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I like drugs


Muslims get me hawt

i feel...if i wanted to sneek away....i would throw a blanket on a basket ball and escape in the night

@SmartShot Stop screaming down mic please lel you are plenty loud

i dont speak mexican

Muslim for sure

Ariana Grandes grandma ^^

^^ russia confirming their hackers are victorious

he dead

popo shot him


Probably a military drill

Trump will say it was an attack by north korea. Use that as lauching fuel for nukes

Game over

shooting was a cover up for weather control machines creating hurricanes

lol watching this thing where they are interviewing a jew asking them if they got txt's not to go to work on 9/11 lol



cops say they got him

wow you cant be trent friend

only i can be trents friend

it was probs for allah

no motive means they havent linked it to allah... yet


- 50 dead, over 200 wounded

- Worst mass shooting in US history

- Gunman is 64 year old Stephen Paddock

- He was shooting from 32nd floor of hotel

- Gunman was shot dead

- Police have found gunman's female companion, Marilou Danley

use all the words

well i mean..... genderdisphoria people have mental issues but they seem to be allowed in public

Scary_Clown just figured out how to save stuff to a USB

@Scary_Clown what you do smartass


you're an asshat


@trent id let you fuck me

id let you fuck me hard

thats okay

id let you tat my dick @trent

im so no-homo gay for you trent

walks everywhere barefoot coz its a free country so fuck off. lol

childine? keeping guns worth losing privacy?

well i mean if i was more private or a congress person looking to meet up at a hotel for some BDSM and i wanted to bring a gimp suit...

dont really want some asshole at a hotel going through my shit

well its clear there will be more secruity beef ups to combat not taking away the 2nd amendment


until its not

id bet on that lol

its donald trump

he owns trump hotels

you think he wants his name dragged through something similar

like imagine if it was a trump hotel instead of mandalay bay

its not like they can unvote him outa presidancy

probably not

^ lool

@trent lol is that Aus?

i think they are vic plates

either way. LOLOLOLOLOL

Is the middle one 2 vag's

it looks like they are kissing lol

i just like jesus

have you heard of our lord and saviour jesus christ?

then go away


present it

thats what you get for not being christian enough @VirtueSignal247

no thanks

i already know how.

you buy a thing

type some thing into a thing

wait and hope for the best


in some cases you gotta wait for the machine to go through a bunch of combinations. but it depends on the power of the machine

oh thats easy

go to their house in the middle of the night

and take their router

just like... pee on their doormat

or put some poo under the handle of their car door

thats lame. i woulda at least played gay porno super loud

pokemon theme on repeat


He loves me

^^ hahahaha

thats a dumb argument

USA has gun control.

AUS is just better at it

saying that civilians are at a disadvantage to criminals with guns is stupid. you got a gun and you not a farmer or a hobby shooter. you a criminal. you a criminal. you get jailed or shot. if a law abiding citizen is hanging around criminals. thats their fault.

and if a law abiding citizen is caught in cross fire between criminals that just comes down to shit happens

*Would you rather $200 be spent on a gun, which goes to helping tax paying citizens stay employed and help American businesses, or would you prefer that guns go up to $10,000 and allowing cartels to get a new source of revenue?*

yeah then you really must have to wanna kill the shit outa someone to be spending 10k on a gun

well i mean if you hit a bird while driving we arent gunna build glass domes over roads to protect birds....shit happens

and if you still typing away at the USA has gun control thing. well if they didnt you wouldnt have to get a background check

1) Unless a farmer or a hobby (hunter or target) / olympic style shooter.

2) that lands under shit happens. govs and rich people are framing cunts all the time. its just the world we live in with rich people running the world.

3.a) I mean why bother with police.. You should just get to shoot a crim and drop em off at the morgue and say "tried to rape mah daughter"

3.b) That's just fear talking. if you cant trust your law enforcement or where you live to not be assaulted by someone then you should move somewhere safer where you dont need a gun to protect from crims.

i think he is trying to emphasise miracle

but yeh


You are an asshole, you type to slow.

lol wtf UK


It's called a gate.

with a padlock

"aw but but they can climb"

yes they can, but i can also poke, poke them off my damn fence

im bored. I actually would love a gun or 2 to protect myself against a tyranical government

lil bit. but not really. but a lil bit

those are my aussie views

but my personal views are diff

like whenever there is a shooting somewhere im kinda quick to say "well if those people had guns....."

"...maybe there wouldnt have been a shooting"

but as an aussie, im able to sit here and only really worry about getting stabbed in my sleep if i forget to lock my door. rather then shot walking the street/down the wrong neighborhood

at the same time though. I dont believe if i have a problem with my government and go to express myself to the point where military is turned on me then yeh


trolling is a art πŸ˜‰

but was more arguing for boredoms sake

did someone say homo

i just got an erection

yeah but its this idea that you constantly need to be protected.

its silly

plus criminals would be too poor to buy guns

unless you like cartel or some shit then you only really need guns vs cops

and other gangs

but as a said. citizen getting caught in crossfire of gang violence is just a mishap.

if they ended up on the black market they would become SO much more exspensive no common street nigger would be able to buy one

no matter how many points of coke he sells to support his habbit are right the aussie rules dont apply, we dont live in a state of constant fear and terror that the need for mass amounts of guns and ammo are a must.

we didnt have slaves try to revolt or a civil war because we disagreed about our slaves. so we wont ever really get the feeling of being super scared that our neighbor is gunna shoot the shit outa us

lol exactly

many dont. but many do

everyone should get 1 gun with a 3 bullets. and thats it

how is the 2A more than just protection?

you can hunt and sport shoot here and we dont have a 2A

thats a stupid point lol

but you cant say not just protection its also hunting and sport. everywhere has guns for hunting and sport

not very many other places have guns for "just incase"

have you seen the olympics?

shooting is an olympic sport in where countries with harsher gun control such as japan are able to participate in the activity

and im pretty sure when they were writing the 2A they werent thinking of clay targets

they were thinking of their negros revolting, the brits coming back and the civil war

yeah they go to a range in japan and shoot

please dont make reference to history?

yeh but we taling bout the 2a

well actually more so needing to feel safe

and if there arent any guns it becomes supply and demand and the price increases

im someone who lives in a place where as i said earlier, the only thing to fear is being stabbed in the face while i sleep if i forget to lock my door

rather then the fear of walking into the wrong neighborhood and getting shot in the middle of the day

nothing a bit of fire cant fix

heat up the furnace

start chucking them in

well im not saying ALLLLLLLL guns anyway

obviously hunting and farming and sport are legitimate reason

but billy from the bank who plays pokemon on the weekend doesnt need a gun

its an amnysty

"bring in your guns before whenever and nothing dodgy happens"

"still have it after that date, you get arrested for fire arm possesion"

thats not difficult lol

why? cause granny jan kept hers and shot the beaner breaking in, in turn getting sent to jail for manslaughter/

shoulda turned in yo gun granny

its the law...

wht happens when 100 million drivers decide fuck the speed limit\

you would be compensated

doesnt matter you scared?

brah, if you are a hunter its fine. apply for a hunters license and go

its how it works here

renew your license every 12 months and you can hang onto your gun for hunting

but this idea for just having a gun "incase" is just derpy

lol yeh he did

but in saying that

join the military

if its other nations you fear, joining the military is the answer

then why have police?

may aswell shoot crims and drop em off at the cemetary

lol no but a bullet to the spine is

dude... i can secure my own livelihood and welfare without a gun

yeah an american culture built on fear lol

and how cant i?

why is that even a scenario

okay i accept tyranical gov

thats why i want a gun

i aint got shit worth stealing / who are they gunna sell it too lol

why am I getting shot?

but i live on my land

okay. but my stuffs still here so i guess im not going anywhere either

what logic is this lol who in the fuck turns up at your house and is like "my house now niggah"

and even then

"well he turned up on my door step and said "my house now nigga" so i shot him in the face"

how many people in the US have taken a gun to the gov for taking their house?

like shot a mayor

"its your fault i have to move *blam*"

ah yes but not everyone has guns

just find a gunless american

take their land

but not all

most people in australia have fingers

mm aparently in clowns universe people are nice lol

lol really?

id sit inside and be like lol

fuck that guy

yeah it really wouldnt

and they dont

and its not cause you have guns

its cause there is a diffference between right and wrong

omg..... why do you always reference 100 years minimum ago

that was.. MINIMUM 100 years ago

who is taking your slaves

why do you still have slaves!?

then stop being scared

nothing gunna happen to you boi

"trump enslaves entire united states after taking away guns due to vegas mass blahblah"

"trump towers go up everywhere"

how big is your appocolypse shelter?

got any of that anti-zombie spray?

<-- can spell goodly

whats your gun gunna to against kim jons nukes?

nuke falling

towards your face

and you have


if we can all be wiped out via nuke then why live in constant fear some nigg is gunna take my tv

cause we got beaches niggah

cause my MILITARY has guns

"what if the military turns on you"

even if i had a gun, im pretty sure their sweet military training would be able to outgun me

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