined it

2018-10-03 00:05:50 UTC

@Mord Where's my prestigious!

2018-10-03 00:05:50 UTC


2018-10-03 00:05:55 UTC


2018-10-03 00:05:59 UTC

I'd say that was the fault of communism

2018-10-03 00:06:06 UTC

It’s retarded

2018-10-03 00:06:10 UTC

89% of our senators and congress hold Dual Citizenship with Israel wewlad

2018-10-03 00:06:12 UTC

ill try find you guys a more secret chat

2018-10-03 00:06:16 UTC

Rip our little chat

2018-10-03 00:06:17 UTC

@Supreme Leader Kim 🧧 did you read the article

2018-10-03 00:06:20 UTC


2018-10-03 00:06:20 UTC

how many senators

2018-10-03 00:06:27 UTC

Because they had constant famines, any culture would have had cannibalism occur when there is a famine.

2018-10-03 00:06:27 UTC

RIP sekrit club

2018-10-03 00:06:28 UTC

It's not a story when respected Asian historians have written on Chinese cannibalism, and it is documented as a history of the nation's establishment.

2018-10-03 00:06:29 UTC

I just fall for clickbait, lemme read.

2018-10-03 00:06:31 UTC


2018-10-03 00:06:39 UTC


2018-10-03 00:06:41 UTC

don't we have 538 congressmen?

2018-10-03 00:06:50 UTC

China didn't have a famine in 1968.

2018-10-03 00:06:59 UTC

We weren't carving up Wall Street brokers during the Great Depression.

2018-10-03 00:07:04 UTC

it doesn't really count if it's out of necessity

2018-10-03 00:07:07 UTC

so 27/438 in the house

2018-10-03 00:07:12 UTC

like in a communist society

2018-10-03 00:07:26 UTC

the senate is the only one that's really inflated at 13% jewish controlled

2018-10-03 00:07:27 UTC

So it's a trait of commie fanaticism not China itself

2018-10-03 00:07:29 UTC

@agag ok read it, what about it?

2018-10-03 00:07:50 UTC

some jewish people are very fine people. change my mind.

2018-10-03 00:07:51 UTC


2018-10-03 00:07:54 UTC

@Supreme Leader Kim 🧧 did you notice that they don't substantiate that any of the people they list have dual citizenship

2018-10-03 00:07:57 UTC

Israel paid everyone who got goofed on the USS Liberty

2018-10-03 00:07:58 UTC

Cannibalism had been culinary in China during the state of dynasticism, long before they had become commie fucks.

2018-10-03 00:08:02 UTC


2018-10-03 00:08:03 UTC

and that there are far fewer than 89% of the senate or congress listed on there

2018-10-03 00:08:06 UTC


2018-10-03 00:08:38 UTC

435 in house, so 27/435

2018-10-03 00:08:51 UTC


2018-10-03 00:08:57 UTC

Accidents happen in war

2018-10-03 00:09:12 UTC

Just like the crisis when American jets almost bombed a soviet freighter in Vietnam

2018-10-03 00:09:13 UTC

It says it was used as medicine mostly

2018-10-03 00:09:19 UTC

so do you guys think that kavanaughis going to be confirmed?

2018-10-03 00:09:20 UTC

Which is what Europe did as well

2018-10-03 00:09:24 UTC

Yes he will

2018-10-03 00:09:26 UTC


2018-10-03 00:09:31 UTC


2018-10-03 00:09:37 UTC

Unless there is physical evidence he raped her

2018-10-03 00:09:39 UTC

Which there isn't

2018-10-03 00:09:53 UTC

Or unless Mike judge literally says they assaulted her

2018-10-03 00:09:56 UTC

the only thing I've seen that leads me to believe Ford's allegations in any way is that Mark Judge thing MadDogg posted earlier

2018-10-03 00:10:07 UTC

I think he's getting confirmed

2018-10-03 00:10:46 UTC

Mark judge seems scummy but mark judge isn't kavanaugh

2018-10-03 00:11:17 UTC

@irix it was during the cultural revolution. Not a widespread phenomenon of government sanctioned cannibalism

2018-10-03 00:11:29 UTC

You're telling me that it's okay because it was used as medicine?

2018-10-03 00:11:43 UTC

And no that story wasn't the foundation of China

2018-10-03 00:11:44 UTC

30 year conservative Supreme Court reign. Liberals eternally btfo

2018-10-03 00:11:46 UTC

im saying europeans had used human parts as meicine as well

2018-10-03 00:11:48 UTC


2018-10-03 00:11:49 UTC

@ANGRY person(LastxSamurai) Their rulers did it.

2018-10-03 00:11:57 UTC

by the time we retire we'll still have a conservative Supreme Court

2018-10-03 00:12:02 UTC

beautiful fellas

2018-10-03 00:12:21 UTC

don't worry it was 300 years ago

2018-10-03 00:12:31 UTC

checkmate everytime im telling yah

2018-10-03 00:12:48 UTC

@IUisbae But we didn't cut off the skin of virgin boys and drink women's blood.

2018-10-03 00:12:54 UTC

ching chong wing wong

2018-10-03 00:12:56 UTC

@irix no it wasn't eaten by Chinese rulers throughout history, it wasn't in the wiki either

2018-10-03 00:12:57 UTC

@IUisbae they're not the same person but if Mark Judge was creeping on passed out women then it does lend some credence to Ford's allegations

2018-10-03 00:12:57 UTC

Nice Mail Online article.

2018-10-03 00:13:00 UTC

And those are notable because it was rare

2018-10-03 00:13:05 UTC

Anyway, I'm not English - that's not my culture

2018-10-03 00:13:11 UTC

daily mail is one of the worst newspapers in england

2018-10-03 00:13:28 UTC

English and French and Chinese and Korean and monarchy this and king/queen whoever the fuck the 59th

2018-10-03 00:13:29 UTC

'It survived well into the 18th century, and amongst the poor it lingered stubbornly on into the time of Queen Victoria.

2018-10-03 00:13:43 UTC

You still have to prove chinese are uniquely barbaric

2018-10-03 00:13:49 UTC

dude this is the same egyptian powder shit from before

2018-10-03 00:14:00 UTC

Sure -- they're communist

2018-10-03 00:14:06 UTC

I don't need cannibalism to prove that

2018-10-03 00:14:09 UTC

"'Over in continental Europe, where the axe fell routinely on the necks of criminals, blood was the medicine of choice for many epileptics.


2018-10-03 00:14:10 UTC

But don't take it from me, hell take it from CNN

2018-10-03 00:14:17 UTC

It's just a matter of fact that they ate other people.

2018-10-03 00:14:31 UTC

Rip our little chat @PainSeeker5

2018-10-03 00:14:36 UTC

Organs harvested to be sold on the black market for those who need organs. Not to eat them...

2018-10-03 00:14:37 UTC

blood is medicine even now

2018-10-03 00:14:45 UTC

I'm talking about historically

2018-10-03 00:14:46 UTC

@IUisbae if using blood for medicinal purposes is cannibalism then there's a whole lot of cannibals in America today

2018-10-03 00:14:49 UTC

@irix so did anyone during times of war and chaos.

2018-10-03 00:14:51 UTC

are the chinese historically barbaric

2018-10-03 00:14:56 UTC

They still are barbaric.

2018-10-03 00:15:01 UTC

lets go

2018-10-03 00:15:08 UTC

they made countries their little brother states instead of conquering them

2018-10-03 00:15:16 UTC

Also, stop citing the Daily Mail. They're one of the most self-loathing newspapers in England.

2018-10-03 00:15:18 UTC

@irix in which way are they barbaric

2018-10-03 00:15:18 UTC

europeans competley destroyed what they conquered

2018-10-03 00:15:25 UTC

id say thats less barbaric

2018-10-03 00:15:31 UTC

@ANGRY person(LastxSamurai) They're commies to begin with

2018-10-03 00:15:37 UTC

dont you think? @irix ?

2018-10-03 00:15:43 UTC

We didn't destroy what we conquered

2018-10-03 00:15:49 UTC

@irix not for 4000 years of history they're not.

2018-10-03 00:15:51 UTC

Colonialism was one of the best things to happen for third-world nations

2018-10-03 00:16:03 UTC


2018-10-03 00:16:09 UTC

Possibly it was economically good

2018-10-03 00:16:11 UTC

depends on the empire

2018-10-03 00:16:13 UTC

but if you ask

2018-10-03 00:16:17 UTC

Well that is true

2018-10-03 00:16:20 UTC

It was culturally, governmentally, and economically good

2018-10-03 00:16:30 UTC

@irix there used to be a Republic of China up until the end of 1949

2018-10-03 00:16:33 UTC

I have proof that the russian government is working on a superweapon caled B.O.F.A

2018-10-03 00:16:37 UTC


2018-10-03 00:16:41 UTC

"hey we will literally destroy your culture, language, and possible kill and rape some of your friends. but dont worry, you will be in top shape at the end of it"

2018-10-03 00:16:43 UTC

there still is a republic of china they're just stuck on Taiwan

2018-10-03 00:16:45 UTC

pretty humane

2018-10-03 00:16:53 UTC

literal brainlet

2018-10-03 00:16:56 UTC

now that a year has passed

2018-10-03 00:17:02 UTC

"Literal brainlet" --degen

2018-10-03 00:17:03 UTC

what actually happened on October 1st, 2017

2018-10-03 00:17:16 UTC

We didn't destroy their culture

2018-10-03 00:17:19 UTC

what happened on October 1st, 2017

2018-10-03 00:17:20 UTC

Using a discord meme tag as your argument

2018-10-03 00:17:25 UTC

We just introduced a civil state into their life

2018-10-03 00:17:33 UTC

The people of Hong Kong want nothing more than the British back

2018-10-03 00:17:33 UTC

It's a double edged sword really, I'm sure the Congolese didn't enjoy getting their hands lopped off en masse. But if you look at the Rhodesian example, a tribal basketcase was turned into a civilization the likes of which compared to that of the Western world.

2018-10-03 00:17:34 UTC

stephan paddock got some sushi comped

2018-10-03 00:17:34 UTC

Of course.

2018-10-03 00:17:37 UTC

yes but if anyone was offered what i just said no one would fucking take it

2018-10-03 00:17:39 UTC

thats my point

2018-10-03 00:17:48 UTC

Mandalay Bay / Route 91 Harvest Festival

2018-10-03 00:17:48 UTC

they improved economically

2018-10-03 00:17:52 UTC

Because what you just said is nonsense

2018-10-03 00:17:54 UTC

but no one wants to get taken over

2018-10-03 00:18:11 UTC

@irix yet Europeans left Africa in a truly deplorable state, same as in Asian countries who had to sort the problems themselves. Don't get me wrong, I would support colonialism but it could have been done way better

2018-10-03 00:18:21 UTC


2018-10-03 00:18:22 UTC

what gun did this guy use again?

2018-10-03 00:18:23 UTC

The Post-Persian states were doing grand until Islam came along and fucked it all up

2018-10-03 00:18:30 UTC

We left Africa on a mistake

2018-10-03 00:18:39 UTC

I'm saying regardless of how things improved, no one would accept the deal

2018-10-03 00:18:53 UTC

Just look at photos of from before Islamic law was implemented in the middle east, place was Golden

2018-10-03 00:19:01 UTC

Hell take some photos from the 60s

2018-10-03 00:19:09 UTC

dont have to look back to the Islamic Golden age

2018-10-03 00:19:19 UTC

so he used a ton of AR-15's?

2018-10-03 00:19:26 UTC

but then they got the bright idea of mingling religion with laws

2018-10-03 00:19:34 UTC

and shit got royally fucked

2018-10-03 00:19:36 UTC

yeah I own an AR-15 and it sounds nothing like the video suggests

2018-10-03 00:19:45 UTC

then israel happened and it got even worse, radicalizing the whole area

2018-10-03 00:19:48 UTC

what is the difference between verified and trusted

2018-10-03 00:19:54 UTC

then the us came and fucked their shit

2018-10-03 00:19:57 UTC

why do you own a fully automatic assault rifle 15

2018-10-03 00:20:00 UTC

and the soviets before us

2018-10-03 00:20:19 UTC

@IUisbae verified is given to notable people who come in the server

2018-10-03 00:20:21 UTC

trusted lets you post pictures

2018-10-03 00:20:27 UTC

ah see

2018-10-03 00:20:32 UTC


2018-10-03 00:20:32 UTC


2018-10-03 00:20:38 UTC

Governments working on bofa

2018-10-03 00:20:42 UTC

Its a secret weapon

2018-10-03 00:20:47 UTC

why do they hate the AR-15 so much

2018-10-03 00:20:48 UTC

A weapon to surpass metal gear

2018-10-03 00:21:11 UTC

@thrill_house because they dont know that there are different guns

2018-10-03 00:21:17 UTC

only ar-15 and glock exist

2018-10-03 00:21:19 UTC

remember goys

2018-10-03 00:21:29 UTC

why is islam more likely to breed fanatics

2018-10-03 00:21:32 UTC

We went from Islamic Golden Age, to Empires like Persia, to Byzantium, to a stable subcontinent, to a theorcratic state, to radicalist governments, to the war-torn shitholes of today

2018-10-03 00:22:11 UTC

someone redpill me on colonization

2018-10-03 00:22:18 UTC

Milton Friedman told me it was net positive on the colonized countries

2018-10-03 00:22:26 UTC

brainlets like Chomsky said that's the only reason America got rich

2018-10-03 00:22:30 UTC

i wouldn't be surpised if it was a net positive

2018-10-03 00:22:36 UTC


2018-10-03 00:22:55 UTC

White countries are rich because of war

2018-10-03 00:22:58 UTC


2018-10-03 00:23:12 UTC

white countries are rich because they fought each other for years

2018-10-03 00:23:18 UTC

and that sparks innovation

2018-10-03 00:23:30 UTC

im not saying anything about the morality of war

2018-10-03 00:23:35 UTC

im saying that it sparks innovation

2018-10-03 00:23:37 UTC

Asian countries have been at war for millenniums

2018-10-03 00:23:45 UTC

not as much as europe

2018-10-03 00:23:46 UTC

African countries have been warring forever

2018-10-03 00:23:52 UTC

especially since china was united for a long time

2018-10-03 00:23:56 UTC

Anyone listen to grant macdonald

2018-10-03 00:24:09 UTC

trust me, europe has had a lot more wars with each other

2018-10-03 00:24:13 UTC

than china has had with its nation states

2018-10-03 00:24:26 UTC

thats why china was more develpoed than europe 2000-3000 years ago

2018-10-03 00:24:30 UTC

because they fought more

2018-10-03 00:24:43 UTC

Qing China #1

2018-10-03 00:24:43 UTC

Monarchy china lasted

2018-10-03 00:24:46 UTC

a looooong time

2018-10-03 00:24:50 UTC

Qing China was #1

2018-10-03 00:24:55 UTC

because that time was the bloodiest time for china

2018-10-03 00:24:56 UTC


2018-10-03 00:24:58 UTC


2018-10-03 00:24:58 UTC

Qing > All

2018-10-03 00:25:08 UTC

Qing was very developed because they fought a shit ton

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